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Nuplicate Bridge

To all the Bridge Aspirants

BFH is planning to introduce interesting bridge topics explained by the renowned bridge coaches and players in fixed batches as a tutorial which will include play and discussion with the expert.

The first session will be on saturday, 6th june. From 11 am to 1 pm. 

The charges will be Rs 300 for 14 boards per session. 

We will have a renowned bridge teacher aiding and advising us.

For our first session, our mentor will be Aniruddh Sanzgiri.  The theme of the tournament will be - To finesse or not to finesse???

Format of the tournament
1. Registration for the tournament will start at 9am.  You need to register with your own partner.
2. After every board, on the chat, the expert will give his advice about the best contract  lead, play etc.
3. After 14 boards, every player can put up her questions about any board number on this chat.

This will be a weekly class/session and we will deal with a new topic every week.

The bidding convention used will be strong club.

Please put your names along with your bbo Id. 
Also indicate your partner’s name and id.