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HCL Final Day Report
HCL Final Day Bulletin

Formidables Win The Inaugural BFH HCL Weekend Special 

The HCL Weekends Special draws to a Close on Day 5 with the Formidables putting on a clinical show to topple the Young Guns A.K.Bose team.  It was fun to watch the young guns fearlessly and aggressively compete against the veterans. After conceding a 50 IMP lead in the first 3 sets Team A.K. Bose forfeited the 4th set. BFH Congratulates Team Formidables for winning the inaugural version of BFH  - HCL Weekend  Special Tournament. Please find below the Finals result and the Team Rosters. 

Bappa Sarkar and Deborshi Duttagupta Win the IMP Pairs Final

 After two rounds of elimination, 52 Pairs qualified for the IMP pairs final. This was conducted as a two session, two group event with the groups jumbled after Session 1 with each session consisting of 24 boards.

Bappa Sarkar and Deborshi Duttagupta were runaway winners with 107 IMPs. Tapan Ghosh and Rana Chakraborty emerged as the runners with 82 IMPs.  The Trio of Rangarajan, Sandip Dang & S. VijayRaghavan had built enough cushion in the first session to finish third albeit very far away from the top two finishers. The top 6 finishers can be seen below. The complete results can be seen here.


RANK Player 1 Player 2 Session 1 Session 2 Total
1 Bappa Sarkar Subhrobd 68 39 107
2 Tapan Ghosh Rana Chakraborty 28 54 82
3 Rang Rajan Sandip Dang / S VijayRaghavan 64 -18 46
4 R. Venkatesh Arvind S / Soumalya Ghosh 16 26 42
5 Varsha Jain Ian Concessio 24 16 40
6 Gopinath Manna Arun Bapat 6 28 34

 Consolation Pairs 

Several of the pairs who didn't make it to the finals were joined by another 25 odd pairs in yesterday's consolation pair event which was conducted in 2 Sessions of 20 boards each. Krishan & Swetadri Saha and the trio of Nitin Shah, Pramod Joshi and CP Deshpande jointly emerged on top with a total of 90 IMPs.  Amitava Ghosh & Chiranjib Ballav along with Suresh Joshi & Madhavi K were Joint Runners with a total of 77 IMPs.  The top 6 are shown below and the complete results are seen here.


RANK Player 1 Player 2 Session 1 Session 2 Total
1 Krishna  Swetadri Saha 69 21 90
2 Nitin Shah Pramod Joshi / CP Deshpande 30 60 90
3 Amitava Ghosh Chiranjib Ballav 55 22 77
4 Suresh Joshi Madhavi K 42 35 77
5 Pradeep Prakash AC Goel 40 36 76
6 Hasan Albanna Alauddin 24 52 76

BFH Behind the Scenes 

The tournament would not be the huge success that it was without the efforts of a lot of supporters who ensured that things moved smoothly and correctly. We would like to acknowledge their contribution in the next few paragraphs.


CTD - Sudhir Agarwal
Aniruddha Sanzgiri Stanley Nazareth
Aparajita Iyer Sukrit Vijayakar
K S Swaminathan T.Shankar
Ranju Bhattacharya V K Sharma
Sanjay Chakraborty V Ramkumar

First off, we have the directorial team listed below who helped sort out difficult rulings and tedious adjustments to pairs scores. We have listed their names alphabetically on the left.

A line from Milton, "They also serve, who stand and wait" is often used to describe umpires.  Our team of directors did more than that.  In addition to giving rulings, they helped adjust slow boards, ensured that everybody succeeded in registering. To the extent possible, they also helped people who couldn't enter at the start of the tournament get in later. 


Match Setters

This group of supporters are the unsung heroes of every tournament. Assisting us in this tournament were

Match Setters
Pramod Samant C. Sathishkumar
Ravindra Bhave Makarang Kelkar
Chetal Rawal Indranil Chattoraj


The teams scoring and draw was ably handled by Prithvi, a regular scorer at most of the important events conducted in Delhi.

The name of Srinivasan Jagannathan is prominent at almost all major events as a scorer. In this tourney too, he did most of the complicated processess required to bring to you the pairs scores combined across sections and over sessions. Sukrit Vijayakar assisted him to the extent he could.

Special Thanks

BFH would once again like to that the tournament committee of Sudhir Agarwal, TC Pant and Sandeep Thakral, who helped in the structuring and organization of the tourney and guided us when it came to making some critical decisions.


The daily bulletin was an item requiring tremendous effort after a tiring job doing most of the other work required to ensure the smooth process of the tournament. Take a bow V Ramkumar for your stellar efforts in this department
The last paragraph was added by the editor Sukrit Vijayakar)

A Final Thank you. 

The entire BHF team would like to thank all the participants for making this event truly memorable. Prize winners are requested to give us their bank details through the Communication Channel for procuring the prizes from BFH

The Prize Money Table  is available here for ready reference