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Tournament Format
Tournament Format
Tournament Format


  • Max of 8 players can be part of a team. Any addition / deletion in a team is allowed only till end of 2nd round.
  • The restriction of playing 25% at every stage of tournament is not there..
  • In Swiss league, the communication is directly between the Team captains for line-up. A Lineup Form will be active for placing the Player IDs by the captains. Lineups will be displayed based on entries received.
  • Though not mandatory, but from KO stage onwards, we may have common boards for all matches.
  • Line up for KO matches will be taken care by Directors & their line-up team members.
  • We plan to have all KO matches with all players visible using Google meet. If required, this functionality can be extended to the few tables in the SWISS league. But as it will require lot of manpower, hence we have to be sure whether to use it or not?
  • No Undos, No Kibitzers & No chat between players option has to be activated on BBO for all matches. Organizers may allow Kibitzing at few of the tables of KO matches, through Google meet or directly on BBO as per their discretion.

Tournament Format for Teams:

Stage I: 8 Rounds of Swiss League (10 boards per Round) after which the TOP 16 teams qualify for KO stage.

Stage II: Stage-II will consist of 5-stage KO matches each of 20 boards (to be played in 2-sessions of 10 boards each). The TOP 16 teams will be divided into 2 brackets. The TOP 8 teams will be put in UPPER HALF (UH) bracket and the teams ranked 9-16 will be put in LOWER HALF (LH) bracket. The teams in the lower half will get eliminated after they lose a KO match, whereas in UH, the losing teams will become part of LH and will get one more chance to play.

In KO-1, in UH, the teams ranked 1 to 4 will choose their opponents from teams ranked 5 to 8. Team ranked 1 will have the first choice and then subsequently the teams ranked 2 to 4 will choose their opponents from the remaining teams ranked 5 to 8. In the LH, the matches will be 9 Vs 16, 10 Vs 15, 11 Vs 14 & 12 Vs 13. The 4 losers of Lower Half will get eliminated and will be eligible for 13-16th ranked prizes and the rest 12 teams will go to KO-2. In case a low seed team beats a higher seed team, it will take the seeding No. of the higher ranked team.

In KO-2, there will be 4 teams in UH and 8 teams in the LH. The matches on Table 1 & Table 2 will be between 1 Vs 4 and 2 Vs 3. The matches on Table-3 to Table-6 will be between 5 Vs 12, 6 Vs 11, 7 Vs 10 & 8 Vs 9. Teams losing on Table- 3 to Table-6 will get eliminated. These will be given 9th to 12th ranked prizes.

In KO-3, there will be 2 teams in the UH and 6 in the LH. The match on Table 1 will be between 1 Vs 2. The matches on Table-2 to Table-4 will be between 3 Vs 8, 4 Vs 7, & 5 Vs 6. The losers of table 2 to 4 (3 Teams) will get eliminated. The loser teams will be ranked 6th to 8th for prize purpose. The winner of Table-1 will qualify directly to the team finals with a carryover of 8 IMPs.

In KO-4 there will be 4 teams and the matches will be between 2 Vs 5 & 3 Vs 4. Losers of this stage will be declared joint 4th / 5th of the team event. The last Knock out (KO-5) will be played between the remaining 2 teams (2 Vs 3) and the winner will qualify for the finals, whereas the loser will become the 3rd ranked team. See details of KO stages in Annexure.

The team Final will be of 48 boards in 4 sessions to be played on the last day.

There will be carry over at each stage of the KO. In case of a Direct Knock-out match (KO 1 to KO 5), the teams will carry forward part of their difference of their Swiss league match, if any, between the two teams. The part shall be one half of the difference in the direct Swiss league match between teams, if the team that won the direct match finishes higher than their opposing team at the end of Swiss league and one third otherwise, subject to maximum of one fourth of the total boards to be played in that KO stage. So, for a 20 board KO match, the maximum carryover will be 5 IMPs.

In an unlikely event, if two teams meet for a second time in between KO 2 to KO 5 stage, there will be no carryover given to either of the teams.

The winner of the KO3 UH stage, who is directly seeded to the Team of Four Final match, will be given a carryover of 8 IMPs being undefeated team. No other carryover (based on the Swiss league result) will be given to either of the two teams playing the final.


Tournament Format for Pairs:

IMP Pairs:

The IMP Pairs event will consist of 2 elimination rounds and a final. The elimination-1 round will be played in 2 Sessions of 20 boards each.

Around 40% pairs will get qualified to the 2nd elimination round, which will be played as a single session of 24 boards. The seeded Pairs of the 8 teams, who are out from KO-1 & KO-2 event of the teams can join the Pairs elimination-2. 

There are nearly 260+ pair entries. Considering 16 teams will go to KO stage, around 40-50 entries will be playing the KOs, so around 220 pairs will participate in elimination-1. We will qualify around 88 pairs (40% of the field) for elimination-2 after playing 2 sessions of 20 boards each in Elimination-1.

These 88 pairs will be joined by pairs of 8 losing teams from KO-1 & KO-2 stage. That will be another 24-30 pairs. Hence Elimination-2 (to be played in 1 session of 24 boards) will be played with around 88+24~ 30 = 112~118 pairs.

The Pair final (now renamed as GOLD Final) will be played as a single session of 24 boards.  Maximum 52 – 60 Pairs, which will constitute of minimum 40 qualifiers from the Pairs elimination-2 and max 20 seeded pairs of the 5 teams who are out of the KO-3 & KO-4 of team event will be part of the final. In case there are less no. of pairs out of KO-3 & Ko-4, organizers may fill up the reserved seats from the elimination-2 qualifiers to make it minimum 52. 

Additional Event – Considering the large no. of pairs entry, it has been decided to allow all the non-qualifiers of Elimination-2 round (this will be around 112~118 – 40 = 72~78 Pairs) to play in a Silver Final, which will be played in parallel to the GOLD final, in one session of 24 boards. There will be extra prizes for this event.

IMPORTANT – Pairs playing in KO-5 & Team finals cannot participate in the Pairs event and their entry, if paid will get refunded.

A seeded pair (coming out of the KO team matches) can participate in the Pairs event, only if he has given his / her entry for the event along with entry fee, before the start of the 1st elimination round of the Pairs event.

Consolation Pairs:

There will be a Consolation Pairs event on 14th Afternoon for all those who did not qualify from elimination1. It will be played as a single sessions 20 boards event. The entry fee for the consolation event will be Rs. 200 per pair, which can be given from 13th June night to 1200 Hrs on 14th June 2020.


  • Scoring in Pairs will be IMP based.
  • Directors / Scoring team will do the proper bifurcation of seeded pairs in each section for balancing.
  • Seeded pairs from KO-1 & KO-2 will be able to join the Pairs elimination-2 round and seeded Pairs from KO-3 & KO-4, will be able to join the Pairs final (GOLD), in case they have paid their entry before start of the Pairs event.
  • Pairs eliminated from Elimination-2 will play in the Pairs Silver final, without giving any extra fee. It will be played in parallel to Pairs GOLD final and will have separate prizes.
  • Pairs out of KO-5 & team finalist cannot participate in the Pairs event.
  • There will be a consolation pair event with a fee for those, who get eliminated from Elimination-1.
  • TRIOS are allowed in the Pairs event, with the following conditions:

  • A pair can participate as “TRIO” i.e. 3 players can form a partnership. However, only 2 at a time can play in one session. Change of partnership within the trio is allowed only at the start of a session and not in-between the session.

  • A player who has qualified for KO stage in team event cannot play as trio with a pair not qualified to the KO stage. However, if 3 players of a team qualified in KO stage wants to play in “TRIO” partnership as seeded pairs, they can do so, if their entry has been received before the start of the Pairs event as “TRIO”. A player can not join the “TRIO” in between.

  •    A pair will be allowed to participate at any stage of a pairs event, independent of whether one or both players are qualified to KO stage or not. Even a player, who has not participated in the team event, will be allowed to play the pairs event with another player, who is qualified to any KO stage of team event. However, the following conditions will be applied for allowing such partnerships:
  • The pair should have given their entry before the start of the elimination round of the Pairs event. 
  • Not more than 4 pairs of a team will be allowed to play as seeded pairs, when they join from a KO stage to the Pairs elimination round. As the onus will be on the team captain to inform about the 4 pairs being allowed from the team, hence each pair of the team should inform their captain and take his permission beforehand about playing with a player outside the team.