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Welcome to Billings Bridge Studio
New! Casual Supervised Play: On Hold Until Further Notice

Casual play with questions/discussion at the table if desired.  Accompanying booklets with hand records, suggested bidding and play are available at my cost of $7.  This is an opportunity to ask real time questions, the ones many are thinking, but haven’t asked. This will be moving to sanctioned game.   I’ll need people to signup via phone or email each week so I can organize full tables.  If you don’t have a ptr, I’ll assign you one.  Card fee will be $4 per time or $20 for 6 sessions.  If you have specific areas you’d like covered, that can be arranged.

This will be good for refresher and instructional purposes for both novice and improving players.

Tom Romine (406) 671-7444


♣ Unit Game

The first Saturday of each month 12:30


 Special Games 2024
Saturday 6th    Unit Game
11th - 14th    Missoula Sectional
Tues  . 16th    Unit Game
Thurs. 18th    Unit Game
Fri.       19th    Unit Game
Saturday 3rd    Unit Game
Tues.    13th    Unit Game
Thurs.  15th    Unit Game
Friday  16th    Unit Game
Saturday   2nd.    Unit Game
Tues.   5th    Club Championship
Thurs. 7th    Club Championship
Friday 8th    Club Championship

Saturday 6th    Unit Game
Tues.     9th    Unit Game
Thurs. 11th    Unit Game
Friday  12th    Unit Game
26th - 28th    Billings Sectional
Saturday  11th    Unit Game
Tues.  14th    Club Championship
Thurs.  16th    Club Championship
Friday 17th    Club Championship
May be adding a STAC week    
Saturday  7th    Unit Game
Tues.   11th    NAOP
Thurs.  13th    NAOP
Friday   14th    NAOP


21st May 2024
Open Game
23rd May 2024
Open Game
24th May 2024
Open Game
Open Game
Director: Vickie Wagner
Open Game
Director: Susan Walton
Open Game
Director: Thomas Romine