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NEBA Swiss Pairs

Audrey Bainbridge
John Dobson

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Joan Crompton
Irene Burns

NEBA Swiss Pairs

Joan Crompton
Irene Burns

Margaret Watts
Memorial Trophy

Audrey Bainbridge


Latner Trophy 2022 Winners
Frank Bouweraerts
Irina Hendrickx

Carpenter Cup 2022 Winners
Audrey Bainbridge
Brian Myers

Anniversary Trophy 2022 Winners
Frank Bouweraerts
Irina Hendrickx

Walker Bowl 2021 Winners
John Portwood
Wojtek Zakrzewski




NEWS PAGE Archive 2008-17
This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Super Christmas Party
Super Christmas Party

A splendid Club Christmas Party took place at Kirk Merrington on Thursday 21st December 2017.  Fantastic food provided by members, fun entertainment provided by Marilyn Dexter with the asistance of Jane Oxenham and Michael Crowe and 16 boards of duplicate all made for a wonderful night.  Winners of the bridge were N/S Denise Barham-Hall and Joy Pallister and E/W Allan and John Blackett. Leading scores :-
     1     65.18 %     Denise Barham-Hall & Joy Pallister
     2     64.73 %     Jane Pringle & Irene Burns
     3     54.45 %     Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myers
     1     64.29 %     Allan Blackett & John Blackett
     2     63.84 %     Louise Badcock & Michael Crowe
     3     55.36 %     Tony Mawston &  Gordon Jefferson

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2017 06:51 GMT
Death of Ena Wilkinson

Sadly we report the death of former member Ena Wilkinson peacefully at home on 3rd December 2017.  Ena had not played at the Club for several years but we remember her as a most competent player and a witty fungoing personality in the bridge room.  The funeral, attended by many family and friends, took place at Wear Valley Crematorium on 12th December 2017 at 11.00 am.

Last updated : 12th Dec 2017 23:23 GMT
Birthday Congratulations

We extend hearty congratulations to our Club President David Latner on the occasion of his 98th Birthday on 27th November 2017.  Every good wish from everyone at the Club.

Last updated : 8th Dec 2017 09:40 GMT
Team Wins League Match No 2

An exciting finish to league match No 2 resulted in victory over St George's BC on Sunday 3rd December 2017.  Having got off to a slow start with deficits of 8 Imps and 4 Imps in the first two stanzas, a victory by 12 Imps in the third made the scores all level at the tea break.  The final stanza saw some large swings but the home team came through to win by 14 Imps giving a victory points match score of :-

                    Bishop Auckland BC    13  -  7     St George's BC

                   Team :-
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & John Gray
          Audrey Bainbridge & Michael Crowe
          Brian Myers & Denise Barham-Hall
          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett

Last updated : 7th Dec 2017 16:53 GMT
Quiz Team Finishes Third

Well done to Bishop Auckland Bridge Club Quiz Team for finishing in a very creditable 3rd place in the Bishop Auckland Annual Civic Quiz in a field of 26 extremely competetive teams.  The team actually won the rounds on Sport, Science, Food & Drink and were joint winners of the Music round.  Team members were Claudette & Peter Whitton, Brian Myers, David Emerson, Ann Squires and George Gwilliam.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2017 16:21 GMT
Annual Dinner & Prize Presentation
Annual Dinner & Prize Presentation

32 members and guests enjoyed a super carvery and 18 boards of duplicate at the Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation held at the Golf Club on Thursday 9th November 2017.  Club Chair Louise Badcock presented trophies won by members throughout the year and Secretary John Gray gave congratulation to members who had achieved good results in recent regional competitions.

          Trophy Winners
          LATNER SALVER                  -     Godfrey Young & Alison Young
          CARPENTER TROPHY            -     Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myers
          WALKER BOWL                    -     John Dobson & Iain Gordon
          MASTER POINTS TROPHY     -     Audrey Bainbridge 

          Recent Regional Winners
          NEBA GAZETTE CUP            -     John Portwood & Wojtec Zakrzewski
          NEBA GAZETTE SHIELD       -     Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson

          Presentation Night Duplicate Result
          1     69.44 %     -     David Emerson & John Dobson
          2     62.70 %     -     John Little & Alan Race
          3     59.92 %     -     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
          4     57.54 %     -     David Thompson & John Gray

Last updated : 30th Nov 2017 11:32 GMT
Audrey takes Master Points Trophy 2017

In the closest finish for many years, Audrey Bainbridge rounded off the club year (ending 31st October 2017) by taking the Master Points Trophy 2017.  Full results can be viewed under the Competitions Section but in summary the leading places were as follows:-

   MPs 2016-17
          578         Audrey Bainbridge
          554          John Dobson
          519          Iain Gordon
          517          Louise Badcock

(These Master Point totals relate only to those points earned during play on normal Club Nights at Bishop Auckland.  Points earned at other clubs, regional events, congresses and simultaneous pairs events are excluded).

Last updated : 27th Oct 2017 10:38 GMT
Club members take Both Top Honours on NEBA GAZETTE FINALS DAY
Club members take Both Top Honours on NEBA GAZETTE FINALS DAY

A wonderful day for the Bishop Auckland Club when members took both top honours at the NEBA Gazette Finals Day at Darlington on Sunday15th October 2017.  New members to the Club this year, Wojtek Zakrzewski and John Portwood, scored well in both afternoon and evenig sessions to win the 2017 Gazette Cups with a score 3.83% clear of second place. Then further success when Audrey Bainbridge and John Dobson finished 4.29% clear of the field to take the 2017 Gazette Shield.   Congratulations are also due to Joan Crompton and Margaret Thompson who finished in second place in the Gazette Shield.

2017 GAZETTE CUPS - Leading Scores :-
1          62.07 %         Wojtec Zakrzewski & John Portwood
2          58.24 %          Frank Springett & Brenda Osborne
3          58.12 %          John Gladders & David Morrison
4          56.53 %          Peter Li Ping & Charles Waine
5          55.60 %          Colin Mitchell & Don Benison

Last updated : 27th Oct 2017 07:18 GMT

2017 GAZETTE SHIELD - Leading Scores :-
1          68.18 %         Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson
2          63.89 %          Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson
3          61.57 %          Nichola Cockerill-Smith & Jenny Grist
4          60.51 %          Ann Rooke & HeatherMcCarthy
5          56.48 %          Chris Owen & Margaret Owen

Last updated : 16th Oct 2017 17:31 GMT
Club Team Lose Heavily

The Club Team lost heavily in the first match of the 2017-18 Season.  Played against Darlington 'B' at St George’s Bridge Centre on Sunday 8th October 2017, a lead of 18 Imps established in Set 1 was countered significantly over the remaining three sets by deficits of 8, 21 and 33 Imps respectively.  The overall final deficit was 44 Imps which converted to a final match result of :-

           Darlington B      17  -  3      Bishop Auckland

Team :-

Roger Carpenter (Capt)  &  Tony Mawston
John Gray  &  Louise Badcock
Brian Myers  &  Denise Barham-Hall
Audrey Bainbridge  &  John Dobson

Last updated : 9th Oct 2017 06:12 GMT
Death and Service of Remembrance for Mike Pitt

Sadly we report the death of Mike Pitt on Friday 1st September 2017.  Mike, who was a jovial outgoing personality, had not played bridge for some time now but formerly was a member of our club for many years (partnered by Adrian Darnell).  A service of remembrance was held at St Bede's Chapel in the college of St Hild and St Bede in Durham on Thursday 21st September 2017 at 12.00 noon.  More than 100 family and friends were in attendance.  We pass sincere condolences to his family.

Last updated : 28th Sep 2017 09:03 GMT

Starting on 2nd Spetember 2017 members can play EBU Competitons on Funbridge.  In these competitions you will partner a computerised robot and play against two other robots and so no human partner is required.  Master Points will be awarded, competitions consisting of 20 boards which may be played at any time during the competition day, stopping and re-starting aa often as wished.  The games will take place on Saturdays and Sundays between midnight and 10.00 pm.   More details of the system can be accessed via EBU Information/EBU News near the bottom of the main left hand menu

Last updated : 25th Aug 2017 09:23 GMT
Iain & John win Walker Rose Bowl

Thursday 24th August saw the holding of the 2017 BABC Walker Rose Bowl competition.   On this occasion Iain Gordon and John Dobson headed the relatively small field by the clear margin of 7% to take the trophy with Wojtec Zakrzewski and David Wooff in second place.    Leading places were as follows :-

          1          64.58 %          Iain Gordon & John Dobson
          2          57.29 %          Wojtek Zakrzewski & David Wooff
          3          56.25 %          Ann Squires & Malcolm Dawson
          4=        55.21 %          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett
          4=        55.21 %          Joan Crompton & John Gray

A full listing of all scores is set out in the Results Section.

Last updated : 25th Aug 2017 08:53 GMT
Denise and Audrey Triumph

Congratulations go to Denise Barham-Hall and Audrey Bainbridge for their success in winning the NEBA Northern Open Pairs on 23rd July 2017.  Denise and Audrey headed a field of 22 pairs finishing 1.4% clear.
Leading positions :-

          1          60.14 %         Denise Barham-Hall & Audrey Bainbridge
          2          58.75 %          Charlie Singh & Pauline Boardman
          3          57.36 %          Marion Curran & Margaret McCabe
          4          56.11 %          Dorothy James & Brenda Mueller

(Full details and scores are available on the NEBA website).

Last updated : 2nd Aug 2017 19:27 GMT
Death of Oswald Brown
Death of Oswald Brown

Sadly Oswald Brown passed away on 6th July 2017 at the age of 89 years.  Oswald was a very long standing member of the Club although his attendances had been limited in recent months.  His jovial character and tremendous wit will be much missed by all his friends.  The condolences of all members are passed to his dear wife Mary. 

His funeral took place at Wear Valley Crematorium (and afterwards at Bishop Auckland Golf Club) on Friday 14th July at 1.00 pm.  Many family and friends were present to pay their respects.

Last updated : 14th Jul 2017 20:34 GMT
Audrey & Brian Successful

Thursday 13th July saw the playng of Round 6 and the completion of the Carpenter Trophy 2017.  Two pairs were well clear of the field of nine pairs that managed to qualify by playing in the minimum of four rounds.  Succes for the second year running went to Audrey Bainbridge and Brian Myers with John Gray and David Thompson in second place.  The leading pairs in the final placings were :-

           1          62.12 %         Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myers
           2          58.20 %          John Gray & David Thompson
           3          53.18 %          Godfrey Young & Alison Young

The full listing of final places may be accesssed from the main menu  'Competitions/Current'  -  'Carpenter Trophy 2017' .
The full listiing of previous winners may be accessed from the main menu . 'Trophy Honours Boards'  -  'Carpenter Trophy' .

Last updated : 14th Jul 2017 09:22 GMT
Latner Salver 2017 won by Alison & Godfrey Young

Congratulations go to Alison and Godfrey Young, Winners of the Latner Salver 2017.  In a close result they finished 0.70% ahead of David Emerson and Louise Badcock with John Dobson and Iain Gordon in third place.   Note that for 22nd June there are two sets of results, the first being the normal Club Night Gross Scores and the second being the Latner Salver Scores (after the application of handicaps) which are as follows :-.

          Latner Salver 2017

               1          61.90  +  8.90         70.80 %         Alison Young & Godfrey Young
               2          62.50  +  7.60          70.10 %          David Emerson & Louise Badcock
               3          58.33  +  5.55          63.88 %          John Dobson & Iain Gordon
               4          45.83  +  17.70        63.53 %          Margaret Wiles & Maureen Hook
               5          54.76  +  8.34          63.10 %          Alan Race & Tony Mawston
               6          57.74  +  5.24          62.98 %          Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge
               7          42.26  +  17.38        59.64 %          Jane Oxenham & Barbara Laurie
               8          53.13  +  5.60          58.73 %          Michael Crowe & Malcolm Dawson
               9          35.94  +  22.06        58.00 %          Jean Milne & Joan Burrell
              10         47.40  +  6.84          54.24 %          Ann Squires & Richard Cottrell
              11         32.14  +  14.47        46.61 %          Peter Whitton & Claudette Whitton

Last updated : 22nd Jun 2017 23:52 GMT
Club Pair take a Second Place at Yorkshire Congress

Well done to Dave Thompson and John Dobson for finishing 2nd in the York Mount Group Trophy at the Yorkshire Congress in Harrogate (Saturday 3rd June 2017).  
Leading scores were as follows :-

Pos              Score %

  1                 67.66              Nick Woolven & Tony Cohen
  2                 62.47             Dave Thompson & John Dobson
  3                 57.18              Robin Jepson & Alan Brosgill
  4                 56.44              Cathy Rowland & Dinesh Gudko
  5                 56.22              Tim Emmott & Janet Leach

Last updated : 4th Jun 2017 14:08 GMT
Club Team are Champions
Club Team are Champions

The Club Team achieved a tremendous success on Sunday 14th May 2017 at Darlington in winning the NEBA 2017 CLUB CHAMPION TEAMS event.  The team of Audrey Bainbridge, John Dobson, Brian Myers and Denise Barham-Hall finished level with Wearside BC in the final tabulations but were declared winners on a split tie because they had beaten Wearside BC in their particular match.

The team are shown being presented with the trophy by NEBA Chief Tournament Secretary David Gold.

Top Scores

Pos       VPs
  1          87          Bishop Auckland
                                 Audrey Bainbridge - John Dobson - Brian Myers - Denise Barham-Hall

  2          87          Wearside
                                 Pat Barton - John Moor - Graham Cox - Alleyn Erskine

  3          85          Brunton
                                 David Gold - Irene Sharff - Inga Aiston - Neil Aiston 

  4          83          Morpeth
                                 Sue Davies - Dick Davies - Alistair Kemp - Clive Ringrose

  5          81          Hurworth
                                 Liz Reese - Hayden Dando - Chris Owen - Robert Watts 


Last updated : 21st May 2017 09:46 GMT
Margaret & David leaders from Bishop Auckland

Well done to Margaret and David Thompson who led the way of all pairs from Bishop Auckland in the EBED Spring Simultaneous Pairs held Thursday 11th May 2017.   Leading scorers from the Club in the national listings (36 Clubs - 540 Pairs) were:-
              Pos           Score               Pair

               38     -     61.08 %    -     Margaret & David Thompson
               68     -     58.72 %     -     Joy Pallister & Denise Barham-Hall
               69     -     58.71 %     -     Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge

(Full listings are available on the EBU Website).

Last updated : 15th May 2017 06:13 GMT
Successful Spring Dinner
Successful Spring Dinner

A fine meal followed by 18 boards of duplicate was enjoyed by 36 members and guests at the Spring Dinner held at the golf club on Thursday 4th May 2017.  Joy Pallister and Denise Barham-Hall were clear winners of the bridge with second prize going to Jane Pringle and Irene Burns.  In the feature presentation of the evening Secretary John Gray presented the Anniversary Trophy 2017 to Louise Badcock and Allan Blackett.  (Allan not pictured). 

Last updated : 4th May 2017 22:22 GMT
Allan & Lou Win Anniversary Trophy

The 2017 competition for the Anniversary Trophy was won by Allan Blackett and Louise Badcock by the clear margin of almost 7.5%.  Congratulations to them for their score of 63.10% which gave them the trophy on this second runnig of the event following its institution in 2016 upon the 40th anniversary of the Club.  A full list of scores appears in the results section.

Last updated : 7th Apr 2017 12:08 GMT
Team Relegated to Division C

A valiant late season rally by the Club Team proved just insufficient to retain Division B  statuus.  In the final league match a defeat by  8 - 12  away to Wearside 'A' left the team 2 points short (having beaten Cramlington 'A' in the league fixture a tie on points with this team would have been sufficient).

     Division B Final Table:-
          1          74          Durham 'A'
          2          64          South Shields
          3          51          Wearside 'A'
          4          42          Cramlington 'A'
          5          40          Bishop Auckland
          6          23          Morpeth 'B'

Last updated : 3rd Apr 2017 17:21 GMT
Sit-Out Direction Review

A number of members have expressed concern about the lack of fairness with the alternation of the sit-out direction on Club Night.  A record of the situation since 1st January 2017 is given below:-

                2017               Sit-Out
             January           Direction
                  05                    E/W
                  12                      --
                  19                    N/S
                  26                      --
                  02                      --
                  09                      --
                  16                    E/W
                  23                    N/S
                  02                      --
                  09                    E/W
                  16                    N/S
                  23                    E/W
                  30                      --
On Club Night the Club Scorer will have a record availble to ensure the correct alternation.

Analysis of the situation throughout 2016 shows that both N/S and E/W sat out on 11 occasions.

Last updated : 31st Mar 2017 05:57 GMT
AGM 2017 - Key Points
AGM 2017  -  Key Points



At the AGM held on Thursday 2nd March 2017, Secretary Malcolm Dawson stood down and was replaced in this key role by John Gray.  All other Officers were re-elected.  Allan Blackett stood down from Committee and was replaced by Malcolm Dawson.




         Committee :-
               Chair                  -     Louise Badcock
               Treasurer            -     Peter Whitton
               Secretary            -     John Gray
               Scorer                 -     John Dobson
               Match Captain      -     Roger Carpenter
               Members             -     John Little   -   David Wilkinson   -   Jane Pringle  
                                         -     Brian Myers   -   Malcolm Dawson

Following special proposals the following were agreed and adopted:-
               1  -  The use of Pre-Dealt Boatds would be increased from
                      once per month to twice per month.
               2  -  Upon arrival at the Club, before taking seats players would draw for table
                      and direction.

The above points are simply a summary of the main topics.  The full AGM Minutes can be accessed via the main menu

Last updated : 9th Mar 2017 05:35 GMT
Club Team Gain Unlikely Victory

The Club Team battled strongly against the odds to gain an unlikely victory against Morpeth 'B' at home in the fourth match of the season on Sunday 5th March 2017.  Starting poorly and going down by 32 Imps in the first stanza a gain of 12 Imps in Stanza 2 reduced the deficit.   However a further reverse of 10 Imps in Stanza 3 increased the deficit to 30 Imps at the tea break.  A fighting performance in an incredible final stanza led to a gain of 36 Imps and an overall match score of +6 Imps. This converted to a match result of :-
          Bishop Auckland     11 - 9     Morpeth 'B'

          Team :-
               Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Godfrey Young
               Louise Badcock & Denise Barham-Hall
               Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
               Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson

Last updated : 5th Mar 2017 22:09 GMT
Allan & Michael Lead Club Night Victories

At the end of February, one third thirough the 2016-2017 Club Competition Year (1st Nov 2016 to 31st Oct 2017) Allan Blackett and Michael Crowe lead on the number of club night victories achieved so far.  The full table of winners to date is as follows:-

Club Night

     5          Allan Blackett - Michael Crowe
     4          Louise Badcock - Malcolm Dawson
     3          Iain Gordon - John Dobson
     2          Audrey Bainbridge - John Blackett - Irene Burns
                 Richard Cottrelll - Joan Crompton - Marilyn Dexter
                 John Little - Brian Myers - Jackie Price - Jane Pringle
                 Ann Squires - Barbara Stott
     1          Denise Barham-Hall - Roger Carpenter - Peter Lisle
                 Tony Mawston - Alan Race - David Thompson
                 Margaret Thompson - David Wilkinson - Mary Winter

Last updated : 27th Feb 2017 06:36 GMT
Congratulations Joan

Congratulations go to Joan Crompton, winner of the prize for earning most Master Points in 2016 for Category 5 ranks (County Masters, Masters, etc.) within the NEBA Region.  Also well done Malcolm Dawson who finished 4th in Category 4 (Star Masters, Tournament Masters, etc.).  Full details of all winners are given on the EBU Website whilst details of Masterpoint Rankings for all Bishop Auckland members are given via the main left hand menu of this site under 'MP Ranks to 2016'.

Last updated : 19th Feb 2017 20:50 GMT
Club Team Win Match No 3

In an excitung close encounter, the Club Team won league match No 3 away to Cramlington 'A' on Sunday 29th January 2017.  A 15 Imp lead in stanza 1 was immediately nullified by a 14 Imp reverse in stanza 2.  The third stanza was again won by the home side by 3 Imps before the Bishop Auckand team came through to win Stanza 4 by 7 Imps.  The final favourable margin was 5 Imps which translated to a match score of:-

               Cramlington 'A'       9 - 11       Bishop Auckland

Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Michael Crowe
Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson
Brian Myers & Denise Barham-Hall
Louise badcock & Allan Blackett

Last updated : 29th Jan 2017 19:59 GMT
Allan & John Blackett Head BABC Entrants

Allan and John Blackett were the highest scoring pair from Bishop Auckland in the EBU Winter Simultaneous Pairs held on 12th January 2017.   Out of a field of 318 pairs the leading scorers from Bishop Aucklamd in the Nationl Tabulations were :-

National        National       Players
Position         Score
----------       ----------      --------------------------------------------------

     5              65.23          Allan Blackett & John Blackett
    46             58.09          John Dobson & Iain Gordon
    59             56.25          Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge
    65             56.03          Peter Whitton & David Thompson
    91             55.00          Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson

----------       ----------      --------------------------------------------------
A full listing of all scores can be accessed via the EBU Website

Last updated : 19th Jan 2017 17:32 GMT
Club Players Fair Well in NEBA Niman-Israel Tournament

Club Members were well represented (11 players in attendance) in the NEBA Niman-Israel Pivotal Teams Tournament held at Stannington on Saturday 7th January 2017.  The leading foursome from Bishop Auckland were Team Crompton who finished in a very creditable 4th position.  The winners of the event (Team Avery) were in formidable form finishing well clear of the field with 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions more closely contested.   Team Myers also performed well and followed up in 5th position.

                            Leading final positions were :-

     1      + 93  Imps      Peter Avery, Brenda Osborne, Guy Herzmark, Frank Springett
     2      + 54  Imps      Norman Gray, Rosemary Gray, Simon Hadley, Stephen Reay
     3      + 46  Imps      Don Reid, David Brickland, Steve Ray, Georgia Ray
     4      + 44  Imps     Joan Crompton, Margaret Thompson, Daivid Thompson, John Dobson
     5      + 26  Imps     Denise Barham-Hall, Brian Myers, Audrey Bainbridge, Louise Badcock

                              Other places -:

    12     - 57 Imps       Ann Squires, Richard Cottrell, David Emerson, Jill Hancock

Last updated : 8th Jan 2017 23:27 GMT
Brilliant Christmas Party
Brilliant Christmas Party

Another brilliant Christmas Party at Kirk Merrington.  Entertainment and games superbly organised by Marilyn and Jackie, tremendous buffet supper and 18 boards of fun duplicate.  Poems and monologues ably presented by Marilyn and Jackie together with two outstanding performances by Jane Oxenham drew great applause.  Finally a team game of passing the balloon using knees only brought the house down with no-one really knowing who won.  The respective EW and NS winners of the duplicate were Jane Pringle & Irene Burns and Jackie Price & Marilyn Dexter.   Other winners on the night were Roger Carpenter (Hear No Evil game) and Peter Whitton (Final player to win a trick with the 5 Diamonds).

( Photographs of the evening can be viewed via the Main left hand Menu -     'Photographic Records'   -   '2016 Christmas Party'  )

Last updated : 2nd Jan 2017 09:03 GMT

Compliments of the Season
from our President

Our President, David Latner, has passed on his best wishes to all Members for a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  In return we extend all good wishes to David and trust that he has continued good health throughout 2017. 




Last updated : 2nd Jan 2017 08:57 GMT

Chairman's Christmas Message

I would like to take this opportunity to look back at a successful year in 2016 . 
A most successful 40th Anniversary Dinner was held at Auckland Castle on 28th April 2016.  BABC welcomed the NEBA to the Club on Thursday 19th May at 6.30 pm for the holding of the 2016 NEBA Annual General Meeting
Numbers playing have generally been maintained and although a few have retired we are very pleased to welcome some new members.  I would like to feel that all members do their best to help beginners across the threshold into club duplicate bridge. 
The year has seen many great results. When our team was narrowly relegated in 2015 our confidence that we could reclaim our position with promotion was justified and we finished the season champions of Division C. There were  individual and team efforts in Local, National and Sim Pairs events and a team from Bishop Auckland won an online event with BCL
I would like to thank the Secretary,Treasurer,Team Captain and Scorers who have contributed to the smooth running of the club. I would also like to give a special thank you to the large number of members who do a wonderful job behind the scenes.  I am also grateful that we have so many excellent qualified Directors to make the Thursday evenings enjoyable for all.  The club continues to benefit from the facilities at the Golf Club.
On behalf of Bishop Auckland Bridge Club, I would like to wish all members a very Happy Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year.  Finally may 2017 bring lots of luck at the bridge table.
Louise Badcock


Last updated : 2nd Jan 2017 08:56 GMT
Club Team Lose League Match 2

The Club Team lost the second league match of the 2016-17 season playing at home to near neighbours Durham 'A' on Sunday 4th December 2016.   An early lead of 9 Imps after Set 1 was heavily countered by a deficit of 31 Imps in Set 2.  The final two sets proved to be very close but drew deficits of 3 Imps and 4 Imps respectively giving Durham an overall victory by 29 Imps.   This translated to a Victory Point score of :-

          Bishop Auckland        5  -  15         Durham 'A'

          Roger Carpenter (Capt)  &  John Gray
          Brian Myers  &  Denise Barham-Hall
          Malcolm Dawson  &  Michael Crowe
          Audrey Bainbridge  &  John Dobson

     Division B Table after 2 Matches
          29       Durham 'A'
          29       South Shields
          21       Cramlington 'A'
          18       Wearside 'A'
           9        Bishop Auckland
           6        Morpeth 'B'

Nest Match - Cramlington 'A'  (Away)  29th January 2017

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:16 GMT
Online Version of 'English Bridge'

The bi-monthly EBU magazine 'English Bridge' is also produced in an extended online version which contains results and details of NEBA competitions and events which (because of lack of space) are not included in the paper publication.  This online version can be accessed on the EBU website by logging into your personal account and clicking on the entry at the bottom towards the right hand side.  The production schedule requires that all information and results texts are prepared two months in advance of publication so there can be a slight delay in receiving details of some events.  As an example, the additional NEBA text in the December 2016 edition (Issue 268 which was a quiet month and so a small entry - note that results of the recent NEBA Congress, King Cup, Gazette Cup and Shield will appear in the February 2017 edition) is as follows :-

          December 2016 NEBA Local Results

- - - Winners of an excellent Cramlington Congress on 14th August 2016 were Aileen Cunningham and Mary Page (59.09%) from Steve and Georgia Ray (56.36%) with Sue and Richard Davies (55.91%) in third place.  Clear winners of a sociable but very competitive Summer Swiss Pairs at Chester-le-Street on 31st August were Peter Marshall and Jo Lormer with a fine score of 90 VPs (equiv to 75%).  Second place was taken by Val Gibson and Liz Muir (83 VPs) and third was Beverley Godfrey and Nichola Cockerill-Smith (77 VPs).  26 pairs contested the Senior Pairs Championship at Whitley Bay on 18th September 2016.  Winners were Pat Barton and Graham Cox (61.69%) from Frank Springett and Brenda Osborne (57.29%).  Third place went to Val Ireland and Carole Newton (57.06%) - - -

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:16 GMT
Audrey & Denise Successful
Audrey & Denise Successful

Congratulations go to Audrey Bainbridge & Denise Barham-Hall for their success in winning the Ladies' Pairs Trophy at the NEBA Congress on Friday 11th November 2016.  The pair were actually the overall high scorers on the evening where awards were also made for Gentlemen's Pairs, Mixed Pairs and Newcomers' Pairs.  
Leading scorers were :-
         Pos         %    
          1          64.47          Audrey Bainbridge & Denise Barham-Hall
          2          61.92          Frank Springett & Bernard Shepherd
          3          61.11          Liz Muir & Liz Reese
          4          60.88          Pam Greenhill & Alan Greenhill
          5          60.30          Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock

                                                     ( Photograph courtesy of Neil Aiston )

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:16 GMT
Presentation Dinner 2016
Presentation Dinner 2016

'Great Success' - that was the general verdict following the Presentation Dinner 2016 held at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 10th November -. Wonderful food and drink followed by 18 boards of duplicate played in the appropriate spirit.  Club Chair Louise Badcock presnted trophies and extended grateful thanks to all those who had worked so hard in organising the event.  The duplicate for the evening was won by Mary Winter and David Wilkinson (63.89%) closely followed by Audrey Bainbridge and Brian Myers (63.84%) - Full scores are incorporated within the 'Results' pages.

Annual Trophy Winners
     Latner Salver
               Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
     Carpenter Trophy
               Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myers
     Master Points Trophy
               John Dobson
     Walker Bowl
               Brian Myers & Audrey Bainbridge


(Photographs of the evening are posted under the section '2016 DINNER PHOTOGRAPHS')

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:15 GMT
Audrey & Alison 2nd in KIng Cup

Congratulations go to Audrey Bainbridge and Alison Young who gained second place in the NEBA King Cup (Ladies Pairs) held at Chester-le-Street on 26th October 2016.  Leading scores were:-
        Pos           %   
          1          62.15          Beverley Godfrey & Val Gibson
          2          55.86          Audrey Bainbridge & Alison Young
          3          55.47          Gill Gold & Sue Davies

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:15 GMT
Death of Mohan Rowe

Sadly we report the death of Mohan Rowe at the age of 96 years on Monday 17th October 2016 in Elgin, Scotland.  Mohan and his wife Gina were regular attenders at our club in the 1980's and 1990's and following his retirement as Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Bishop Auckland Hospital, they moved up to Scotland to live near their family.  Over the years he had many bridge partners, which in addition to Gina, included Raymond Morden, Tony Mawston and John Dobson.  Mohan won the Latner Trophy in 1992 and the Walker Bowl in 1992 and 1996.  We pass our sincere condolences to his family.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:15 GMT
Club Pairs Fair Well

Four Club pairings faired well and qualified for the Final of the Gazette Cup on Sunday 16th October 2016 at Darlington.  Irene Burns and Jane Pringle finished highest in sixth position  Audrey Bainbridge and Brian Myers finished 11th, Denise Barham-Hall and Joy Pallister 14th and Barbara Stott and Wojtec Zakrzewski 15th.  One other club member (qualifyng from Durham with non-Bishop partner) also qualified to the final group.   Key scores are set out below :-

         Pos         %             Names 
          1          63.69          Ken Yates & Gypsy Ann Nichol
          - - - - - - - - - -
          6          53.27          Irene Burns & Jane Pringle 
         11         46.73          Audrey Bainbridge & Brian Myers
         13         43.45          Iain Gordon & John McCourt
         14         42.26          Denise Barham-Hall & Joy Pallister
         15         39.58          Barbara Stott & Wojtek Zakrzewski

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:14 GMT
EGM - Special Motion Carried

An EGM was held at Bishop Ackland Golf Club on Thursday 13th October 2016 at 6.55 pm to consider the following motion:-
The committee proposed a change to Article 9.9 of the Constitution which read
'A quorum at General Meetings shall be twenty members present in person'

MOTION: delete “shall be twenty members present in person
and replace with “
shall be a minimum of ten members present in person or 20% of the paid up membership, whichever is the greater.

Following addresses by the Chair and Secretary the motion was put to the vote of 30 members present in person.
          In favour               28
          Against                   0
          Abstentions            2
Having the requisite two-thirds majority the motion was carried.

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:14 GMT

The Club Team was defeated away to South Shields in the first match of the 2016-17 season on Sunday 9th October 2016.  A close contest in the early stages, each of the first two sets was lost by just 1 Imp.  Major setbacks in Set 3 resulted in a deficit of 34 Imps before eventual success in Set 4 by 9 Imps closed the match.  The overall final deficit of - 27 Imps converted to a match score of :-

South Shields   15    Bishop Auckland   5 

     Team :-
     Roger Carpenter (Capt) & John Gray
     Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
     Denise Barham-Hall & Brian Myers
     Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:14 GMT
David & Margaret Win Cumbria & Westmorland Congress Teams
David & Margaret Win Cumbria & Westmorland Congress Teams

Many congratulations go to David and Margaret Thompson for their tremendous success in winning the Cumbria and Westmorland Congress Teams on Saturday 24th September 2016.  Partnered by Roger and Jill Hancock from Durham BC they accumulated 94 VPs to win by 1 VP.  Leading scores were :-

1          David & Margaret Thompson             94    VPs
            Roger & Jill Hancock

2          Tim & Babs Matthews                       93    VPs
            Bill & Joyce White

3          Liz Cummins & David Stevenson        90    VPs
            Paddy Murphy & Peter Jones 


Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:13 GMT
Successful Anniversary Dinner

A most successful 40th Anniversary Dinner was held at Auckland Castle on 28th April 2016.  Members were joined by a number of past members for a buffet dinner followed by 18 boards of duplicate. A warm welcome was extended to Guests of Honour for the evening, NEBA Chair and husband - Val and Julian Gibson.  John Dobson proposed a joint toast to our Club and Honoured Guests after which  Louise Badcock presented Val with a beautiful bouquetVal responded that she was delighted to be present and thanked Bishop Auckland Club for their hospitality.  A convivial atmosphere surrounded the 18 boards of not too serious duplicate.  Louise Badcock extended very grateful thanks to everyone who had helped to make the evening such a success, particularly noting the tremendous effort put in by Marilyn Dexter in organising and hosting the event and the sterling contibution made by Malcolm Dawson in organising and running the bridge.  

Results of the duplicate were:--  
1st     57.64%     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
2nd    56.25%     Godfrey & Alison Young
1st     61.81%     Val & Julian Gibson
2nd    59.03%     Joy Pallister & Denise Barham-Hall 

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:13 GMT

Cabaret provided by Jackie Price, Marilyn Dexter and John Dobson . 

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:12 GMT

Happy punters - David, Jane and Colin .

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:12 GMT

Members getting set for the evening .

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:11 GMT
Secretary Clouseau Dawson

Club Secretary Clouseau Dawson certainly takes no nonsense.  Following the recent Simultaneous Pairs event he conducted a thorough analysis of the scores and incredibly identified that Matlock Bridge Club had played the wrong set of boards.  Following a report to the EBU Matlock were eliminated.  Well spotted Malcolm .

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:05 GMT
Audrey & Brian Win Walker Bowl

Congratulations go to Brian Myers and Audrey Bainbridge, clear winners of the Walker Bowl 2016.  With a score of 62.15% they finished almost 8.0 % clear of second position taken by John Gray and David Thompson .

Last updated : 7th Dec 2016 21:04 GMT
Landmark Masterpoint Promotions

Congratulations go to three Club Members upon their recent landmark promotions to the rank of Regional Master
          Denise Barham-Hall
          David Thompson
          Margaret Thompson

( The levels categorised as Landmark Grades are  Master,   Regional Master,   Life Master,   Grand Master,   Premier Grand Master )

Last updated : 18th Aug 2016 13:22 GMT
90th Birthday for Former Member
90th Birthday for Former Member

Vanu Datta, a member of our Club for many years in the 80's and 90's recently celebrated his 90th birthday.  Many members may also remember his partner Ray Milne who moved back to live in Scotland a number of years ago.  Vanu was a founder member of Durham Bridge Club (1972) and his birthday was recognised by the Club with a presentation by Chairman Peter Sykes.  Best wishes were extended to him by all members.

Last updated : 3rd Jul 2016 21:51 GMT
Exciting Climax to Carpenter Trophy 2016

The Carpenter Trophy 2016 is set for the closest finish in years.   After 5 rounds out of 6 the leaders are Iain Gordon and John Dobson; however definite favourites are second placed Audrey Bainbridge and Brian Myers.  With four best scores from six counting, a modest score of about 52% in the final round would push Audrey and Brian into top place as currently they are counting a fourth score of 43% which would then be removed.  Iain and John will have much more difficulty in attempting to improve their average score.  The final round is scheduled for Thursday 14 July.

Last updated : 16th Jun 2016 08:57 GMT
NEBA AGM at Bishop Auckland

BABC welcomed the NEBA to the Club on Thursday 19th May at 6.30 pm for the holding of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.  Vice Chairman Liz Muir presided and was herself installed as Chair for the ensuing two years.  All other officers were re-elected unopposed.  Presentations were made for all trophies won in the 2015-16 year and this included the Division C Trophy awarded to Bishop Auckland for its success in the InterClub Competition.  Malcolm Dawson accepted the trophy in the absence of Team Captain Roger Carpenter.  Business was expediently managed and with the meeting over, bridge commenced at 7.00 pm.  Visiting players Gill & David Gold and Bill March & Damian Hassan won the respective NS and EW sections - full results are set out in the Results Section.

Last updated : 20th May 2016 06:16 GMT
Death of John Blackett (Snr)
Death of John Blackett (Snr)

Sadly we advise of the death on 23rd April 2016 of John Blackett at the age of 94 years and 6 months.  John (along with his late wife Betty and sons John & Allan) was a stalwart of our Club for 38 years and worked energetically on the Committee for long periods.  He held the post of Club Chairman (1990 & 1991) and Team Captain (1995 & 1996) and was a winner of the Latner Salver (1987) and the Walker Bowl (1997 and 1998).  We remember John's attacking play and readiness to joke at the bridge table and we recall with fondness his 90th birthday celebration in 2011 when he scored 64% on Club night but was sadly pipped into second place.  He will be a great miss to our Club and we pass on our sincere condolences to his family.

A Service of Remembrance was held at St John's Church, Kirk Merrington at 12.15 pm on Wednesday 4th May 2016 attended by many family and friends.  This followed a private cremation (family only) at 11.45 am.

Last updated : 4th May 2016 22:53 GMT
Iain & John Win Inaugural Anniversary Trophy

The inaugural Anniversary Trophy held on Thursday 21st April 2016 with a field of 14 pairs was won by Iain Gordon and John Dobson (63.89%) ahead of Audrey Bainbridge and Brian Myers (59.72%).  It is proposed that the trophy will be presented by Val Gibson, Chair of NEBA, at the 40th Anniversary Dinner to be held at Auckland Castle on 28th April 2016.

Last updated : 21st Apr 2016 22:52 GMT
Club Team are Champions

In a topsy turvy match away to  Morpeth 'B' on Sunday 10th April 2016, the Club Team attained the Championship of Division C even though this particular match resulted in defeat.  In the fifth and final game of the season (following on 4 victories) much of the play was below normal standards.   A reasonable start was made winning Set 1 by 16 Imps but this was substantially countered by defeats in Sets 2 and 3 by 18 Imps and 21 Imps respectively.   Things looked black for the league title at this stage but a late rally resulted in a 9 Imps gain in Set 4.  The overall deficit of 14 Imps converted to a match result of :-

          Morpeth 'B'   13 - 7    Bishop Auckland
          This result left Bishop Auckland heading the table by the narrow margin of two points..

          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Brian Myers
          Alison Young & Audrey Bainbridge
          Michael Crowe & Malcolm Dawson
          Louise Badcock & John Dobson

          Division C - Final Table:-
70     -     Bishop Auckland
          68     -     Morpeth 'C'
          66     -     Stockton 'A'
          57     -     Newcastle 'A'
          27.    -     St George's
          12.    -     Brunton 'C'

Last updated : 11th Apr 2016 19:53 GMT
Brian & Denise Take Notable Scalp

Excitement galore at the Northern Easter Congress Swiss Pairs when Bishop Players Brian Myers and Denise Barham-Hall were drawn to play a match against international/professional players John Holland and Alan Mould.  Well our Bishop players came out on top winning the match by 15-5 VPs.  Well done Denise and Brian.

Last updated : 1st Apr 2016 16:37 GMT
AGM 2016

The full Minutes of the AGM held on 3rd March 2016 may be accessed from the main menu.  However the following notes set out the key points:-

Louise Badcock elected as Chairperson
Peter Whitton re-elected as Treasurer
Malcolm Dawson re-elected as Secretary
Roger Carpenter re-elected as Match Captain
John Dobson re-elected as Scorer

Motion carried in favour of retaining table money at its current level for one more year.
Motion carried in favour of increasing the maximum period of continuous service for the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary from five years to seven years.
Motion failed in respect of the proposal to no longer use any computer-dealt boards.

During general discussion at the end of the meeting, the Committee agreed to look into the possibility of coming up with a proposal to reduce the number of members required to be present to form a quorum to enable the commencement of AGMs. 

Last updated : 7th Mar 2016 10:22 GMT
Club Team Win Four out of Four

The Club Team won the home tie against Stockton on Sunday 28th februsry 2016.  This was the fourth win in four games this season and has increased the lead at the head of the table.   Welcoming Denise to the team for her first appearance, the Bishop team were off to a slow start with an 8 Imps deficit in set 1 but improved substantially in set 2 with a 34 Imps gain.   The third set resulted in another deficit of 6  Imps.   Following the tea interval, and contrary to custom and practice for Bishop teams, a 12 Imp gain closed the match out at a total of + 32 Imps, this converting to a match result of :-

                    BISHOP AUCKLAND  15   - STOCKTON  5

                    Team :-
                         Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Louise Badcock
                         Denise Barham-Hall & Brian Myers
                         Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
                         Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson

     League Table Division C
         (4 Matches Played)

          63    Bishop Auckland
          55    Morpeth B
          48    Stockton A
          41    Newcastle A
          25    St George's
           8     Brunton C

Last updated : 1st Mar 2016 10:10 GMT
Three Wins out of Three

The Club Team  won the third league match of the 2015-16 season away to Newcastle 'A' on Sunday 24th January 2016 and made it three wins out of three.  This victory established the Club at the top of Division C and in a strong position to gain promotion to Division B at the end of the season.  A solid start of +27 Imps in Set 1 was followed by gains of 8 Imps in each of Sets 2 and 3.  The now accustomed failure after the food break happened again.  An extremely disappointing performance in Set 4 resulted in a deficit of 20 Imps.   The final score of +23 Imps converted to  a match result of :-

          Newcastle 'A'     6      Bishop Auckland     14

                     Team :-
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Brian Myers
          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett
          Audrey Bainbridge & Alison Young
          John Gray & John Dobson

                    League Division C :-
          48     Bishop Auckland
          43     Stockton 'A'
          37     Morpeth 'B'
          23     Newcastle 'A'
          23     St George's
            6     Brunton 'C'

Last updated : 25th Jan 2016 21:28 GMT
Team Thompson finish 6th

Playing in a strong field, Team Thompson finished in a creditable 6th place in the Niman-Israel Cup at Stannington on Saurday 9th January 2016.  This mixed three set competition requires each player to play one set with each of the other members of the team.  After a shaky start the team of David & Margaret Thompson, Joan Crompton and John Dobson gradually made sound progress.  The event was won by Chris Stenning, Eric Bell, Jim Hodgson and Anne Bell just ahead of Julian & Val Gibson, Martin Kane and Nichola Cockerill-Smith.

Last updated : 16th Jan 2016 06:29 GMT
4 Pairs Finish in Top 70

Some excellent scoring resulted in four pairs finishing in the top 70 of the EBU Winter Simultaneous Pairs held on 7th January 2016.  Full results for the event which incorporated 27 clubs and 504 pairs can be accessed at the EBU Website - Leading scores from Bishop Auckland were:-
                    Position        %  
                         3           71.32         Iain Gordon & John Dobson
                        56          59.14         Joy Pallister & Denise Barham-Hall
               66          58.56          Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
                        70          58.14          Alan Race & Tony Mawston

Last updated : 13th Jan 2016 23:37 GMT
Wonderful Christmas Party
Wonderful Christmas Party

A total of 33 members attended the annual Christmas Party at Kirk Merrington Community Centre on 17th December. Marilyn Dexter with last minute stand in Jane Oxenham entertained us with their witty and humorous versions of a couple of well known Christmas songs, with Marilyn's new words describing the pleasures and perils of playing Bridge and naming almost every member of the Club personally. Jane also read out an extremely witty poem titled "I'm Giving Up Bridge!"
Six three board rounds of Duplicate Bridge were played with spot prizes for unlikely contracts and winning tricks with small cards. Half way through the movement a break was taken so that members could partake of the marvellous buffet which they themselves provided together with wine and soft drinks. At the end of the evening prizes were presented to the winning pairs who were :-
          N/S       Allan and John Blackett Jr
          E/W      Margaret Thompson and Peter Lisle
Runners up who also got prizes were
          N/S       Irene Burns and Jane Pringle
          E/W      Lou Badcock and Ann Squires.

Thanks go to all who helped make this a very enjoyable occasion. 
                          (Report and photographs courtesy of Malcolm Dawson)

Last updated : 19th Dec 2015 10:41 GMT
Last updated : 19th Dec 2015 06:52 GMT
Last updated : 19th Dec 2015 06:52 GMT
Last updated : 19th Dec 2015 06:51 GMT
Chairman's Christmas Message
I would like to take this opportunity to look back at a successful year before we reach our 40th birthday in the spring of 2016.  It is an honour to act as Chairperson 35 years after my Dad held this same office.  Numbers playing have generally been maintained and although a few have retired we are very pleased to welcome some new members.  I would like to feel that all members do their best to help  beginners across the threshold into club duplicate bridge.  Although our team was narrowly relegated we are confident that we can reclaim our position with promotion next year. I would like to thank the Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captain and Scorers who have contributed to the smooth running of the club. I would also  like to give a special thank you to the large number of members who do a wonderful job behind the scenes.  I am also grateful that we have so many excellent qualified Directors to make the Thursday evenings enjoyable for all.  The club continues to benefit from the facilities at the Golf Club.
On behalf of Bishop Auckland Bridge Club, I would like to wish all members a very Happy Christmas and a successful and healthy New Year.  Finally may 2016 bring lots of luck at the bridge table.

Louise Badcock


Last updated : 17th Dec 2015 18:36 GMT
Club Team Move Up to 2nd Position

The Club Team added to the fine 16-4 victory against St George's in Match 1 with a comprehensive victory in match 2 against Brunton 'C'. Playing the home tie at Kirk Merrington a lead of 19 Imps was established in Set 1, but a slight deficit of 3 Imps in Set 2 resulted in a lead of 16 Imps at the halfway stage.   Sets 3 and 4 were won by 25 Imps and 10 Imps respectively giving a final winning margin of 51 Imps, this converting to a victory point score of :-
               Bishop Auckland     18        Brunton 'C'     2
          Team :-
               Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
               Michael Crowe & Malcolm Dawson
               Brian Myers & Louise Badcock
               John Gray & John Dobson

Div C League Table after Two Matches
          38     Stockton 'A'
          34     Bishop Auckland
          22     Morpeth 'B'
          17     Newcastle 'A'
          7       St George's
          2       Brunton 'C'

Last updated : 30th Nov 2015 16:48 GMT
Presentation Dinner - A Big Success

A fabulous time was had by all who attended the 2015 Annual Presentation Dinner which took place at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 12th November.  Splendid food and delightful drink was followed by two hours of enjoyable duplicate.  Acting Chairman, Louise Badcock thanked Peter Whitton and Marilyn Dexter and all others involved in the organisation of the evening for making it such a huge success and went on to make the following presentations:-

          Masterpoints Trophy.         -      Roger Carpenter

          Walker Rose Bowl              -      John Dobson & Iain Gordon

          Latner Salver                     -      Claudette & Peter Whitton

          Carpenter Troohy               -      Iain Gordon & John Dobson

          Annual Dinner Duplicate      
Winners N/S              -     John Blackett & Allan Blackett              68.23%
                    Winners E/W             -      Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson       70.24%
                          (Full results set out in the 'Results' section)

( Photographs of the evening are now displayed  via the 'Photographic Records ' entry of the green left hand menu )


Last updated : 17th Nov 2015 21:54 GMT
Joan & Margaret take Third Place

Congratulations go to Joan Crompton and Margaret Thompson who took a very creditable third place in the Final of the NEBA Gazette Cup played at Darlington on 25th October 2015.  David Thompson & Audrey Bainbridge also did well finishing in 7th place.   Leading scores were :-

1     65.45 %     Patricia Tuff & Andrew Cornish
2     65.32 %     John Portwood & Wojtec Zakrzewski
3     57.59 %    Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson
4     56.72 %     Frank Springett & Brenda Osborne
5     54.72 %     Keith & Alison McCarthy

Last updated : 27th Oct 2015 10:54 GMT
Club team make Winning Start

The Club Team made a winning start to the 2015-16 season with a resounding victory over St George's on Sunday 11th October 2015.  Playing at home at Kirk Merrington a wonderful lead of 53 Imps was established in the first set.   Sets 2 and 3 followed increasing the lead by 10 Imps and 9 Imps respectively.   After tea the team sufferd sleepy sickness and went dowm by 36 Imps in Set 4, giving an overall victory by 36 Imps.  This converted to a victory point match result of
          Bishop Auckland     16 - 4     St George's 
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
          Malcolm Dawson and Michael Crowe
          Brian Myers & Louise Badcock
          John Gray & John Dobson

Div C League Table after One Match
          20     Stockton 'A'
          16     Bishop Auckland
          15     Newastle 'A'
          5       Morpeth 'B'
          4       St George's
          0       Brunton 'C'

Last updated : 15th Oct 2015 12:47 GMT
David & Margaret Successful

Well done to David and Margaret Thompson for winning the NGS Prize at the NEBA Senior Pairs event held on Sunday 20th September 2015.  The pair finished in 6th position overall (field of 31 pairs) with a score of 56.21%.

Last updated : 26th Sep 2015 06:41 GMT
Club 40th Anniversary

The Committee has decided to hold a Club 40th Anniversary Celebraton at Auckland Castle in 2016.  This event which will take the form of a dinner followed by duplicate bridge will replace the Spring Buffet in the annual programme and take place in late April 2016.   Arrangements are yet to be finalised but will be published as soon as they are available.

Last updated : 20th Aug 2015 20:53 GMT
Ladies or Gentlemen Players

Somewhat surprisingly, statistical records show that since the start of the Bishop Auckland Brdge Club year (1st November 2014), the following attendances have been recorded:-
                    Ladies            -     377     -     42%
                    Gentlemen     -     527     -     58%

Many bridge clubs are in fact currently recording a predominance of ladies in attendance.

Last updated : 20th Jul 2015 21:04 GMT
Claudette & Peter Win Latner Trophy

Congratulations go to Claudette and Peter Whitton who were winners of the Latner Trophy 2015.  The results of the event played on 25th June 2015 were :-

      1     70.67     (57.29 + 13.38)    Claudette Whitton & Peter Whitton
      2     70.38     (68.25 + 2.13)         Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
      3     65.48     (51.98 + 13.50)       George Gwilliam & Eric Wilson
      4     59.85     (59.72 + 0.13)         Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
      5     59.47     (53.97 + 5.50)         Godfrey Young & Alison Young
      6     59.38     (56.25 + 3,13)         John Dobson & Iain Gordon
      7     59.13     (53.13 + 6.00)         Ann Squires & Alison Grant
      8     58.67     (54.17 + 4.50)         Malcolm Dawson & Michael Crowe
      9     57.39     (36.51 + 20.88)       Jean Milne & Joan Burrell
     10    57.20     (53.57 + 3.63)         John Gray & David Thompson
     11    54.05     (47.92 + 6.13)          Mary Winter & Louise Badcock
     12    50.87     (45.24 + 5.63)         John Little & Barbara Stott
     13    47.28     (34.03 + 13.25)       Margaret Wiles & Colin Trotter
     14    45.61     (40.48 + 5.13)         Alan Race & Tony Mawston
     15    38.59     (35.71 + 2.88)         Allan Blackett & John Blackett (Jnr)


Last updated : 26th Jun 2015 05:29 GMT
Roger leads Table of Victories

It is just past the mid-point of the Club year (1st Nov - 31st Oct) and currently Roger Carpenter is clear at the top of the table of Victories on Club Nights.   26 players feature as having won on at least one occasion and the leading positions as at 22nd May 2015 are given below :-
               9     -     Roger Carpenter
               7     -     Peter Lisle 
               5     -     Allan Blackett
               4     -     Audrey Bainbridge
               4     -     John Dobson
               4     -     Iain Gordon
               4     -     Barbara Stott
               3     -     John Blackett
               3     -     David Thompson
               3     -     Godfrey Young
A further 16 players have either won once or twice.

Last updated : 22nd May 2015 19:30 GMT
Simultaneous Pairs

Audrey Bainbridge and Barbara Boothroyd finished as top pair in the Cub Heat of the EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs 2015.  Actual scores and positions varied considerably when listed nationally.  The leading Club scores from Bishop Auckland were :-
          66.37 %     -    Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
          56.85 %     -    Allan Blackett & John Blackett Jnr
          55.65 %     -    John Dobson & Iain Gordon

Last updated : 8th May 2015 07:24 GMT
Bishop Auckland Quartet are Runners-Up

Congratulations go to the Bishop Auckland quartet of Malcolm Dawson, Brian Myers, Audrey Bainbridge and Roger Carpenter who finished runners-up in the Kempson Plate 2015.   Playing the final against one of the region's best teams led by Val Gibson, the quartet put up a sound performance with the match score ending:-
          Team Dawson     36 Imps     -     Team Gibson     72 Imps
The final was played at Darlington on Monday 4th May 2015.

Last updated : 6th May 2015 05:34 GMT
Sadly Charlotte Dies
Sadly Charlotte Dies

Sadly we have been advised of the death of Charlotte Burns only two weeks after her 93rd birthday.  Charlotte, who was one of our Club's three nonagenarians, passed away in her sleep at home on Tuesday 14th April 2015.  She was an extremely sprightly lady and always full of fun and she will be a great miss to all of us. We pass on our condolences to her family. 

The funeral attended by many friends and family took place at Wear Valley Crematorium at 1.15 pm on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 and afterwards at Bishop Auckland Golf Club.

Last updated : 26th Apr 2015 08:00 GMT
Louise becomes Acting Chairman

At the first meeting of the Committee following the AGM at which there were no nominations for the position of Club Chairman, Louise Badcock was unanimously elected to the role of Acting Chairman.  Louise has served on the Committee for many years and recently completed a five years term as Club Secretary.  She carries our best wishes for every success in her new role.

Last updated : 16th Apr 2015 14:09 GMT
Team Relegated

Sadly the Club Team has been unable to achieve the required consistency to attain the necessary results to maintain its status in Division B of he NEBA InterClub Leagues.  Competing at this testing level for the first time in its history, the season drew to a close with an overwhelming defeat to South Shields in the final match at Kirk Merrington on Sunday 12th April 2015. Next seson the team will compete in Division C.  Nevertheless, the spirit is not dented and the drive exists to achieve promotion at the earliest opportunity and have another crack at the higher challenge.  It is to be remembered that much progress has been made since the days (not too many years ago) when the team competed in Division F of this competition.  Well done to all players who have represented the Club.

Match details:-
                              Bishop Auckland   0    South Shields  20

Team :       Roger Carpenter (Captain) & Brian Myers
                 Audrey Bainbridge & Louse Badcock
                 Godfrey & Alison Young
                 John Gray & John Dobson

Last updated : 13th Apr 2015 17:01 GMT
Team Suffer Defeat

The Club Team suffered an overwhelming defeat in League Match Number 4 away to Durham 'B' on Sunday 8th March 2015.  A lead of just 2 Imps was established in Set 1,  but substantial negatives particularly in sets 2 and 4, resulted in a total deficit of 63 Imps, this converting to a final match score of :-
          Durham 'B'     19    -    Bishop Auckland     1
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
          John Dobson & John Gray
          Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
          Godfrey Young & Alison Young

Last updated : 9th Mar 2015 17:15 GMT
Bishop Auckland Quartet Successful

A Bishop Auckland quartet has won through to the Final of the NEBA Kempson Plate.  The team of  Malcolm Dawson, John Dobson, Audrey Bainbridge and Roger Carpenter defeated the team of Ian Rankin, Fred Robinson, David Milner and David Joy by 56 Imps in the semi-final tie played at Darlington on Friday 6th March 2015.  The date for the final is yet to be fixed but is to be played by mid-May.

Last updated : 8th Mar 2015 10:17 GMT
Best Wishes to Iain

Best wishes go to Iain Gordon for a full and speedy recovery after his recent heart attack.  Following treatment Iain was discharged from the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough on Friday 20th February 2015 and is now progressing well.

Last updated : 21st Feb 2015 09:26 GMT
Club Members Head EBU Masterpoint Awards

Congratulations to the following Club Members who took leading EBU Category positions in the Masterpoint Awards for 2014:- 

Level 5  -  County Masters, Masters, Advanced Masters

(Note in this category all four top positions nationally taken by players from Bishop Auckland)
     1     -     3709     -     Irene Burns                   Advanced Master
     2     -     3229     -     Margaret Thompson          County Master  
     3     -     2833     -     Malcolm Dawson               Advanced Master
     4     -     2561     -     Ann Squires                      County Master

Level 6  -  Unranked, Local Masters, Club Masters, Area Masters, District Masters

     1     -     5455     -     Joan Crompton               District Master

(No members within Categories 1,2,3 & 4 finished in the top positions nationally)


Last updated : 9th Feb 2015 20:43 GMT
John Knox Dies

Sadly we are informed of the death of John Knox in Spain on Thursday 29th January 2015.   John, who was an energetic and ebulliant character, was a member of our Club in the 1980's and 90's and moved to Spain to live when he retired from the police force.  He quickly established and for many years ran a local bridge club.  It was there that he spent his final moments.  He will be greatly missed by all who knew him and we extend our deepest synpathy to his wife Sue.

Last updated : 29th Jan 2015 23:14 GMT
Club Team Lose League Match 3

The Club Team were defeated in League Match 3 at home to Hurworth 'B' on Sunday 25th January 2015.  A strong visiting team gained a commanding lead of 46 Imps by winning each of the first three sets.  After tea the home side won the final set by 6 Imps resulting in a final deficit of 40 Imps, this converting to a Victory Point result of
Bishop Auckland     4 - 16     Hurworth 'B'       
Team :-
Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Brian Myers
          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett
          Godfrey & Alison Young
          John Gray & John Dobson

Last updated : 25th Jan 2015 20:14 GMT



Superb Christmas Party
Yet Again !

Full Results in Results Section

Last updated : 5th Jan 2015 15:42 GMT
Superb Christmas Party

Yet another Superb Christmas Party at Kirk Merrington !   Thursday 18th December 2014 saw members enjoying fabulous food, entertainment and fun duplicate bridge thanks again to brilliant hostesses Marilyn Dexter and Jackie Price.  The festive spirit was evident throughout aided by the odd alcoholc beverage, the funny hats and the tricky bridge accomplishments necessary to achieve success.  At the end of the evening prizes were awarded as folloows:-

     Bridge Duplcate  1st N/S     -     Audrey Bainbridge & Louise Badcock
     Bridge Duplicate  1st E/W    -     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
     Bridgeplayer Snap  -   Charlotte Burns & John Blackett
     Bridge Bingo 1st    -    Colin Trotter
     Bridge Bingo 2nd   -    Ann Squires
     Bridge Trick 2 Clubs   -   Ann Squires
     Bridgeplayer Pin A Nose on Rudolph  -  Roger Carpenter

Chairman Godfrey Young closed the evening by extending grateful thanks to all those who had worked so hard to make the event such a success,  to hostesses Marilyn & Jackie and to organisers Malcolm Dawson, Peter & Claudette Whitton, Allan Blackett and John Little (and the many others who assisted). 

FULL DUPLICATE RESULTS are set out in normal results section
EVENT PHOTOGRAPHS can be accessed via main left hand menu

Superb Christmas Party
Last updated : 19th Dec 2014 10:35 GMT
Club Team Win League Match No 2

Following a loss in the first match of the 2014-15 Season, the Club Team came out on top against Ryton in the second match played at Ryton Cricket Club on Sunday 30th November 2014.  A fast start was made in winning the first set by 36 IMPs but following a tight second set (lost by just 1 IMP), a dramatic reversal by 27 IMPs in Set 3 set the scene for a close finish.  However a strong performance in the final set which was won by 11 IMPs closed the match at +19 IMPs, this converting to a match result of :-
                    Ryton   6 - 14    Bishop Auckland
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Brian Myers
          John Dobson & John Gray
          Godfrey Young & Alison Young
          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett

Last updated : 30th Nov 2014 19:45 GMT
Successful Presentation Dinner

As a precursor to the trophy presentations, Chairman Godfrey Young expressed grateful thanks to all those who had contributed to making the Annual Presentation Dinner evening such a resounding success.  The food had been splendid and this complemented the excellent organisation led so very well by David Wilkinson.  The bridge had passed smoothly with Alan Race and Tony Mawston adding to their very successful season by winning the E/W Aggregate.  Claudette and Peter Whitton scored brilliantly to leave the N/S field in their wake. 

North South
1     +1680     Claudette Whitton & Peter Whitton
2     +1050     Louise Badcock & John Dobson
3     +1030     Margaret Wiles & Colin Trotter
4       +700     Brian Myers & John Little
5       +670     Maureen Hook & Joan Burrell
6        -250     Godfrey Young & Alison Young
7      -1020     Roger Carpenter & George Gwilliam
8      -1050     Derek Thornton & Barbara Laurie

1     +1000     Tony Mawston & Alan Race
2       +540     Dave Thompson & John Gray
3       +220     John Blackett (Jnr) & Audrey Bainbridge
4        -350     Paul Beard & Pat Robbins
5        -610     Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson
6        -700     Jean Milne & Charlotte Burns
7      -1320     John Blackett(Snr) & Eric Wilson

Trophy Presentations
Carpenter Trophy        -     Alan Race & Tony Mawston
Latner Trophy             -     Alan Race & Tony Mawston
Walker Bowl               -     Louise Badcock & Audrey Bainbridge
Masterpoints Salver     -     John Dobson

Event Photographs are posted in  '2014 Dinner Photographs'  in the main left hand menu

Last updated : 16th Nov 2014 15:32 GMT
John & Allan Head Statistics

The 2013-14 Club Year (1st Nov - 31st Oct) finished with John and Allan Blackett heading both sets of Principal Statistics.   The pair finished clear of the field in the Pairs Averages (with 57.58%) and John also headed the Individual Averages Table with the same score.  For the first occasion (on record) two players accomplished the remarkable achievement of 100% attendance, Margaret Wiles and John Dobson.   All the statistics for the 2013-14 year can accessed via the Competitions/Statistics Archive section of the website with 2014-15 figures housed within the live section.

Tony Mawston and Alan Race had a successful year and took two of the four Club Trophies - the Latner Trophy and the Carpenter Cup.  The other two trophies were taken by Lou Badcock & Audrey Bainbridge (Walker Bowl) and John Dobson (Master Points Trophy).

Last updated : 6th Nov 2014 14:38 GMT
Irene & Joan Successful

Congratulations go to Irene Burns and Joan Crompton for an excellent performance in winning the NEBA Gazette Shield at Stannington on Sunday 26th October 2014.   The couple finished ahead of the field of 28 pairs with a tremendous score of 64.26%.   The leading positions were :-

          1     -    64.74 %    -      Irene Burns & Joan Crompton
          2     -    64.26 %     -      Beverly Godfrey & Nicola Cockerill-Smith
          3     -    61.86 %     -      Niall Keaney & Roger Hancock

Last updated : 30th Oct 2014 06:08 GMT
First Match Defeat to Morpeth A

Sadly, after the euphoria of last season which saw the Club win the Division C Championship, the team lost Match 1 of the the new seson playing in  Division B.  The Team, fielding two non-established partnerships, did well and put up a sprited performance against a Club that had played in the top Division last season.   The first two sets were evenly contested but swings of  '-15 imps' and  '-17 imps' in sets 3 and 4 resulted in the deficit being 35 imps, this converting to a match score of :-
                                                       Morpeth A  - 16      Bishop Auckland  - 4 
          Team :-
               Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
               John Gray & Barbara Stott   
               Alison Young & Godfrey Young
               Malcolm Dawson & Tony Mawston

Last updated : 13th Oct 2014 18:12 GMT
Dave & Malcolm - National Winners

Congratulations go to Dave Thompson and Malcolm Dawson who were First Nationally in the Thursday round (11th Sept 2014) of the EBU Autumn Simultaneous Pairs.  Dave and Malcolm won the club heat with a score of 67.71% and saw this percentage increase to 68.23% when scored across the national field of 306 Pairs from 21 Clubs  Leading scores :-

Pos                                                                                            Club
 1          Dave Thompson & Malcolm Dawson      68.23%         Bishop Auckland BC
 2          Dave Lilley & Barbara Raven                      68.06%          Marlborough BC
 3          Trevor Timms & Tony Hudson                    65.93%          Stratford Upon Avon BC
   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
25          John Dobson & Iain Gordon                       59.49%          Bishop Auckland BC
66          Brian Myers & John Little                           55.93%          Bishop Auckland BC
72          Richard Cottrell & Maureen Hook                53.38%          BIshop Auckland BC

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2014 08:47 GMT
Audrey & Louise are Winners

Audrey Bainbridge & Louise Badcock won the Walker Bowl 2014 on Thursday 28th August with a score just 0.34% clear of the chasing field.  John Dobson & Iain Gordon finished in second place, but substantial credit goes to David & Christine Wilkinson for finishing in third place on Christine's very first game at club level. 
The leading scores were :-
          1          Audrey Bainbridge & Louise Badcock        60.76%
          2          John Dobson & Iain Gordon                     60 42%
          3          David & Christine Wilkinson                     56.94%


Last updated : 28th Aug 2014 23:35 GMT
Joan & Irene Win NGS Prize

Congratulations to Joan Crompton and Irene Burns for winning the NGS Prize (for pairs ranking below a Jack) at the NEBA Summer Swiss Pairs held at Durham on Wednesday 6th August 2014.  Competing in a high quality field they came 5th overall with 63.33%.   Other club members competing in the event were Louise Badcock & John Dobson (8th) and David Thompson & Ann Squires (20th).   Full results are displayed on the NEBA website.

Last updated : 15th Aug 2014 06:02 GMT
Godfrey & Alison Finish 7th Nationally

Congratulations go to Godfrey & Alison for finishing in 7th position nationally in the EBU Summer Simultaneous Pairs held on Thursday 31st July 2014.  The total field comprised 31 clubs and 475 pairs.

The top  scores recorded by Bishop Auckland players were :
  National                                                                                     Club          National
  Position-                                                                                    Score           Score
      7                  Godfrey & Alison Young                                       67.26          67.94
     50                 Louise Badcock & Audrey Bainbridge                     63.39          59.73
     67                 Jane Pringle & Irene Burns                                   57.14          58.26        


Last updated : 7th Aug 2014 06:34 GMT
Tony & Alan Win Carpenter Trophy 2014

Following on their recent success in the Latner Trophy, Tony Mawston and Alan Race made it two in a row within a few weeks by winning the Carpenter Trophy 2014.  Congratulations go to the pair who have held the lead in the six round event for most of the season.  The leading scores in the final table were:-

          1     62.09 %.   -     A Mawston & A Race

          2.    58.96 %.    -     G Young & A Young

          3.    57.66 %.    -     A Bainbridge & B Boothroryd

          4=.  56.83 %.    -     B Myers & J Little

          4=   56.83 %.    -     P Lisle & R Carpenter

For a full tabulation of all final scores refer to 'Carpenter Trophy' within 'Competitions / Statistics'.

Last updated : 17th Jul 2014 22:27 GMT
Alan & Tony Win Latner Trophy 2014

Well done to Alan Race & Tony Mawston, winners of the Latner Trophy for the second year running.   Building on a club night score of 61.23% with a handicap of 7.00%, the pair finished 0.34% clear of the field in a very tight finish.  Alan Blackett & Louise Badcock finished in second position with Colin Trotter & Margaret Wiles in third.


            Club Score   Handicap       Latner Score
                   %               %                   %
     1         61.23         +7.00              68.23          A Race & T Mawston
     2         63.89         +4.00              67.89          A Blackett & L Badcock
     3         52.08       +13.50              65.58          M Wiles & C Trotter
     4         59.38         +2.25              61.63          A Bainbridge & B Boothroyd
     5         47.22       +13.50              60.72          P Whitton & C Whitton
     6         54.17         +5.00              59.17          G Young & A Young
     7         50.69         +8.00              58.69          R Cottrell & B Stott
     8         40.97       +16.00              56.97          D Thornton & B Laurie
     9         54.51         +1.50              56.01          J Dobson & I Gordon
    10        43.06       +11.25              54.31          J Blackett(Snr) & G Gwilliam
    11        43.40       +10.00              53.40          P Robbins & P Beard
    12        42.75       +10.00              52.75          D Thompson & J Gray
    13        45.49         +4.75              50.24          J Little & B Myers
    14        41.32         +5.75              47.07          J Crompton & M Thompson


Last updated : 17th Jul 2014 16:19 GMT
Well Done Maggie & Joan

Congratulations to Margaret Thompson and Joan Crompton for winning the Newcomers' Prize (awarded to the best pair below the rank of Regional Master) at the Yorkshire Congress held at Harrogate on Saturday 31st May 2014.  In the afternoon session, Maggie and Joan competed brilliantly against an extremely strong field to qualify to the top third and achieve entry to the Main Congress Final in the evening.   Scores did not all go their way in the Final session but well enough for them to win the Newcomers' Prize. 
Congratulations from all at our Club.

Last updated : 10th Jun 2014 13:28 GMT
Visit the Farne Islands

Fred Aitken is again kindly organising an annual trip to the Farne Islands on Wednesday 25th June 2014.  Fred is inviting all bridge colleagues to join him on what has proved in the past to be a fantastic and most enjoyable experience.  Arrangements are that those attending are to make their own way to Seahouses Harbour for 12.30 pm with the boat departing at 1.00 pm (returning 4.30 pm).  Costs are £15.00 per head for the boat and £6.80 for entry to Inner Farne (National Trust members free entry).  Anyone interested should contact Fred by phone or email on 01388 710748  or .
(It is worth viewing pictures of previous trips lower down within this news column).

Last updated : 27th May 2014 06:32 GMT
Members Enjoy Spring Buffet

26 Members enjoyed the Annual Spring Buffet held at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 15th May 2014.  An excellent two course meal was followed by 18 boards of interesting duplicate.   Chairman Godfrey Young thanked all those who had assisted in the organisation of the function and the selling of tickets before presenting prizes to the successful pairs.  Results :-
1     + 2,210     Alison Young & Godfrey Young
2     +    560     Brian Myers & John Little
1     + 3,030     Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
2     +    470     Alan Race & Tony Mawston

Last updated : 15th May 2014 22:22 GMT
Peter & Roger Score Highest

Congratulations to Peter Lisle and Roger Carpenter who were the highest scoring pair from Bishop Auckland in the 2014 EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs.  The event saw all East/West Pairs favoured by the balance of the national scoring with all but one pair receiving enhanced percentages, generally of the order of plus four to seven perecent.  Conversely all North/South pairs suffered reductions generally of the order of three to six percent.  Consequently the top six scoring pairs were all E/W.

At the time of writing the national results were not finalised but the leading positions were as follows:-

( 9th May 2014 at 0930  -  37 Clubs   651 Pairs )

Club      National       Pair                                                            Club       National
Posn        Posn          No                                                               %             %
------    ----------    --------                                                        -------     -----------
E/W3      16           E/W17     R Carpenter & P Lisle                       57.14        64.38
E/W2      27           E/W13     A Bainbridge & B Boothroyd             57.48        62.25
E/W4      30           E/W19     J Crompton & M Thompson              54.64         61.55
E/W5     108          E/W11     A Mawston & A Race                        52.72        56.55
E/W6     119          E/W14     D Wilkinson & M Winter                    51.02        56.37
E/W1     162          E/W12     A Blackett & J Blackett jnr                57.82        55.02

Last updated : 9th May 2014 08:33 GMT
Bishop Belles are Tops

A fabulous quartet of Bishop belles scored a tremendous hit with their swinging cabaret act at the 'Bridge Club Live Re-union' held at Leamington Spa 11th-13th April 2014.  Providing entertainment for assembled bridge players from across England, the group under the stage name of 'The FourTops' (we've seen that name before but it wasn't quite like this) earned rapturous applause for their act entitled 'Bridge's Got Talent' (sadly Simon Cowell missed it).  Pictured below are left to right - Alison Young, Marilyn Dexter, Audrey Bainbridge and Louise Badcock (picture courtesy of Audrey Bainbridge). 

In the serious bit, the girls came third in the Bridge Teams competition.
Well done all.

Bishop Belles are Tops
Last updated : 23rd Apr 2014 16:31 GMT
Bishop Auckland Lying 10th

Bishop Auckland are currently lying in 10th place (of 24 teams) in the John Clarke Trophy 2014.  This trophy is awarded to the Club scoring the best aggregate performance over the three principal events of the season - the InterClub League, the Club Champion Pairs and the Club Champion Teams.  Only the final Champion Teams event remains.  Full details of the current standings are given on the NEBA website.

Last updated : 20th Apr 2014 09:30 GMT
Club Team Win Divisional Title

In the final league match of the season (Sunday 6th April 2014), the Club team defeated Brunton 'B' 18-2  to finish Champions of Division C and gain promotion to Division B.  This is the best finish in the Club's history and next season it will play in the NEBA second tier, another first for the Club.  Congratulations to all those who have played in matches this season.  The match against Brunton 'B' was steady progress throughout with all sets won,  by 20, 12, 14 & 8 Imps respectively.  The 54 Imp margin translated to a Victory Points result 18-2.

                                        Team v Brunton 'B'
                                             Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
                                             Bryan Myers & John Little
                                             Louise Badcock & John Gray
                                             Malcolm Dawson & Tony Mawston

     Final League C Placings
     1 -     79     Bishop Auckland
     2 -     59     Durham 'B'
     3 -     55     Newcaste 'A'
     4 -     47     Brunton 'B'
     5 -     40     Brunston 'C'
     6 -     14     Hurworth 'C'


Last updated : 20th Apr 2014 09:28 GMT
Joan & Maggie Tops

Congratulations to Joan Crompton and Margaret Thompson for finishing top pair from Bishop Auckland in The EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs on Thursday 13th March 2014.  Additionally the pairing came Third Nationally in their category of Band C.

Leading Club Scorers :-
      1      59.90     Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson

     2     58.65     Brian Myers & John Little
     3     56.55     Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd

Leading National Scorers Band C
     1     68.35     Geoff Woodcock & Richard Wheen  -  Biuckland BC
     2     60.66     Roger Griffiths & Bill Pocock  -  Reading BC
      3      59.90     Joan Crompton & Margaret Thompson  -  Bishop Auckland BC

Last updated : 16th Mar 2014 19:26 GMT
Club Team Remain Top

An excellent win away to Hurworth 'C' in league match 4 maintained the Club in top spot in Division C.  Played at St George's Bridge Centre, Darlington on Sunday 9th March 2014, a fast start was made winning the first three sets by 22, 35 and 28 Imps respectively giving a lead of 85 Imps at the tea interval.  The final evenly balanced set was lost by 1 Imp giving a final score of +84 Imps, this converting to a match result of :-
                                     Hurworth'C'   0  -  Bishop Auckland  20.

Bishop Auckland has extended its lead at the top of the league to 16 points, this meaning that 3 points from the final game will guarantee promotion and 5 points the Championship.
Team :-
     Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
     Brian Myers & Louise Badcock
     Godfrey & Alison Young
     John Gray & John Dobson

League positions with One Match Remaining
     61     Bishop Auckland
     45     Brunton 'B'
     45     Durham 'B'
     40     Brunton 'C'
     35     Newcastle 'A'
     14     Hurworth 'C'

Last updated : 10th Mar 2014 09:44 GMT
AGM 2014

The 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Club took place on Thursday 6th March 2014 at 6,30 pm in the presence of 28 members
The Chairman Godfrey Young thanked all Serving Officers and Committee for their work for the Club and all members for their support throughout the year.

Election of Officers for 2014-15
Chairman           -     Godfrey Young
Secretary          -     Malcolm Dawson
Treasurer          -      Peter Whitton
Match Captain    -     Roger Carpenter
Scorer               -     John Dobson

Election of Committee Members for 2014-15
Louise Badcock
Allan Blackett
John Little
David Wilkinson
Brian Myers

More details of the proceedings will be published in due course.


Last updated : 6th Mar 2014 23:14 GMT
Team Thompson well placed

Dave Thompson's team finished in a creditable 28th Place out of 70 teams at the EBU Spring Congress Swiss Teams held at York on Sunday 2nd March 2014.  The team scored well against a tough field including many Grand Masters and international players and finished on 76 VPs (54.7%).   The first two sets were won 20-0 and 12-8 and this resulted in playing the remainder of the competition within the top 20 tables.   The team comprised Dave and Margaret Thompson, Joan Crompton and John Dobson.

Last updated : 6th Mar 2014 15:59 GMT
Congratulations to Margaret Thompson

Congratulations go to Margaret Thompson for finishing 2nd in the Level 6 North East Masterpoint Awards for 2013.  Margaret accumulated 1,879 Masterpoints during the season and finished only 118 points behind the winner, Mrs Ann Rooke.

Last updated : 5th Mar 2014 19:20 GMT
Best Wishes to Mary
Best Wishes to Mary

Best wishes are extended to Mary Brown for a speedy recovery.  Sadly Mary suffered a stroke while on holiday in Yorkshire and was admitted to Leeds General Hospital for treatment.  After making some progress she has now been transferred to Bishop Auckland Hospital.   All her friends at BABG are thinking of her and send very best wishes for a speedy return to health.

Last updated : 7th Feb 2014 14:27 GMT
New Website Feature Introduced

A new feature has been introduced to the website which enables members to view their 'Personal Statistics' against a number of parameters including 'percentage', 'position', 'playing partner', etc.  This feature can be accessed via the main left hand green menu block.

Last updated : 30th Jan 2014 10:31 GMT
Club Team Win League Match 3

The Club Team won the third match of the season at home to Newcastle 'A' on Sunday 12th January 2014 and move up to head the league table.  After losing the opening set by 4 Imps, Sets 2 & 3 were won by the convincing margins of  21 and 19 Imps respectively.  A tight final Set was eventually lost by 2 Imps which resulted in a final total score of + 34 Imps, this converting to a victory point score of :-
          Bishop Auckland     16   -   Newcastle 'A'     4

Team :-
          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
          Brian Myers & Tony Mawston
          Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett
          Malcolm Dawson & John Dobson

League Table - Division C :-
1          41 pts    Bishop Auckland
2          39          Durham City
3          33          Brunton 'B'
4          27          Newcastle 'A'
5          26          Brunton 'C'
6          14          Hurworth 'C'





Last updated : 13th Jan 2014 17:07 GMT
Super Christmas Party
Super Christmas Party

34 Members enjoyed a super Christmas Party at Kirk Merrington on Thursday 19th December.  Thanks go to Marilyn and Jackie for organising an entertaining evening of spot prize bridge, songs and poems, not to mention the cheek to cheek games.  
After 18 boards of duplicate, winning honours went to Peter Lisle and Roger Carpenter :-
          1     -     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter            68.25 %
          2     -     Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson     66.27 %
          3     -     Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price            59.92 %

Last updated : 22nd Dec 2013 18:24 GMT

No Cards - Might as well chat

Last updated : 20th Dec 2013 07:01 GMT

Sleepy Reindeer

Last updated : 20th Dec 2013 07:00 GMT
Club Team Win League Match 2

The Club Team swooped to an overwhelming victory on Sunday 1st December in the second match of the 2013-14 season.  Playing away to Brunton 'C', all four sets were won with the final margin being +75 Imps, this translating to a Victory Point score of:-
          Brunton'C'     1     -     Bishop Auckland     19

          Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
          Godfrey & Alison Young
          Brian Myers & John Little
          Malcolm Dawson & John Dobson

Last updated : 2nd Dec 2013 13:57 GMT
Successful Annual Presentation Dinner
Successful Annual Presentation Dinner

Ray & Richard starting the evening well

A successful 2013 Annual Presentation Dinner took place at the Golf Club on Thursday 14th November 2013 attended by 36 members. A splendid carvery meal followed by 18 boards of duplicate was a fitting way to end a most successful year for the Club. 

Chairman Godfrey Young presented trophies for the season to :-

Carpenter Salver
          John Little & Brian Myers
Latner Trophy
          Alan Race & Tony Mawston
Walker Bowl
          John Little & Brian Myers
Master Points Salver
          John Dobson

Prizes for the evening's duplicate were presented to :-

     N/S 1st     -     Mary Winter & George Gwilliam    
     N/S 2nd    -     Brian Myers & John Little

     E/W 1st    -     Jane Pringle & Irene Burns
     E/W 2nd   -     Louise Badcock & Allan Blackett

Last updated : 15th Nov 2013 07:39 GMT
New Acting Club Secretary
At the last Committee Meeting Malcolm Dawson took over the reins as Acting Club Secretary from Louise Badcock.  Lou's official five-year term ended at the AGM in March 2013 but she agreed to carry on in an acting capacity until another interested member stepped forward.  We welcome Malcolm to the position which he will hold in an acting capacity until members can formally vote him into post at the next AGM.   Grateful thanks are extended to Lou for all her hard work over the past 5+ years. 
Last updated : 11th Nov 2013 15:51 GMT
North East Congress Success
Congratulations go to the Bishop Auckland foursome of Godfrey & Alison Young, Louise Badcock and John Dobson who took 6th Place Prize in the North East Congress held at the Marriott Hotel, Gateshead, on Sunday 10th November 2013.   Playing in a high level field of 112 players, the Bishop Auckland team won 4 of their 7 matches, halving one and losing only two; finishing with 83 Victory Points.
Last updated : 11th Nov 2013 15:28 GMT
Most Successful Club Year

The Club Year 2012-13 closed on 31st October 2013 and will be remembered as probably the most successful year ever for Bishop Auckland Bridge Club and its Members.   Although membership numbers remained fairly static,  a  warm welcome was extended to Margaret Thompson and Joan Crompton who have become regular attenders. 

The year was littered with tremendous results and successful social occasions.  The principal achievement was the winning of the NEBA Club Champion Teams event at Stannington in April with the Club Team of Four (Alison & Godfrey Young, Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson) taking the Wightman Cup against the strongest of fields.  In March Audrey Bainbridge & Alison Young won the NEF Open Pairs organised by the Yorkshire County BA and in August, the overall performances of our Club Members led to a creditable 7th position in the NEBA John Clarke Trophy.  

National Simultaneous Pairs events gave us some outstanding results with pride of place going to Brian Myers & John Little who came 1st nationally in the March event.  In the September event John Dobson & Iain Gordon finished in 3rd place, in May John Little & Brian Myers finished in 7th place, in August Allan & John Blackett finished in 10th place and in January, Alan Race & David Thompson finished 11th.

On the social front the year began with the Annual Presentation Dinner at the beginning of November.  This was very quickly followed in December by a superb Christmas Party at Kirk Merrington where those attending enjoyed a full evening of varied entertainment.  A fabulous array of food was provided by members with bridge fun and party games organised and hosted brilliantly by Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price.  In May, the Annual Spring Buffet held at the golf club was another great success with a full ration of duplicate bridge following an excellent meal.   In July, many members supported an excellent and most enjoyable 'Open Garden' event held in aid of charity at their home by Alison & Godfrey Young, the event raising 675.

The year was memorable for many people and it could well rank as the best that the Club has had in terms of success at the table. 

Last updated : 11th Nov 2013 15:20 GMT
Team Lose Opening Match

Sunday 13th October saw the Club Team fall short in their opening match of the 2013-14 Season, losing at home to Durham 'B'.  The match played at Kirk Merrington opened poorly for the home side with a deficit of 20 Imps in Set 1.  The remaining three very even sets increased the Durham lead by a further 3 Imps, the final total converting to a Victory Point score of :-
                         Bishop Auckland 6  -  Durham 'B'   14

Team :-
               John Dobson (Acting Capt) & John Gray
               Audrey Bainbridge & John Little
               Godfrey Young & Alison Young
               Malcolm Dawson & Barbara Stott

Last updated : 14th Oct 2013 06:55 GMT
John & Brian Win Again

Congratulations go to John Little and Brian Myers who continued their excellent season (having been National Winners of the EBU Simultaneous Pairs and also winners of the BABC Carpenter Cup 2013) by winning the Walker Bowl 2013.   The event took place on Club Night on 29th August 2013 and the leading scorers were :-

1     60.83 %     John Little & Brian Myers
2     57.92 %      John Dobson & Iain Gordon
3     57.14 %      Godfrey & Alison Young
4     53.75 %      Pat Robbins & Paul Beard
5     52.38 %      Alan Race & Tony Mawston   

The full results may be viewed under 'Competitions' in the main green left hand menu.

Last updated : 29th Aug 2013 23:02 GMT
Allan & John - Top Bishop Auckland Pair

Well done to Allan and John Blackett who finished as the top ranked Bishop Auckland pair in the National Listings of the British Summer Simultaneous Pairs held on 1st August 2013.  Allan and John's score of 65.48% at club level increased to 65.84% when scored nationally resulting in 10th position out of 454 pairs (26 clubs).   Leading scores were :-

Pos    Score
  1      73.07 %     Laura Roy & John Martin
                                   New Bridge Club

  2      71.49 %     Peggy Bennet & Rouenna Winstanley
                                    The Lymington Club Ltd
  3      71.43 %     Rex Gower & Ian Wilson
                                    Abbey Smith Bridge Club
              - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  10    65.84 %     Allan & John Blackett

  12    64.73 %     Iain Gordon & John Dobson
  72    58.25 %     Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price

Last updated : 23rd Aug 2013 05:48 GMT
Alan and Tony Win Latner Trophy 2013

Alan Race and Tony Mawston swept well clear of the field to be worthy winners of the Latner Trophy 2013.  Winning the Normal Club Night by 3%, they doubled their lead to 6% when handicaps were applied for the trophy competition.   Leading positions :-

      Club Score       Handicap      Latner Score
              %                    %                    %
1         66.67              +3.50               70.17      A Race & T Mawston
2         52.78            +11.50               64.28      I Heslop & G Spence
3         63.89              +0.25               64.14      P Lisle & R Carpenter
4         53.97              +8.50               62.47      B Stott & M Dawson
5         59.72              +2.00               61.72      B Myers & J Little

Last updated : 15th Aug 2013 09:09 GMT
Brian & John Win Carpenter Trophy 2013

Congratulations go to John Little and Brian Myers, winners of the Carpenter Trophy 2013.  John and Brian came from behind to win the final session of this Six-Round event and take the trophy by 0.47%, heading the field of 12 pairs (a further 22 pairs failed to qualify).   Leading scores :-

          1        61.87        Brian Myers & John Little
          2        61.40        Iain Gordon & John Dobson
          3        56.08        Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
          4        55.88        Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
          5        54.86        Godfrey Young & Alison Young
          6        53.79        Ray Potter & Richard Cottrell

Last updated : 15th Aug 2013 09:08 GMT
Club Finish 7th in John Clarke Salver

Bishop Auckland Club finished in a creditable 7th position in the NEBA John Clarke Salver 2013.  This competition identifies club performance across three major competitions and the achievement is thanks to the many members who represented our Club in InterClub League Matches, the Champion Club Teams event and the Champion Club Pairs event.  The top 10 places (out of 22 overall) were :-

          1        Whitley Bay                 126
          2        Hurworth                     118
          3        Brunton                       109
          4        Morpeth                      108
          5        Stockton                      107
          6        Ryton                          106
          7        Bishop Auckland         97
          8        Darlington                     96
          9        Newcastle                     89
         10       Cramlington                  76       

Last updated : 15th Aug 2013 09:08 GMT
Successful 'Open Garden' Day
Successful 'Open Garden' Day
Last updated : 16th Jul 2013 05:21 GMT

Godfrey  and Alison Young hosted a most successful Open Day to their garden on Sunday 14th July 2013 (2.00 pm - 5.00 pm).  The event, held for the third year running in aid of Cancer Charities under the National Gardens Scheme, took place in absolutely wonderful weather at their home in Crook.  A number of Bridge Club Members assisted with the running of the day whilst others attended in support.  The superb garden was in beautiful condition and the cream teas and plant stall proved very popular with the 120 visitors.   The sum raised was a commendable 674.80 and the event, and indeed the garden itself, were a great credit to the work put in by Godfrey and Alison

Last updated : 16th Jul 2013 05:21 GMT
Brian & John do it again

Brian Myers and John Little have done it again.  Thursday 9th May 2013 saw them win the Club Heat of the EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs and finish in the top ten of the national rankings.  This result comes only a few weeks after they finished First in the Club Heat and First in the National Rankings of the EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs.  We need to get John to go fishing and Brian to the cricket on the next occasion that we hold a simultaneous pairs event!
Well done Brian and John!

Last updated : 12th May 2013 08:56 GMT
Wightman Cup Success

 An outstanding performance by the Bishop Auckland Club Team of 4 won the NEBA Champion Teams Tournament at Stannington on Sunday 21st April 2013 and thus lifted the Wightman Cup.  Congratulations go to the 4-person team of Godfrey Young, Alison Young, Audrey Bainbridge & John Dobson who led after the afternoon session with a score of +44 Imps, 12 ahead of their nearest rivals.  The evening session again went well with the team scoring a further +35 Imps, gaining third place on the session,  but importantly, overall First Place

Leading Scores :-                                                            Imps
     1     J Dobson, A Bainbridge, G Young, A Young      +79
     2     N Gray, R Gray, J Hodgson, J Kingcome                 +74
     3     C Hepworth, B Osborne, F Springett, J Springett    +40
     4     I Rankin, F Robinson, D Joy, D Milner                    +39
     5     P Tuff, M Stanbury, A Shivdasani, A Cornish           +23
     6     J Wooton, R McMahon, P Hands, M Gilbert               +9
     7     I Aiston, N Aiston, B Lumsden, N McTaggart             +2 


Last updated : 30th Apr 2013 10:22 GMT
Death of David Howe

Sadly we report the sudden death of David Howe at the age of 61 in Sheffield.  David was an accomplished player and a member of our Club for many years commencing in the late 1970's.  He was a regular attender with his partners Elsie Oversby and Jean Bainbridge and represented the Club as a team player.  David moved to take up a post in Sheffield in the late 1980's but occasionally came back to visit the Club. 
Many family and friends attended the funeral which took place at St. John's Church, Shildon at 12.45 pm on Monday 22nd April 2013


Last updated : 26th Apr 2013 20:19 GMT
Even More Winners

Congratulations go to Audrey Bainbridge and Alison Young for winning the NEF Open Pairs on Friday 29th March 2013 at York.  In the opening event of the weekend Bridge Tournament run by the YCBA, Audrey and Alison headed a field of 12 pairs with a winning score of 59.33%.   Leading scores :-
1     59.33          A Bainbridge & A Young
2     57.04          A Williams & P Stocken
3     56.07          J Staniforth & G Woodcock
4     51.78          P Beckwith & D Hammonds


Last updated : 22nd Apr 2013 09:10 GMT
Club Team Successful

The Club Team achieved a successful end to the season in winning away to Hartlepool on Sunday 7th April 2013.   In making a steady start each of the first three sets were won by 11, 2 and 13 Imps respectively buildinga a lead of 26 at the tea break.   A stuttering fourth set was lost by 19 Imps to reduce the overall score to +7 Imps, this translating to a final match score of :-
               Hartlepool  9  -  Bishop Auckland  11

Team :-
Roger Carpenter (Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
     Godfrey Young & Tony Mawston
     Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
     Brian Myers & John Little

Last updated : 8th Apr 2013 13:43 GMT
John & Brian Achieve Success
John & Brian Achieve Success


Congratulations go to John Little and Brian Myers for gaining overall First Place Nationally in the EBU Stratified Simultaneous Pairs held on Thursday 14th March 2013.   With a score of 67.53% John and Brian headed a field of 309 pairs from clubs across the country.   The leading scores and the other best scorers from our club are set out below :-

Pos                                                       %
  1        J Little & B Myers                 67.53        Bishop Auckland BC
  2        H Fisher & L Standen              67.33         Buckland BC
  3        N Rushton & S Brown              66.28        Tudor BC
  4        J Scaysbrook & J Mathews       66.13        Welwyn Garden BC
  5        R Sassoon & J Bowen              65.98        Reading BC
 25       I Gordon & J Dobson               60.34
 44       M Dexter & J Price                   57.38
 55       A Bainbridge & B Boothroyd     55.90
 62       G Young & A Young                 55.68    

Last updated : 2nd Apr 2013 16:54 GMT
AGM 2013

The 37th Annual General Meeting of the Club took place at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday 7th March 2013 in the Bridge Room at Bishop Aucklaand Golf Club.  

26 members were present and stayed to play duplicate afterwards.  There were 11 apologies for absence.  All Officers reported relatively problem-free activity in their repective areas, but it was noted that dwindling numbers was a particular concern which would be further addressed by the Committee.   Table charges are to remain unchanged for the forthcoming year.

Secretary Louise Badcock had completed five years in post and hence stood down as required by the Articles of Association.  In the absence of a nomination for her replacement and with the agreement of those present, she agreed to continue in an acting capacity until the next AGM.

Election of  Officers :-
     Chairman           -     Godfrey Young
     Secretary           -     Louise Badcock (Acting)
     Treasurer           -     Peter Whitton
     Match Captain     -     Roger Carpenter
     Scorer                -     John Dobson

Election of Committee :-
                               -     Alan Blackett
                               -     Malcolm Dawson
                               -     John Little
                               -     Brian Myers
                               -     David Wilkinson

The Meeting closed at 7.00 p.m.

Last updated : 10th Mar 2013 15:32 GMT
Club Team Win Match 4

On Sunday 17th February 2013, the Club Team scored another victory in Match 4 of the Season of 5 matches.   In a close encounter at home to Whitley Bay 'B' and trailing by 11 Imps at the tea interval, a solid performance in the final set resulted in an overall final victory by 22 Imps. 
This converted to a match score of :-
                         Bishop Auckland
 - 13    Whitley Bay 'B' - 7.
Team :-
          Alison Young (Capt)  &  Godfrey Young
          John LIttle & Brian Myers
          Roger Carpenter & Paul Beard
          Malcolm Dawson & John Dobson

League Placings :-
          47     South Shields
          46     Brunton B
          45     Wearside A
          39     Bishop Auckland
          36     Hartlepool
          27     Whitley Bay B

Last updated : 20th Feb 2013 13:43 GMT
Peter & Audrey lead Master Point Rankings
Peter Lisle and Audrey Bainbridge led the rankings of Club Members as at 1st January 2013, both having attained the status of National Master.   Iain Gordon held the greatest number of overall Master Points at 162,721.   Details for all Members may be accessed via the entry in the main left hand green menu block.
Last updated : 17th Feb 2013 19:27 GMT
Team Beat League Leaders

The Club Team recorded an outstanding performance in beating the league leaders Sunderland on the their own territory   (Sunday 13th January 2013).  In the third match of the season, the team led by Acting Captain Roger Carpenter (in the holiday absence of Captain Alison Young) finished 17 Imps up which converted to a final match score of :-

                             Sunderland 7 - Bishop Auckland 13

          Roger Carpenter (Acting Capt) & Audrey Bainbridge
          Lou Badcock & John Little
          John Gray & Tony Mawston
          Malcolm Dawson & Barbara Stott

Other regular players missing on this occasion were Godfrey Young, Brian Myers and John Dobson.  Upon her return, Team Captain Alison will have a selection headache for the forthcoming matches.

Last updated : 13th Jan 2013 20:16 GMT
Death of Jean Bainbridge

Sadly we record the death of Jean Bainbridge on the morning of Thursday 13th December 2012.   Until her illness in recent months, Jean was a regular attender at the Club and was known for her skilful play and keen sense of fun.  
A funeral service attended by relatives and many friends took place on Monday 24th December 2012 at St John's Church Shildon, followed by cremation at the Wear Valley Crematorium.

Last updated : 4th Jan 2013 17:27 GMT
Super Fun and Bridge at Christmas Party
Super Fun and Bridge at Christmas Party

A wonderful evening of fabulous fun, good food and aggregate bridge took place at Kirk Merrington on Thursday 20th December 2012.  Grateful thanks go to Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price for organising and directing the party.
The evening started with a 'Ditty of Welcome' composed and sung by Marilyn and Jackie which raised great applause and got things off to a super start. The 21 boards of bridge were interspersed with 'Lob the Golf Balls' onto Peter Lisle's head (upturned hat), 'Guess the Number of Sweets' in the Jar and two brief games of 'Fun Bingo'.   There was also much competition to win the bottle of wine for being the final winner of a trick with the '2 of Clubs'.  A tremendous spread of food and wine was served at the halfway stage.
Very many thanks to our hostesses for another splendid party; their reputation is unsurpassed for organising these events.

Prize Winners :-

Lob The Golf Balls :-    Barbara Stott & Alan Race
Fun Bingo :-                Tony Mawston & Audrey Bainbridge
Guess the Sweets :-     Allan Blackett
Trick with 2 Clubs :-     Jackie Price

Bridge Winners :-

1     + 4670     John Dobson & Malcolm Dawson
2     + 4170     David Thompson & John Gray
3     + 3700    Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price

1     - 570       Allan & John Blackett
2     - 1600     Tony Mawston & Alan Race
3     - 1670     Godfrey & Alison Young

Last updated : 4th Jan 2013 17:27 GMT

David - Happy '2 Clubs Challenger'

Last updated : 4th Jan 2013 17:26 GMT

Getting Organised for 'Lob Ball' - Peter & Marilyn

Last updated : 21st Dec 2012 08:14 GMT

Almost in by John Blackett

Last updated : 21st Dec 2012 08:14 GMT

Audrey- Happy '2 of Clubs Challenger'

Last updated : 21st Dec 2012 08:13 GMT
Team Win Match No.2

The Club Team scrambled to victory in Match No.2 of the 2012-13 Season at Kirk Merrington on Sunday 2nd December 2012.  Playing the home fixture against a vastly experienced Brunton 'B' Team, the very even first set was lost by 4 IMPs.    Surging ahead with victories by 22 & 33 IMPS respectively in sets 2 & 3, Bishop Auckland led by 51 IMPS at the tea interval.   The fourth set was something of a rearguard action with the visitors bidding and making a somewhat fortunate slam and a number of problems occuring elsewhere.  The set was ultimately lost by 45 IMPs leaving Bishop Auckland 6 IMPs up and a Match Victory by 11 - 9.

     Team :-
         Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
         Audrey Bainbridge & Roger Carpenter
         John Little & Brian Myers
         Malcolm Dawson & John Dobson

Last updated : 5th Dec 2012 08:18 GMT
Annual Presentation Dinner A Great Success

Another successful Annual Presentation Dinner took place at the Golf Club on Thursday 15th November 2012.  Following an excellent Christmas Fare carvery meal, 34 members enjoyed a fun session of aggregate bridge after which Club Chairman Godfrey Young presented the following prizes for the night, along with the trophies to winners of competitions throughout the year.

Aggregate Bridge
     1     Iain Gordon & John Dobson
     2     Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
     3     David Latner & Margaret Wiles
East- West
     1     David Thompson & John Gray
     2     Oswald and Mary Brown
     3     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter

Season 2012 Trophies

Latner Trophy
     Joan Burrell & Maureen Hook

Walker Trophy
     Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price (Unable to be Present)

Masterpoints Trophy
     John Dobson

Carpenter Trophy
     Godfrey & Alison Young

Photographs of the evening may be accessed via the main left hand green menu under  '2012 Dinner Photographs'.

Last updated : 16th Nov 2012 14:26 GMT
2011-12 Year End Statistics

( Club Year Closes 31st October prior to Annual Presentation Dinner in Mid- November )

Average Percentage Scores - Top Ten

     1       58.22 %    -     Roger Carpenter
     2=     57.81 %     -     Iain Gordon
     2=     57.81 %     -     John Dobson
     4       57.77 %     -     John Blackett Jnr
     5       57.72 %     -     Peter Lisle
     6       57.31 %     -     Allan Balckett
     7       54.14 %     -     Tony Mawston
     8       54.10 %     -     Alan Race
     9       53.65 %     -     Barbara Boothroyd
    10      53.60 %     -     Audrey Bainbridge

                              (A full list of scores for all members
                                may be accessed via the turquoise left
                                hand click panel in the Home Page)

Walker Bowl 2012

      1       65.97 %   -      Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price
      2       65.56 %     -      Iain Gordon & John Dobson
      3       56.53 %     -      David Latner & Margaret Wiles
      4       53.54 %     -      Alison Young & Barbara Stott
      5       53.13 %     -      Richard Cottrell & Ray Potter

Carpenter Trophy 2012

      1       59.26 %     -     Godfrey Young & Alison Young
      2       57.85 %      -     Iain Gordon & John Dobson
      3       56.46 %      -     Roger Carpenter & Peter Lisle
      4       54.40 %      -     Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
      5       53.38 %      -     Richard Cottrell & Ray Potter

Latner Trophy 2012

      1       64.43 %     -     Joan Burrell & Maureen Hook
      2       63.01 %      -     David Latner & Margaret Wiles
      3       61.48 %      -     John Dobson & Iain Gordon
      4       60.56 %      -     Oswald Brown & Mary Brown
      5       58.52 %      -     John Blackett & Colin Trotter

Master Points Trophy 2012

     817           -     John Dobson
      2          797           -     Iain Gordon
      3          536           -     Godfrey Young
      4          514           -     Alison Young
      5          478           -     Roger Carpenter

Last updated : 26th Oct 2012 11:46 GMT
Team Defeated

The Club Team suffered defeat at home to South Shields in the first match of the new season, the match played on Sunday 14th October 2012 at Kirk Merrington.  Generally outplayed by the visitors, all four sets were lost with the final deficit of 72 Imps equating to a loss by 2-18  match points.
     Team :-
          Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
          Louise Badcock & Roger Carpenter
          John Gray & Audrey Bainbridge
          Malcolm Dawson & John Dobson

Last updated : 25th Oct 2012 09:36 GMT
Godfrey & Alison Host Wonderful Evening

Club Chairman Godfrey Young and his wife, Team Captain Alison, were wonderfully generous hosts to a splendid meal at their home on the occasion of a get-together for all prospective team players. A total of twelve players comprised three teams and competed over four sets of bridge, as well as tucking into a fabulous evening meal.  
When all was said and done (and drunk and eaten) congratulations go to the winning team of Marilyn Dexter, Louise Badcock, Brian Myers and John Gray
Very Many thanks go to Godfrey and Alison from all who attended.

Godfrey & Alison Host Wonderful Evening
Last updated : 25th Oct 2012 09:36 GMT
Around the table left to right  :-  Tony Mawston, Louise Badcock, John Gray, Paul Beard, Roger Carpenter, Brian Myers, Malcolm Dawson, Marilyn Dexter.
Missing from the picture :-  Godfrey and Alison Young, Audrey Bainbridge, John Dobson.
Last updated : 25th Oct 2012 09:35 GMT
EBU September Simultaneous Pairs Results

Club      National                                                    Club     National
Pos'n       Pos'n                                                      Score      Score

------     ----------                                                  --------    ----------
    1             18        I Gordon & J Dobson                65.71       63.01
    5             69        A Bainbridge & B Boothroyd      52.86       57.15
    4            131       J Pringle & I Burns                    54.58       53.88
    6            152       B Myers & M Dawson                 50.48       52.50
    3            162       G Young & A Young                   56.25       52.17
    2            181       D Wilkinson & M Winter             60.00       51.33
    7           243       A Mawston & A Race                  47.50       48.76
   12           261       B Stott & R Cottrell                   41.43       47.88
   10           282      J Blackett & C Trotter                 45.71       47.22
    9            289      C Burns & P Robbins                  46.19       46.90
    8            318      L Badcock & J Pallister               46.25        44.91
   11           354      M Hook & D Thompson               41.90        42.89
   13           364      M Wiles & D Latner                     39.05       41.24


Last updated : 20th Sep 2012 23:54 GMT
Marilyn & Jackie win Walker Bowl

Congratulations go to Marilyn Dexter and Jackie Price who were triumphant in a close finish in the competition for the Walker Rose Bowl 2012.     Leading scores were :-

          1          65.97 %         Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price
          2          65.56 %          Iain Gordon & John Dobson
          3          56.53 %          David Latner & Margaret Wiles
          4          53.54 %          Alison Young & Barbara Stott
          5          53.13 %          Ray Potter & Richard Cottrell

Last updated : 1st Sep 2012 08:15 GMT
Expert Gardeners
Expert Gardeners
Last updated : 12th Aug 2012 20:36 GMT
Accomplished gardeners Alison (Club Captain) & Godfrey Young (Club Chairman) recently received recognition of their tremendous efforts in a two page spread in the Northern Echo newspaper.  Developed on a challenging site having a thin layer of stone filled soil their beautiful cottage garden now comprises mature trees, mixed herbaceous borders and vibrant island beds.  Landscape Gardener, Paul Beard (also a member of our Club) has given invaluable advice from time to time.   
Earlier this month the garden was open to visitors under the National Gardens Scheme when more than 160 visitors enjoyed Alison & Godfrey's splendid achievement and contributed in excess of 800.00 in charitable donations. 
Last updated : 12th Aug 2012 20:35 GMT

Candelabra Primrose - Alison's favourite.

Last updated : 29th Jul 2012 07:32 GMT
Alison & Godfrey Win Carpenter Trophy

Congratulations go to Alison & Godfrey Young who were successful in winning the Carpenter Trophy 2012.
The leading average scores for this event, which is scored over the best four of six rounds, were :-

1      59.26 %      Alison Young & Godfrey Young    
2      57.85 %       John Dobson & Iain Gordon
3      56.46 %       Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
4      54.40 %       Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
5      53.38 %       Ray Potter & Richard Cottrell
6      53.13 %       Marilyn Dexter & Jacqueline Price

(Full details of all scores can be viewed via the main left hand menu)

Last updated : 29th Jul 2012 06:24 GMT
Joan & Maureen Successful

Congratulations go to Joan Burrell & Maureen Hook who were successful in winning the Latner Trophy 2012.
Leading Scores :-

          1     64.43 %     Maureen Hook & Joan Burrell    
          2     63.01 %     David Latner & Margaret Wiles
          3     61.48 %     Iain Gordon & John Dobson
          4     60.56 %     Mary Brown & Oswald Brown

Last updated : 28th Jun 2012 23:31 GMT
Another Excellent Spring Buffet
Another Excellent Spring Buffet

Yet another excellent Spring Buffet was hosted by the club at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 17th May 2012.  Fabulous food was followed by 21 randomly dealt boards of duplicate bridge in which South was blessed with an excessive share of honour card points.  The aggregate scoring produced clear winners in both directions with succes going to Mary & Oswald Brown (E/W) and Dave Thompson & John Gray (N/S).   The leading scores were  :-

     1     + 3,510     David Thompson & John Gray
     2     + 3,170     Roger Carpenter & John Dobson
     3     + 2,820     Godfrey & Alison Young

     1         - 840     Oswald & Mary Brown
     2      - 1,670     Tony Mawston & Alan Race
     3      - 2,300     David Wilkinson & Mary Winter

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Club Team Win Promotion !

In the final match of the season played at Kirk Merrington on Sunday 22nd April 2012, the Club Team trounced the runaway league leaders Whitley Bay 'B' by a score of 17 - 3 VPs. In what turned out to be the best performance of the season, the team won all four sets and accumulated a total score of 59 ImpsThe icing on the cake was achieving second place in the league and gaining promotion to the next Division.

     Team :-
Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
     Louise Badcock & Malcolm Dawson
     Brian Myers & Aydrey Bainbridge
     John Gray & John Dobson

                         Final League Placings :-
                         62     Whitley Bay 'B'
61     Bishop Auckland
                         57     Chester-le-Street 'A'
                         41     Durham 'B'
                         40     Brunton 'C'
                         39     Wearside 'C'

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Charlotte celebrates 90th Birthday
Charlotte celebrates 90th Birthday

*   *   *   *

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*   *

Sunday 1st April 2012 saw Charlotte Burns celebrate her 90th birthday and become the Club's 3rd nonagenarian, following in the footsteps of David Latner and John Blackett.  Charlotte, not one for a great deal of fuss, did however receive a beautiful card signed by Club Members.  Many congratulations Charlotte.

*   *

*   *   *

*   *   *   *

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Club Quartet do well in Kempson Vases
Congratulations go to the club quartet of Audrey Bainbridge, Fred Aitken, Godfrey and Alison Young who finished in 4th place in the regional final of the Kempson Vases which took place on Saturday 3rd March 2012.   The leading places in a field of 23 teams were :-
  Posn                                                                            IMPs
     1     C Owen   J Athey   D Hassan   M Kane                    103
     2     J Springett   B Osborne   F Springett   M Stanbury     67
     3     B Wright   J Boughey   T Robinson   H Dando            66
     4     F Aitken   A Bainbridge   G Young   A Young        41
     5     B Algar   M Algar   M Richardson   G Rant                  37
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Club Team Win League Match 4

Sunday 11th March 2012 saw the Club Team win League Match 4 played away to Brunton 'C'.   A faltering start led to losing the first three sets by 10, 1 and 13 Imps respectively.  However a much improved effort in the final set led to victory by 38 Imps and an overall match victory by 14 Imps.  This converted to a Match Point Victory by 12 - 8.
Team :-
     Alison  Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
     Audrey Bainbridge & Tony Mawston
     Louise Badcock & Brian Myers
     John Gray & John Dobson

     League Table D - After 4 Matches
     59     Whitley Bay 'B'
     45     Chester-le-Street 'A'
     44     Bishop Auckland
     33     Durham 'B'
     31     Wearside 'B'
     28     Brunton 'C'

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Annual General Meeting

Chairman Godfrey Young opened the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Bridge Club at 6.35 pm on Thursday 8th March 2012.   The Principal Officers were re-elected unopposed and Mr Malcolm Dawson was elected to join the four standing Members of Committee.

                    Officers :-
          Chairman             -     Godfrey Young
          Secretary             -     Louise Badcock
          Treasurer             -     Peter Whitton
          Match Captain       -     Alison Young
          Scorer                  -     John Dobson
                    Committee :-
                                     -      Malcolm Dawson
                                     -      David Latner
                                     -      John Little
                                     -      Brian Myers
                                     -      David Wilknson

Secretary Louise Badcock reported that attendances over the past year had averaged eight to nine tables and whilst we had welcomed a number of new players, members were asked to continue their encouragement to all newcomers.  The Secretary also reported continued excellent cooperation from the officers and staff of the Golf Club which has afforded us with a comfortable and convenient base for bridge on Thursday evenings.   Additionally, the three social functions (Spring Buffet, Presentation Dinner and Christmas Party) had all been tremendous successes and thanks were extended to all those who had worked so hard to make them memorable occasions.

Treasurer Peter Whitton reported Income of 3,727.06,  Expenditure of 3,148.17 giving an Operating Profit of 578.89.  Bank account balances were satisfactory and there was no need to review Table Money at the present time.

Match Captain Alison Young regretted to report that in April 2011, the Club Team had sufferd relegation from Division C to Division D by the narrowest of margins.  However, after 3 of the five programmed matches of the current season, the team lies in third position with a good chance of promotion back at the first attempt.   Alison thanked all 13 players in the squad for their excellent team spirit and good humour.

Scorer John Dobson advised that the Committee had decided to terminate the trial utilising the Stratification System because it became apparent that higher attendances would be required for the system to operate successfully.  This matter would be kept under review for re-introduction as and when attendances became appropriate.  John outlined the newly introduced National Grading System and answered questions from the floor.

In closing the meeting at 7.00 pm, Chairman Godfrey Young extended grateful thanks to all the many officials and members who had worked so hard to enable club nights and social functions to run so smoothly.

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EBU - National Grading Scheme
The EBU are to introduce the National Grading Scheme (NGS) as from 1st April 2012.  Details of the scheme are given in the 'EBU NGS Overview' which can be accessed via the main left hand menu.  The existing 'Master Point Scheme' which reflects lifetime achievement will continue unchanged.
Last updated : 24th Feb 2012 09:13 GMT
EBU Master Point Rankings
The update of Master Point Rankings (to 31st December 2011) has now been published by the EBU and Members can view their records via the entry in the main green left hand menu.   14 members of our Club  advanced their rank during 2011.
Last updated : 29th Jan 2012 07:03 GMT
Club Members Successful in Regional Semi-Final

Five Club Members finished in the top four pairings of the Regional Semi-Final of the NEBA Chronicle Cups held in Darlington on 13th January 2012 and move on to play in the Final in Northumberland in February.  Additionally, two more members finished in 9th position and also qualified.  In a field of 31 pairs, the leading 10 places were as follows: -

     1       69.32 %       Iain Gordon & Margaret McCabe
     2       68.75 %       Fred Aitken & Audrey Bainbridge
     3       63.54 %       Mike Ferguson & Julian Gibson
     4       56.99 %       John Dobson & John Gray
     5       55.80 %       Fred Dalton & Pauline Knight
     6       54.61 %       Clive Owen & Martin Kane
     7       53.08 %       Niall Keaney & Roger Hancock
     8       52,83 %       Gypsy Nichol & Marian Wilson
     9       52.11 %       Alan Race & Anthony Mawston
     10     51.62 %       Damian Hassan & Bill March

The Final will take place at the Stannington Centre on Saturday 4th February 2012.

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Club Team Success

The Club Team were successful in the third league match of the season, winning at home to Sunderland B on Sunday 15th January by 14 - 6.   Disaster struck in the first set when a deficit of 21 IMPs was incurred but the scores were back exactly level after a better performance in Set 2.  Set 3 was relatively even with a small gain of 2 IMPs but a resounding score in the final Set (+26 IMPs) led to a final total of + 28 IMPs, this converting to a match score of 14 - 6 Victory Points

     Team :-
     Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
     John Dobson & John Gray
     Audrey Bainbridge & Tony Mawston
     Louise Badcock & Roger Carpenter

Last updated : 16th Jan 2012 11:49 GMT
Peter leads Averages - Roger leads Master Points (as at 31st Dec 2011)

After 2 months of the Club Competition Year which runs 1st November to 31st October, ie. to 31st December 2011, Peter Lisle heads the Averages with the leading positions being :-

          61.83 %    Peter Lisle
          61.71 %     Roger Carpenter
          60.67 %     Barbara Boothroyd

Roger Carpenter heads the chase for the Master Points Salver with the leading positions being :-

             87          Roger Carpenter
             82          Alison Young
             82          Godfrey Young

     ( Full details of all players can be accessed via the respective
                panels in the left hand column of the home page. 
          Please note
that the full details now also include for all
                     scores attained after 31st December 2011 )

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

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A Superb Festive Party
A Superb Festive Party
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Last updated : 28th Dec 2011 17:07 GMT
Last updated : 28th Dec 2011 17:07 GMT

Members enjoyed a fun-packed Christmas Party at the Kirk Merrington Community Centre on Thursday 22nd December 2011.  Director of Ceremonies Marilyn Dexter, ably supported by Jackie Price, organised intriguing variations to the duplicate bridge theme with players achieving incredible results, often from meagre and inappropriate resources.   A tremendous supper table, together with an occasional glass of wine and intermittent spot prizes, got everyone into a fabulous party spirit.   Remarkably, at the end of the evening, it was possible to compute results and the following members were the leading scorers :- 

     1     Godfrey & Alison Young           +2,950
     2     Colin Trotter & John Blackett    +2,500
     3     Marilyn Dexter & Jackie Price    +1,860

     1     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter     - 620
     2     Peter & Claudette Whitton           -690
     3     Tony Mawston & Alan Race       - 1010

Many thanks to Marilyn, Jackie and all those who so worked hard to ensure a successful evening.

Last updated : 28th Dec 2011 17:06 GMT
Brian Achieves Success
Brian Achieves Success



Congratulations go to another long standing member for success away from the bridge table.  Upon his retirement three years ago, Brian Myers commenced a course of studies reading History at Teesside University.   All his efforts came to fruition on 5th October 2011 when he was awarded the degree of  Master of Arts with Distinction

Over the years Brian has made a substantial contribution to our Club, serving on Committee for many years and incorporating respective periods as Club Secretary and Match Captain.

Well done Brian.



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Team Lose to Durham

Sunday 20th November 2011 saw the second round of matches in the 2011-12 InterClub Competition take place.   After a bright start, the club team playing away to Durham 'B' established a 10 IMP lead in set 1.   Thereafter all pairs met with misfortunes (chiefly as a result of the pre-dealt boards causing bidding difficulties) and losses in sets 2,3 & 4 resulted in a final match score of  Durham 'B' 15 - Bishop Auckland 5.

     Team :-
     Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
     John Little & Brian Myers 
     Audrey Bainbridge & Roger Carpenter
     John Gray & John Dobson

Last updated : 21st Nov 2011 14:38 GMT
2011 Annual Dinner & Presentation

Yet another successful Annual Presentation Dinner was held at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 17th November 2011.  Thirty-Two members enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Fare menu followed by 16 boards of duplicate bridge.  Chairman Godfrey Young thanked all those who had contributed to making the evening such a success and then proceeded with the Annual Trophy Presentations.

Awards :-
Latner Trophy               -     David Latner & Margaret Wiles
Walker Bowl                 -     Louise Badcock & Brian Myers
Carpenter Trophy          -     Iain Gordon & John Dobson
Masterpoints Trophy      -     Iain Gordon & John Dobson

(Photographs of the evening can be viewed under 'Functions Photographs' in the main left hand menu).

Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter (N/S) and Pat Robbins & Paul Beard (E/W) were respective runaway winners of the evening's bridge:-

1     75.89 %     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
2     53.57 %     Brian Myers & John Little
3     51.34 %     Godfrey & AlisonYoung
1     66.07 %     Pat Robbins & Paul Beard
2=   54.91 %     Tony & Jane Mawston
2=   54.91 %     Maureen Hook & Joan Burrell

Last updated : 18th Nov 2011 09:50 GMT
2011 NEBA Congress

Congratulations go to the Bishop Auckland Team of Louise Badcock, Malcolm Dawson, Godfrey & Alison Young who were the players from our Club who achieved the best result over the 2011 Congress Weekend (11th-13th November).  A score of 83 VPs (59.29%) saw the team climb to =6th position in a field of 30 teams in the green-pointed Swiss Teams event held on the Sunday afternoon and evening.

                         SWISS TEAMS  -  LEADING SCORES

1     75.00 %     John Halliwell, Peter Mollart, Ian Rankin, Mike Stanbury
2     64.43 %     Bill White, Joyce White, David Strawbridge, Barbara Matthews
3     62.86 %     Eve Ewington, James Ewington, Paul Jones, Chris Simpson
4     62.14 %     Martin Kane, Damien Hassan, John Atthey, Chris Owen
5     60.71 %     Nicole Cook, Tom Owen, Mark Bratley, Phil Godfrey
6=  59.29 %     Simon Hedley, Rosemary Gray, Jim Hodgson, John Kingcome
6=  59.29 %    Louise Badcock, Malcolm Dawson, Alison Young, Godfrey Young

Last updated : 17th Nov 2011 09:10 GMT

Sadly we record the death of HEDLEY ROBINSON on Sunday 30th October 2011 at the age of 75 years.  A retired police officer, Hedley was known for his friendly and gentlemanly disposition and before his recent illness, he was a regular attender at the Club with partner John Blackett.

The funeral took place at All Saints Church, Blackwell, Darlington on Wednesday 9th November 2011 when many friends and colleagues from all walks of life attended to pay their respects.

Last updated : 10th Nov 2011 15:21 GMT
Year End Statistics

The Club year runs from 1st November to 31st October and consequently the Performance Statistics for 2010-2011 are now available.   
Congratulations go to Peter Lisle for attaining the Highest Average Percentage score over the year.   All scores can be viewed via the click panel in the left hand column of the Site Home Page, but a summary of the leading scores is as follows:-

            Av %          Player 
1          57.61          Peter Lisle
2          56.20          Roger Carpenter
3          56.15          Audrey Bainbridge
4          56.02          Barbara Boothroyd
5          56.01          Iain Gordon
6          55.86          John Dobson
7          54.40          John Blackett (Jnr)
8          54.38          Alison Young
9          54.13          John Gray
10        54.09          David Thompson

Iain Gordon amd John Dobson head the Master Point Awards (again full details are given by the click panel on the Home Page).  Leading scores:-

             MPs          Player
1            644          Iain Gordon
1            644          John Dobson

3            447          Audrey Bainbridge
4            408          Barbara Boothroyd
5            384          Roger Carpenter
6            380          Tony Mawston
7            354          Peter Lisle
8            353          John Gray
9            347          David Thompson
10          341          Alison Young

Last updated : 4th Nov 2011 16:25 GMT
Members Celebrate John's 90th Birthday
Members Celebrate John's 90th Birthday




Long standing member John Blackett celebrated his 90th birthday on Thursday 20th October 2011.  All members present on Club Night passed on good wishes to John and celebrated with drinks and the cutting and sharing of a cake. Chairman Godfrey Young gave a glowing tribute to John's contribution to the club over many years, a contribution which included service on the Club Committee and periods as Chairman and Match Captain.  Following a chorus of Happy Birthday, John went on to play in his usual accomplished fashion, being only just pipped into second place with a tremendous score of 63.89%.




Last updated : 25th Oct 2011 14:30 GMT
Impressive First Victory for Club Team

Sunday 9th October 2011 saw the Club Team gain an impressive victory in the first match of the new season, winning 13-7 away to Chester-le-Street.  The team accumulated a winning lead of 22 imps by winning three of the four sets and this converted to a match victory by 13-7.
               Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
               John Little & Brian Myers
               Audrey Bainbridge & Barbara Boothroyd
               Louise Badcock & Roger Carpenter

                         Division 'D'
               League Table after 1 Match
               Whitley Bay 'B'             18
               Bishop Auckland           13
               Wearside 'C'                 12
               Brunton 'C'                    8
               Chester-le-Street 'A'       7
               Durham 'B'                    2

Last updated : 19th Oct 2011 15:11 GMT
Bridge Player achieves Golfing Success
Bridge Player achieves Golfing Success



+     +     +     +     +     +


Congratulations go to long standing club member Marilyn Dexter
who has achieved success away from the bridge table in the world of golf. 
On 31st August 2011, Marilyn won the Durham County Ladies Autumn Singles
played at Chester-le-Street and was awarded the Miller Potts Trophy.


+     +     +     +     +     +



Last updated : 19th Oct 2011 15:10 GMT
Bishop Players finish 6th
David Thompson partnered by John Dobson finished in 6th place (60.83%) in a fiield of 36 pairs at the NEBA Regional Swiss Pairs event held at Whitley Bay on Sunday 4th September 2011.
Last updated : 25th Sep 2011 06:11 GMT
Team Fixtures 2011-12

          Match  1       09  Oct  2011         Away         Chester-le-Street

          Match  2       20  Nov  2011        Away         Durham

          Match  3      15  Jan  2012       Home       Wearside

          Match  4       11  Mar  2012        Away         Brunton

          Match  5      22  Apr  2012       Home       Whitley Bay 

Last updated : 25th Sep 2011 06:10 GMT
Louise & Brian Win Walker Trophy 2011

Congratulations to Louise Badcock and Brian Myers who were victors in the Walker Trophy 2011 played on 1st September.   Leading scores :-
     1     63.25     Louise Badcock & Brian Myers
     2     61.75     John Dobson & Iain Gordon
     3     59.75     Tony Mawston & Alan Race
     4     59.58     Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
     5     50.78     Peter Whitton & Patricia Robbins

Last updated : 2nd Sep 2011 05:56 GMT
David Wins his own Trophy for a Second Time

Congratulations to David Latner and Margaret Wiles who were successful in winning the Latner Trophy 2011.    Instituted in 1979 by kind donation from David and his wife Mary, David (who will be 92 years young in November) has been successful for a second time, 26 years after winning with Mary in 1985.   In a close competition, Alison and Godfrey took second place only 0.41 % behind.
Leading scores :-

     1      David Latner & Margaret Wiles          64.92 %
     2     Godfrey & Alison Young                     64.51 %
     3     John Dobson & Iain Gordon                 62.61 %
     4     Louise Badcock & Joy Pallister             62.44 %
     5     Peter & Claudette Whitton                  61.78 %

A full list of all scores is set out in the Results Pages.

Last updated : 16th Jul 2011 04:48 GMT
Chairman's Barbecue
Chairman's Barbecue

Absolutely glorious weather adorned a wonderful barbecue party hosted by Chairman Godfrey and Alison Young at their superb home and garden at High Woolley on Sunday 3rd July 2011.   Under a cloudless sky member guests and partners enjoyed drinks in a beautifully laid out picturesue garden followed by a tremendous meal of chicken, sausages, burgers, potatoes, salad, strawberries & cream, cheese  & biscuits and coffee.   Unceasing conversation and laughter went on for four hours with those present doing their best to keep cool under an unwilting sun.    Many thanks to Godfrey and Alison for their super hospitality on a wonderful day.

In Picture
(Left to right) :-
Tony & Jane Mawston, Joy Dobson, Mary & Oswald Brown, Sandy Little, Godfrey, John Little, Alison.

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Last updated : 3rd Jul 2011 21:07 GMT
Last updated : 3rd Jul 2011 21:06 GMT
Regards to All from Senor Knox

A Note from the Costa del Sol

Many of our members will remember John Knox, a retired County Durham Police Officer who was a regular attender at the Club until he departed to live in sunny Spain some 15 years ago.  At the time we were playing at the Town Hall where his partners included John Morgan and Mohan Rowe - sadly both of whom are no longer with us. John, who is now in his 70s and with the usual accompanying aches and pains, is really enjoying life there and reports that he plays bridge three times each week and is permanent Director/Scorer at one Club.

John joined Bishop Bridge Club in the early days when the venue was the St James' Community Centre (we can remember then having time for a 15 minute coffee break and still being finished by 9.30 p.m. without the need for the Director to scream about slow play!).  He now manages to capably operate under his own 'Costa del Sol' rules without recognition of the EBU (or Spanish Bridge Union for that matter) !

John passes on kind regards and all best wishes to everyone at the Club.

Last updated : 29th May 2011 21:30 GMT
Another Successful Spring Buffet

The Spring Buffet held on 19th May 2011 was yet another tremendous social success, much enjoyed by the 30 members who were able to attend.   All reports record the food at the Golf Club as being absolutely excellent and afterwards everyone had great fun with the friendly aggregate bridge.  Winners on the night were :-

       1     Lou Badcock & Joy Pallister
       2     Godfrey & Alison Young
       3     John Little & Brian Myers

       1     Ray Potter & Rishard Cottrell
       2     John Grey & David Thompson
       3     Paul Beard & John Burnett

Last updated : 29th May 2011 21:30 GMT
Last updated : 29th May 2011 21:29 GMT

Owen Bainbridge, 21 year old grandson of Bishop Auckland Bridge Club member Audrey, is winning accolades for football.  He has become a regular in the England Blind Football Team.  With seven caps to his name already, he was chosen as man of the match in the recent game against France.   If all goes well he will be participating in the 2012 Paralympics in London.

Blind footgallers use a ball which rattles, enabling them to sense where it is using only their hearing.  There is no pussyfooting about - the players are very physical, very fit and committed - injuries are common.  Owen was featured on television on 14th May when former England players Andy Cole, Danny Mills and Kenny Samson pitched their skills against Owen and his team mates.

Owen's heart is set on London 2012, but it must be touch and go whether he is more excited than Audrey !

Last updated : 29th May 2011 21:29 GMT
Death of Betty Blackett
Death of Betty BlackettSadly we advise of the death of Betty Blackett on Sunday 24th April 2011 at the age of 87 years.  Betty who had not been in good health for some time was formerly a regular attender at the Club along with husband John and sons John and Allan.  We pass sincere condolences to John and his family.  
The funeral, which was attended by many bridge friends, took place at St. John's Church, Kirk Merrington on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 at 11.00 a.m.
Last updated : 3rd May 2011 13:35 GMT
Death of PAT HALL
Death of PAT HALL

Sadly we record the death of Pat Hall (nee Nicholson) on her 82nd birthday on Saturday 2nd April 2011.    Pat was a regular attender at the Club for many years and only very recently gave up playing to be able to spend more time with her husband Tom.   She will be particularly remembered for her friendly, happy and positive disposition which she displayed at all times.   
The funeral service took place at the Wear Valley Crematorium at Coundon, at 11.45 a.m.  on Tuesday 12th April 2011 and was attended by her family and many friends.

Last updated : 12th Apr 2011 14:31 GMT
Team Win Final Match of Season but Relegation Confirmed

In the final game of the 2010-11 season, the Club team put up a stirling display to achieve a 13-7 victory away to league leaders Newcastle.  (Sunday 10th April 2011).   The team accumulated 46 points from the five-game season and finished in 5th position (actually joint fourth but placed fifrh on count-back).   This resulted in relegation to Division 'D'.

Final Table Division C   

Position     Points         Team
      1           61          Newcastle 'A'
      2           59          South Shields
      3           51          Cramlington 'B'
      4           46          Middlesbrough
      5           46          Bishop Auckland
      6           37          Whitley Bay 'B'

Last updated : 12th Apr 2011 09:06 GMT
Team Lose League Match 4

The Club Team lost a close match at home to Middlesbrough 'A' on Sunday 13th March 2011.   With two sets won by both teams, Middlesbrough finally edged the match by 5 Imps to win by a score of 11-9.
          Team :-
   Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
   Brian Myers & Tony Mawston
   Richard Cottrell & Roger Carpenter
   John Gray & John Dobson 

Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 07:14 GMT
Master Point Ranks

Ranks and Master Point holdings of Members to 31st December 2010 are accessible via the main left hand menu.

Last updated : 14th Mar 2011 07:04 GMT
Annual General Meeting - 3rd March 2011
Annual General Meeting - 3rd March 2011

Godfrey Young - Chairman 2011

The 2011 AGM saw the retirement of Acting Chairman John Little with Godfrey Young taking over the Club Chairmanship.   Godfrey was warmly welcomed into post by John who extended grateful thanks to him for his tremendous contribution to the Club, Godfrey having undertaken the duties of Treasurer for the past nine years.   Peter Whitton took over the reins as Treasurer and Louise Badcock, Alison Young and John Dobson were re-elected to their respective positions as Secretary, Match Captain and Club Scorer.  David Latner, John Little, Brian Myers and David Wilkinson were re-elected as Members of Committee.

Although attendance numbers were down, the accounts for the year again reflected a healthy position outturning a profit of 171.35.   All social functions had gone extremely well and the Club Team had won promotion from InterClub 'Division D' to 'Division C'.  The transition to the 'EBU Pay to Pay' system had gone smoothly and members were briefly advised on the imminent introduction of 'Stratification' and the forthcoming 'National Grading System'.   There were no matters raised from the floor.

Last updated : 4th Mar 2011 17:19 GMT
Death of Brenda Seery

Sadly we record the death of Brenda Seery (nee Parr-Emett) on the 19th February 2011 at the age of 86 years.  Until recently Brenda, who was an accomplished bridge player, had been a regular attender at our Club for more than 25 years. 
The funeral service, which was attended by many family and friends, took place at St. Paul's Church, Evenwood on Thursday 24th February 2011 at 11.00 a.m.

Last updated : 24th Feb 2011 15:43 GMT
Revised Date for AGM
The 2011 Annual General Meeting will now be held on 3rd March 2011 and not on the 10th March as set out in the published programme card.
Last updated : 2nd Feb 2011 14:45 GMT
Death of Ella Dobson
It is with deep regret that we advise of the death on 19th January 2011 of Ella Dobson at the age of 92 years.   Ella, who was also a long standing member of the Bishop Auckland Golf Club, joined our Club 31 years ago and until recent years, regularly attended with her partner Mary Taylorson.  
Many friends attended the funeral service which took place at St.Anne's Church, Bishop Auckland at 12.00 noon on Wednesday 2nd February, this being followed by cremation at Durham.
Last updated : 2nd Feb 2011 14:45 GMT
Team Lose in Match 3

The Club Team were defeated in Match 3 of the season (away to South Shields) on Sunday 23rd January 2011.   Small deficits in Sets 1 and 2 were more than countered in Set 3 to give a 4 Imp lead at the tea break.   However, a dreadful loss by 34 Imps in the final set resulted in an overall match score of :-
                      South Shields     14       - Bishop Auckland     6

Last updated : 25th Jan 2011 08:17 GMT
Team Win Match No 2 in Tight Finish

Sunday 19th December 2010 saw the Club Team win the much delayed second match of the season at home to Whitley Bay B.  Ice and snow had prevented the fixture being played on the scheduled date in November.   A lead of 13 imps established in Set 1 was more than reversed in the next set by a deficit of 29 imps.  The third set saw the lead re-established with the team 6 imps ahead at the tea break.   Losing the final set by 4 imps gave the team a final 2 imps victory converting to a match result of 11-9.

     Team :-
     Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
     John Little & Brian Myers
     Paul Beard & Roger Carpenter
     John Gray & John Dobson

Last updated : 21st Dec 2010 06:53 GMT
Christmas Party - Fun and Gourmet Food
Christmas Party - Fun and Gourmet Food

When it began to snow and the temperature plummeted we knew it was time to go to Kirk Merrington for the annual Christmas Party.  20 members braved the ice and we had a splendid time.  There was more delicious food than could possibly be consumed in one go as well as drink to maintain the Christmas spirit.  The evening began with Marilyn and Jacqui's rendering of Jingle Bells, followed by the selection of the first wearers of the "naughty hats".  Bridge proceeded using the pre-dealt boards from November, with the added attraction of Bridge Bingo cards.  These led to some very inventive contracts especially towards the end.  We rounded off the evening with a pass the parcel while the scores were added up.  Many thanks to Marilyn & Jacqui for their splendid organisation of the evening's fun.

The leading scorers were    (Full results available on the Results page) :-

1     Brian Myers & John Little              + 3,070
2     Marilyn Dexter & Jacqui Price      + 2,390
3     Joy Pallister & Margaret Wiles      +1,630

1     Tony Mawston & Alan Race               - 190
2     Godfrey & Alison Young                   - 510
3     Peter & Claudette Whitton              -1,850

       ( Photograph and Report courtesy of John Little )

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Chronicle Cups Heat Re-Scheduled
Following the abandonment (due to bad weather) of the Club Heat of the Chronicle Cups due to be held on 2nd December 2010, this event has been re-scheduled for 9th December 2010.   This is the only available date in a congested programme which meets the qualifying date for the Area Semi-Final of this event.
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Annual Dinner a Great Success
Annual Dinner a Great Success

On Thursdsay 18th November 2010, members enjoyed a wonderful Annual Christmas Dinner at Bishop Auckland Golf Club prior to an enjoyable session of 18 boards of aggregate bridge.  A combination of circumstances had reduced the numbers in attendance, but the excellent food and bridge was enjoyed by all 12 pairs. 

Prizewinners for the evening were :-

North-South :    1st - Brian Myers & John Little,   2nd - Peter & Claudette Whitton
East- West :      1st - Iain Gordon & John Dobson   2nd - Irene Heslop & Grace Spence
2 Prize :         John Burnett

( Full Results in 'Results' section )

Last updated : 19th Nov 2010 09:06 GMT
Last updated : 19th Nov 2010 09:06 GMT
Last updated : 19th Nov 2010 08:54 GMT
New Directors Rota Published
Following the withdrawal of Adrian Darnell, the Club now has the following four established directors :- Marilyn Dexter, John Dobson, David Wilkinson and Alison Young.  A revised rota setting down a Duty Director and a Reserve Director for each Club Night has been compiled and is accessible via the main left hand menu.
Last updated : 12th Nov 2010 06:05 GMT
Acting Chairman Appointed
John Little has agreed to stand in as Acting Club Chairman (until the next AGM) following the regrettable resignation of Club Chairman Fred Aitken.  On behalf of all the membership, the Committee have extended extremely grateful thanks to Fred for all of his tremendous efforts whilst in post. 
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Alison & Audrey do well
Congratulations go to Alison Young & Audrey Bainbridge for their excellent performance in finishing in 'Runners-Up' position in the King Cup held at Darlington on Sunday 24th October 2010.
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Bishop Pair Successful

Iain Gordon & John Dobson were successful in winning the Cramlington Cup with a score of 68.44% in the NEBA Autumn Simultaneous Pairs held 20th-22nd October 2010.   Leading Club scorers within the field of 76 pairs were :-

    68.44 %     1st       Iain Gordon & John Dobson
    56.01 %     12th     Adrian Darnell & Mike Pitt
    54.11 %     18th     Mary & Oswald Brown
    53.95 %     19th     Ena Wilkinson & Jean Bainbridge
    53.74 %     20th     Tony Mawston & Alan Race

Full NEBA Sim Pairs Results are available via the main left hand menu.

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Team Defeated In First Match

Following last season's promotion to 'C' Division, the Club Team suffered a 7-13 defeat at home to Cramlington 'B' in the first match of the new season.  The mtach played at Leeholme on Sunday 10th October 2010 was a close affair at the halfway stage with only 3 Imps separating the two teams.  However, Cramlington then pulled ahead to win by 23 Imp corresponding to a match score of 7-13.
     Team :-
          Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
          Lou Badcock & John Little
          Paul Beard & Tony Mawston
          John Gray & John Dobson

Last updated : 27th Oct 2010 08:43 GMT
Audrey & Fred win Walker Trophy

Congratulations to Audrey Bainbridge and Fred Aitken who won the Walker Trophy in a close finish.  Leading scores :-  

     1     57.74 %    Audrey Bainbridge & Fred Aitken
     2     57.14 %     Roger Carpenter & Peter Lisle
     3     55.95 %     Iain Gordon & John Dobson

Last updated : 3rd Sep 2010 06:13 GMT
David & John win Barbecue Night

Congratulations to David Thompson and John Gray who finished 2% clear of Lou Badcock & Pat Robins to win the bridge at the excellent Barbecue Evening organised by Fred Aitken on 5th August 2010.  Food cooked by the chef outside was eaten indoors by members because of slightly overcast weather.  However the smoke filled room only added to the atmosphere at an evening thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Leading scores :-

     1     60.52 %    Dave Thompson & John Gray
     2     58.33 %     Lou Badcock & Pat Robins
     3     56.83 %     Godfrey & Alison Young

Last updated : 3rd Sep 2010 06:13 GMT
Mary & David win Latner Trophy 2010
Congratulations to Mary Winter & David Wilkinson, Winners of the Latner Trophy 2010.
Final Scores :-
     1     Mary Winter & David Wilkinson             68.17 %
     2     Audrey Bainbridge & Fred Aitken         68.05 %
     3      Roger Carpenter & Richard Cottrell     62.29 %
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Birds are Brilliant on the Longest Day
Birds are Brilliant on the Longest Day

Club members enjoyed perfect weather on their trip to the Farne Islands on 21 June - the longest day.  Peter and Claudette Whitton, John Burnett and Janice, John Little and son David, Audrey Bainbridge and Fred Aitken were joined by Lo Brown.  She is the former leader of the Durham RSPB Group and a friend of Fred.

More members of the public than usual decided to come along and it meant that the Inner Farne (where boats are allowed to land) was crowded.  The Arctic Terns were even more annoyed than ever and launched many stinging attacks upon our intrepid party.  Only minor battle damage was incurred - pre visit briefings meant that we were fully prepared for whatever was thrown at us.  All members survived the sortie intact, although one or two had hats splashed with material in the style of a Jackson Pollock painting.

Having run the gauntlet of the Arctic Terns, the group was able to enjoy the sights, sounds (and smells) of countless numbers of Puffins, Kittiwakes, Guillemots, Razorbills, Fulmars, Sandwich, Common and Arctic Terns, Shags, Eider Ducks, Rock Pipits, Turnstones, Oystercatchers, Cormorants, Black Headed, Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gulls plus offshore views of Gannets.  Oh yes and a large breeding colony of Grey Seals.

It was a real privilege to see all these magnificent creatures at exceptionally close quarters in their own environment, intent on raising the next generation of their species, and all in such crystal clear light which showed off their spectacular colouring in rarely seen detail.

After returning to Seahouses, there followed the now customary fish and chip supper when stories of the day's events were recounted and tales of derring do were shared.

An absolutely brilliant day.

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Last updated : 27th Jun 2010 09:18 GMT
Marilyn's Spring Buffet Fun Night a Great Success

36 players enjoyed good food followed by fun bridge with jokes and quips organised by hostess Marilyn Dexter.   The bridge itself seemed secondary to the party spirit of the evening with prizes awarded for a series of extraordinary playing feats, as well as to the eventual winners who were :-
          1     -     Mary Winter & David Wilkinson
          2     -     Marilyn Dexter & Jacqueline Price
          3     -     Bill Snowsell & Pat Hall
          1     -     David Thompson & John Gray
          2     -     Mike Pitt & Adrian Darnell
          3     -     Oswald & Mary Brown

Marilyn's Spring Buffet Fun Night a Great Success
Last updated : 6th Jun 2010 20:31 GMT

Following the presentation of prizes, Chairman Fred Aitken expressed grateful thanks to Marilyn and all those who had helped in organising a wonderful evening.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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It is with great sadness that we record the death of Marie (Ray) Clark while on holiday in Australia on Sunday 9th May 2010.  Ray was an active member and strong supporter of our Club over many years and will be sadly missed by us all.  She was always bubbly and full of fun and also shared a great interest in golf with her bridge partner, Marilyn.   We extend deepest sympathy to her husband Norman and all of her family.
Service of Remembrance - Durham Crematorium - Thursday 3rd June 2010 at 3.30 pm.

Last updated : 6th Jun 2010 20:29 GMT

The following are key dates in the Club Programme to mid-2011 :-


13  May  2010     -     EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs
20  May  2010     -    Spring Buffet & Bridge
 5   Aug  2010     -     Barbeque & Bridge
21  Oct  2010     -      NEBA Autumn Simultaneous Pairs
18  Nov  2010     -     Annual Dinner & Presentations
16  Dec  2010     -     Christmas Party Bridge
10  Mar  2011     -     AGM & Bridge
12  May  2011     -     EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs
19  May  2011     -     Spring Buffet & Bridge

Last updated : 10th May 2010 07:09 GMT

Following the narrowest of defeats in the final match of the season at home to Chester-le-Street, the Club Team secured promotion to Division C as Division D Champions.  In a tight and very sporting contest, the impact of 'slam against game' in one hand in the final set resulted in defeat by only 8 IMPs, this resulting in a Victory Point score of :- 
                           Bishop Auckland 8  - Chester-le-Street 12

Following the match, Captain Alison Young extended congratulations to all 13 players who had represented the team throughout the season and celebrated by 'cracking a bottle' which was enjoyed by all.

Team Players 2009-10 :-
Alison Young (Capt), Louise Badcock, Marilyn Dexter, Barbara Stott,
Paul Beard, Roger Carpenter, John Dobson, John Gray, John Little, Tony Mawston, Brian Myers, Alan Race, Godfrey Young


                Season 2009-2010
            Final Table - Division D  

          Bishop Auckland          69
          Cramlington 'B'               52
          Chester-le-Street 'A'       52
          Darlington 'B'                 48
          Brunton 'C'                    42
          Morpeth 'B'                    37

Last updated : 10th May 2010 07:09 GMT

The Club Team maintained its 100% record with a fourth successive victory in the match away to Darlington 'B' on Sunday 14th March 2010.   Sets 1,2 and 4 were relatively tight affairs and the match swung on a 30 Imp gain in Set 3.  Promotion is now guaranteed. 

        Final score:-
                    Darlington 'B'     7     Bishop Auckland     13
                    Alison Young (Capt)  &  Godfrey Young
                    Brian Myers  &  Roger Carpenter
                    Alan Race  &  Tony Mawston
                    Lou Badcock  &  John Dobson

              DIVISION 'D' TABLE
     (After 4 Games  -  1 Game remaining)

          Bishop Auckland           61
          Cramlington 'B'               48
          Chester-le-Street 'A'       40
          Darlington 'B'                 37
          Brunton 'C'                    33
          Morpeth 'B'                    21

Last updated : 28th Mar 2010 16:49 GMT

At the Annual General Meeting held on 11th March 2010, Fred Aitken was elected Club Chairman, succeeding John Little, Chairman for the past five years.  In his closing speech, John paid tribute and thanked the officers and members who had given him so much support over the years.  Fred, an accomplished bridge player, comes to the post following an extremely active time on Committee where he has contributed much to the work of the Club and proved himself a capable organiser.   On behalf of the membership, Fred extended grateful thanks to John for his long service and substantial contribution to the Club.

Other Appointments :-

     Treasurer        -     Godfrey Young
     Secretary        -     Louise Badcock
     Match Captain  -     Alison Young
     Scorer             -     John Dobson
     Committee       -     David Latner, John Little, Brian Myers, 
                                      Peter Whitton, David Wilkinson

Last updated : 12th Mar 2010 06:51 GMT
EBU Publish Artricle on David Latner
The English Bridge Union has honoured David Latner by publishing an article on Page 23 of the February 2010 Issue  (EB Issue No 227) following upon his 90th birthday late last year.  It is a tremendous gesture by the EBU and one which is very much deserved.  Congratulations David.
EBU Publish Artricle on David Latner
Last updated : 17th Feb 2010 09:25 GMT
Third Successive Success Moves Team to Top League

The Club Team maintained a 100% record with a  third successive success on  Sunday 24th January 2010.  A comprehensive home victory over leaders Cramlington 'B' moved the Club Team to the top of the league.   Winning Set 1 by 28 Imps gave a momentum that was never relinquished with all pairs contributing evenly.  Victories in all succeeding sets by 21, 10 and 28 Imps respectively gave a total score of +87 Imps which converted to a final match score of :-

          Bishop Auckland  19  -  Cramlington 'B'   1

Team :
   Alison Young (Capt) & Godfrey Young
            John Little & Brian Myers
            Barbara Stott & Lou Badcock
            John Gray & John Dobson

        LEAGUE TABLE 'D'  after 3  of 5  Matches

             Position                                         Points

               1   -   Bishop Auckland        48
               2   -   Cramlington 'B'          33
               3   -   Darlington 'B'             30
               4   -   Chester-le-Street 'A'   29
               5   -   Brunton 'C'                28
               6   -   Morpeth 'B'               12

Last updated : 27th Jan 2010 09:49 GMT
Christmas Bridge a Wintry Success

Snow and icy conditions failed to dampen the spirits of 12 pairs who battled through to Kirk Merrington for the annual Christmas Party Bridge.   An absolutely fabulous buffet, a range of drinks and 18 intriguing boards of duplicate (difficult to believe they were randomly dealt) made for an excellent evening enjoyed by all. 
A new partnership of Chairman & Secretary handled the conditions and the deals best of all and came through to lead the field.

     1     62.22 %     John Little & Lou Badcock
     2     61.67 %     John Dobson & Iain Gordon
     3     58.89 %     Fred Aitken & Audrey Bainbridge
     4     56.67 %     David Thompson & John Gray

Sadly the wintry conditions meant that a number of pairs were unable to attend and a number  of members failed to get all the way home (including the scorer).  In the circumstances it was decided that the many fun activities kindly arranged for the evening by Marilyn would be held over to a Fun Evening to be held on the first Thursday in the New Year ( 7th January 2010 ).

Last updated : 18th Dec 2009 05:54 GMT
It is with sadness that we record the death, on Wednesday 25th November 2009, of Kath Watson at the age of 87 years.  Kath had been visiting family in Suffolk when she was suddenly taken ill.
Kath was the regular partner of David Latner since joining the Club nine years ago.
The funeral took place on Monday 7th December 2009 in Suffolk.
On behalf of all members, we extend deepest sympathy to her family.
Last updated : 10th Dec 2009 06:45 GMT
Club Members and friends sprang a surprise celebratory lunch for David Latner on the occasion of his 90th birthday.  Unaware that anything was afoot, David arrived at Bishop Auckland Golf Club for lunch with his daughter Jane to find a gathering of members and friends waiting to entertain him to a celebratory lunch.  Not usually short for a word, David was dumbfounded as he entered to strains of 'Happy Birthday'.  
Following an enjoyable lunch, John Dobson stood to pay tribute to David with a short talk outlining David's tremendous contribution to the Club.  David, a Founder Member of the Club in March 1976, had undertaken extensive periods as Chairman, Secretary, NEBA Representative and still continues on the Club Panel of Tournament Directors.  
Following the cutting of a cake and the ceremonial blowing out of candles, Chairman John Little made a gift presentation of a newspaper printed on the day of David's birth, together with a card signed by club members.
David sincerely thanked those present for all of the gifts and kind words. 

Last updated : 25th Nov 2009 23:14 GMT
Last updated : 25th Nov 2009 23:14 GMT
The Club Team gained a second successive league victory in the fixture away to Brunton 'C' on Sunday 22nd November 2009.   An impressive lead of 35 Imps after set 1 was progressively increased to 54 Imps at the end and a comfortable victory by 16 - 4.  This win follows on the 13 - 7 victory in the first match of the season at Morpeth.
          Team :-
              Godfrey & Alison Young (Capt)
                 Tony Mawston & Alan Race
                    John Little & Brian Myers
                       Lou Badcock & John Dobson
Last updated : 24th Nov 2009 17:02 GMT
Yet another successful Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation took place at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 19th November 2009.  After a super Christmas menu meal, 18 pairs enjoyed 18 boards of speedy aggregate duplicate bridge.   On a night when N/S seemed to be dealt most of the high cards, E/W had to fight to have the least negative score.  Chairman John Little thanked all present for making the evening so successful and presented prizes to winning pairs :-
1     Godfrey & Alison Young             +3,620
2     Iain Gordon & John Dobson        +3,510
3     Roger Carpenter & Peter Lisle     +3,170
1     Louise Badcock & Barbara Stott     -670
2     Oswald & mary Brown                  -700
3     Tony & Jane Mawston                  -880
Last updated : 20th Nov 2009 19:28 GMT

Annual Trophy Presentations :-

Latner Trophy   -   Barbara Stott & Gordon Lowson

Carpenter Bowl   -   Iain Gordon & John Dobson

Walker Bowl   -   Ray Potter & Richard Cottrell

Master Points Trophy   -   John Dobson

Last updated : 20th Nov 2009 19:28 GMT

'Pay to Play' computer facilities at the EBU HQ in Aylesbury are making good progress.  The writing of software has been completed and live testing is now ongoing to eliminate any hiccups.  The final version of the 'website interface' will be completed by the end of December.  From January to March 2010, large-scale testing of all aspects of the system will be undertaken using actual data from a number of volunteer clubs.  Everything is on line to 'go live' on 1st April 2010.

Last updated : 15th Oct 2009 08:24 GMT

The Club Team made a winning start to the new Inter-Club season with a 13-7 victory away to Morpeth 'B'.  After a solid opening Set, a weak performance in Set 2 resulted in a deficit of 14 imps at the halfway stage.   A 26 imps victory in Set 3 established a lead going into the final Set which itself was ultimately won by 11 imps.  This made a final score of  +23 imps which converted to a match victory by 13-7.

:-      Alison Young  (Capt) & Godfrey Young
                 Marilyn Dexter & Barbara Stott
                 John Little & Brian Myers
                 Lou Badcock & John Dobson

Division 'D' Table after 1 Match
     1     Cramlington 'B'               18
     2     Chester-le-Street 'A'      16
     3      Bishop Auckland            13
     4     Morpeth 'B'                     7
     5     Brunton 'C'                     4
     6     Darlington 'B'                  2

The next match is against Brunton 'C'  (away)  on 22nd November 2009.

Last updated : 15th Oct 2009 08:23 GMT
Teams Night Result
Marilyn Dexter, Marie Clark, Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter
scored an outstanding victory in the 'Club Teams Night' held on 1st October 2009.  The event proved to be a one-horse race with their team finishing an impressive 50 IMPs clear of the field. 
          Result  (leading places) :-

          1     M Dexter, M Clark, P Lisle, R Carpenter      + 78  imps
          2     A Darnell, M Pitt, I Gordon, J Dobson         + 28  imps
          3     D Thompson, J Gray, P Beard, J Burnett     + 25  imps
          4     G Lowson, B Stott, C Burns, J Milne           + 19  imps
          5     G Young, A Young, P Whitton, C Whitton    +  9   imps
Last updated : 9th Oct 2009 06:31 GMT
Ray & Richard win Walker Cup 2009

Congratulations to Ray Potter and Richard Cottrell for their victory in the Walker Bowl held at the club on 3rd September 2009.  Ray and Richard (63.61%) finished 2.50% clear of the field with Mike Pitt & Adrian Darnell in second place (61.11%) and Peter Lisle & Roger Carpenter in third (58.33%).

Last updated : 23rd Sep 2009 05:12 GMT
Last updated : 21st Jul 2009 12:00 GMT

On Saturday 20th June, a group of Bishop Auckland bridge players enjoyed a visit to the Farne Islands National Trust Reserve.  Alison and Godfrey Young, Peter Whitton, Audrey Bainbridge, Fred Aitken and Peter's friend Margaret watched hundreds of thousands of sea birds at (very) close quarters - one of the UK's very top wildlife spectacles.

Last updated : 20th Jul 2009 06:31 GMT

One member (guess who) had a 'Tern for the worse' when an angry seabird pungently made its feelings known at the unwanted intrusion.

Last updated : 20th Jul 2009 06:31 GMT
Last updated : 20th Jul 2009 06:31 GMT

The excellent day out culminated in an outstanding fish and chip supper in Seahouses.  The event may be repeated next year.   Anyone interested please contact Fred.

Last updated : 20th Jul 2009 06:31 GMT

Although the changeable weather meant eating inside, 34 members enjoyed an excellent barbecue meal and 18 boards of duplicate. 
Grateful thanks go to Fred Aitken for his
splendid organisation of the event.  
     Congratulations go to the winners of the bridge :-

  North-South   John Little  &  Brian Myers                66.67 %
  East-West      Audrey Bainbridge  &  Fred Aitken   64.73 %


Last updated : 20th Jul 2009 05:01 GMT
The Spring Buffet 2009 was another resounding success with 38 members and 2 guests enjoying good food and interesting bridge played at a fluent pace.  Results are set out on the 'Results Page' under '7th May 2009'.
Last updated : 9th May 2009 08:41 GMT
Club Team gain Promotion

In the final game of the season the Club Team won 13-7 away to Stockton (Sunday 15th March 2009).  After a poor start in Set 1 and a slight recovery in Set 2, substantial gains in Sets 3 and 4 resulted in a final total of +22 Match Points and a victory by 13-7.  This resulted in a second place finish in Division E and promotion to Division D, along with Chester-le-Street who finished as champions.

     Division E  -  FINAL TABLE

      70     Chester-le-Street 'A'
      62     Bishop Auckland
      49     Morpeth 'C'
      44     Newcastle 'B'
      41     Stockton 'B'
      34     Parsons

Last updated : 23rd Mar 2009 08:48 GMT
AGM 2009 - Report

John Little (Chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed his thanks to the Officers and Committee for their stirling efforts on behalf of the Club over the past year.  In particular he noted how smoothly the change of venue transition had taken place and in this regard, he extended particular thanks to Marilyn Dexter for all her work in conducting negotiations with the Golf Club.

Key Points of Report

Treasurer Godfrey Young reported a loss of 324.56 on the year, 253.44 of which was attributable to the closing of room hire contract arrangements at the Town Hall.  Table money was also down by 252.80 and a case for the duplimated boards cost 83.43.  Reserves were still healthy and it was not considered necessary to increase table money at this stage.  The whole matter will be reviewed at the time of the radical national changes to a 'pay to play' system to be introduced by the English Bridge Union in 2010.

Secretary Louise Badcock extended thanks to all who had given assistance during her first year in office.  Table numbers had averaged around ten per week and it was pleasing to note that a number of new members had joined the Club.  Louise also reported that a number of members had done well in regional competitions organised by the NEBA.  It was recorded that arrangements are in hand for the provision of new table covers over the coming weeks.

Match Captain Alison Young reported that following last season's relegation, the team had done much better this time round and with one match remaining stood only one point behind the league leaders with 49 points.  A good performance in the final match should see the team finish in one of the two promotion places.

Scorer John Dobson reported that changes had been introduced to establish a framework to align with the 2010 national re-structuring.  All master points are now directly credited.  John reported the trophy winners for the season as :-
          Latner Trophy             -     Patricia Hall & Bill Snowsell
          Walker Bowl                -     Audrey Bainbridge & Fred Aitken
          Master Points Trophy    -     John Dobson
          Carpenter Bowl            -     Adrian Darnell & Mike Pitt

Election of Officers for the ensuing year

          Chairman                -     John Little
          Secretary               -     Louise Badcock
          Treasurer               -     Godfrey Young
          Match Captain         -     Alison Young
          Scorer                   -     John Dobson
          NEBA Rep               -     David Latner
          Committee              -     Fred Aitken, Brian Myers, Peter Whitton

Last updated : 19th Mar 2009 08:17 GMT
Last updated : 13th Mar 2009 07:43 GMT
Well Done Barbara
Congratulations to Barbara Stott and her Partner for an excellent performance in being the highest placed pair from the Durham Bridge Club heat of the NEBA Simultaneous Pairs (the Collins Cup) played on 10th February 2009.  Barbara, playing with Jill Hancock, recorded 59.01 % and finished 23rd out of a total regional field of 235 pairs.
Last updated : 17th Feb 2009 07:36 GMT
Club Members are advised that from the 1st February 2009, those who are members of the English Bridge Union will have all Master Point Awards directly credited to their accounts with the EBU.   This will be done at 2 to 3 monthly intervals and details of the credits will be circulated by email from the Club Scorer and also displayed on the Club notice board.

Certificates will continue to be issued to those players who are currently Non-Members of the EBU.  Under the re-structuring arrangements for Duplicate Bridge in England effective from 1st April 2010, all players at a Club registered with the EBU will automatically become EBU Members.  At that stage, all individual certificates that are within three years of their date of issue will be eligible for registering with the EBU. 
Last updated : 17th Feb 2009 07:36 GMT

     Leading Results by Club Members :-

(70 Pairs)
15th Position  -   Godrey & Alison Young   -   60.00 %

(42 Teams)
6th Prize  -  Fred Aitken, Audrey Bainbridge,
     John Gray & John Dobson  -  60.71 %

Last updated : 17th Nov 2008 18:49 GMT
Congratulations to Audrey Bainbridge and Fred Aitken for an outstanding performance in winning the NEBA Gazette Plate.  The Final, made up of qualifiers from all clubs, was held at Stannington on Saturday 1st November 2008.
Last updated : 3rd Nov 2008 07:04 GMT
We record with sadness the death in early September 2008 of Jean Beard.  Jean and husband Paul lived in Durham and were popular club members over many years.  On behalf of all members, we extend deepest sympathy to Paul.
Last updated : 16th Sep 2008 05:06 GMT

Many congratulations to  Fred Aitken and Audrey Bainbridge  for an excellent performance in finishing  'THIRD'  in the  'NEBA CLUB CHAMPION PAIRS'  held on Sunday 11th May 2008.  Details of the top placings :-

1st      Renee McMahon & Margaret Gilbert  (Chester-le-Street)     
57.41  %
2nd     Graham Cox & Alleyn Erskine                     (Wearside)             
55.34  %
3rd      Fred Aitken & Audrey Bainbridge          (Bishop Auckland)     
54.15  %

Last updated : 17th May 2008 05:19 GMT
SUCCESSFUL SPRING BUFFET EVENINGAnother very successful Annual Spring Buffet was held at Bishop Auckland Golf Club on Thursday 8th May 2008.  Following excellent food (and drinks to suit), 36 members and guests enjoyed 18 boards of duplicate aggregate bridge.   
Chairman John Little thanked all those who had been involved in organising the night and presented the following prizes :-
North-South :-  1st - Bill Snowsell & John Dobson,  2nd - Irene Burns & Jane Pringle,   3rd - Godfrey & Alison Young.
East-West :-   1st - Fred Aitken & Audrey Bainbridge,   2nd - Louise Badcock & Barbara Stott,   3rd - Oswald & Mary Brown.
Margaret Wiles won a bottle of wine for being the last in the room to win a trick with the Two of Clubs.
Last updated : 9th May 2008 09:01 GMT
Congratulations to the Club Team of John Little, Brian Myers, Godfrey & Alison Young for an excellent performance in finishing THIRD in the final of the Club Champion Teams held at Darlington on 27th April 2008.
Last updated : 2nd May 2008 06:25 GMT
Congratulations to the Bishop Auckland Foursome of John Little, Brian Myers, Alan Race & Tony Mawston for a good performance in finishing 12th in the final of the Kempson Vases held at Stannington on 20th April 2008.
Last updated : 2nd May 2008 06:24 GMT
AGM - 20th MARCH 2008
At an efficiently run AGM, JOHN LITTLE was re-elected as Club Chairman along with GODFREY YOUNG as Treasurer and FRED AITKEN & DAVID LATNER as Members of Committee.  LOUISE BADCOCK took over the reins as Secretary, ALISON YOUNG as Match Captain and PHILIP SCHOFIELD as a Member of Committee.
JOHN DOBSON retained the position of Club Scorer.

Following discussion on the one principal item tabled to the meeting, it was resolved that all grades of Club Membership should carry an Annual Membership Fee of 3.00 as from 1st January 2009 (formerly 4.00 but with a concession down to 2.00 for those aged over 60 years).
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It is with sadness that we record the death, on 11th February 2008, of Mary Taylorson (nee Gibson) at the age of 84 years.  Until recent times Mary was a regular attender at the Club and during more than 25 years of membership, she won a number of the Club Trophies.  Mary had many interests and in particular had held prominence in ladies' golf at both local and county level.  Our thoughts are with her family. 

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