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Nuplicates Bridge Sessions

Nuplicates Bridge


In the next of its series of Bridge Lessons for newcomers, scheduled for 31-Dec-20 , Bridge From Home will be conducting an event dedicated to 'Magic Hands'. This is special entertainment event. So, a magic show cum tournament followed by zoom call.hese are a set of seemingly 'mysterious contracts' with varying outcomes.

The magic will be based on themes that we have discussed like entry magic, unblocking magic, finesse magic etc.

Our coach, Aniruddha Sanzgiri, will conduct a zoom call subsequently to explain the magic of these hands.

At the end of the event, participants can post queries on the boards on the Dedicated Chat Group which will be opened for all players for their queries and clarifications. 

The event is scheduled for Thursday, 31 December at 11 am.

The charges for participation in the tournament will be Rs. 400/pair (Rs. 100 Tournament Fee + Rs. 300 Other Charges) Click Here to Pay

This event is meant for pairs up to the level of "average club players". Better players may find the topic or the treatment too elementary for them.