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Bicester Bridge Club History


The Club was founded in 1972 as a follow on from a beginners bridge class.  Twelve people enrolled for the class at the Bicester Community College in 1969 and the course continued through 1970 and 1971, first as intermediary and then advanced.


The tutor was a person called Frank Haines who, after the third year, suggested that his former pupils form a bridge club and he also offered to arrange for a room to be made available in the college for the first year.  Frank duly kept an eye on the weekly meetings and in due course was elected to be the club’s first president.


The club’s membership grew slowly and in due course a move was made from the college to a room at the Bicester Rugby Club.  At the end of the first year there, after a very cold and uncomfortable winter with meetings being held in a large room where hats and scarves had to be worn whilst playing, a smaller and more pleasant room was provided.


One of the members of the club worked for the Prison Service and during the years at the rugby club, occasional matches were arranged with the local internees at the nearby prison.


There was also a newly married post graduate couple who joined the club in the second year, one of whom offered to be tournament director.  From then on, the club ‘buzzed’.  More of their friends arrived and teams were entered for various tournaments.


After three or four years the Bicester Bridge Club members, as they are now known, moved to the Civil Service club at the Royal Ordnance Depot just outside Bicester,  a move that was courteously arranged by the then Brigadier at the Army Garrison who had recently become a member of the club.


The Club stayed at the same premises for many years until recent closure made it necessary for a change of venue and, after some time in the wilderness the Club has now made its new home at Highfield Social Club.


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