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4th Jan 2023 21:35 GMT
Player of the Month

The Player of the Month is a new and unofficial competition borrowed from Mountnessing. It encourages attendance as well as success, in that scores for the calendar month are aggregated so those who don't attend every week are at a significant disadvantage! But it often leads to winners who aren't amongst the usual suspects. 

Recent competitions and winners are:-

  1. July 2022: Graham Beeton and David Piper
  2. June 2022: George & Maureen Vede
  3. May 2022: Peter Oake
  4. April 2022: Peter Oake
  5. March 2022: Ashley Sawyer & Cath Fox
  6. February 2022: Angela Fenton
  7. January 2022: David Tennet & Theo Todman