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HCL Day 4 Report
HCL Day 4 Bulletin

The HCL Weekends Special is marching on to final day with only 2 Teams remaining in the fray for the coveted trophy. After KO 4 and KO 5 the Young Guns A.K. Bose  pipped the veterans Dhampur Sugar Mills by 2 IMPs to reach the finals. They also had a close 1 IMP win against Bengal Liqour in KO 4.  Expecting a mouth watering contest between the Battle tested veterans and the bold young guns of A.K Bose on the Final Day. We share the results of KO 4 and KO 5 below.  Good Luck to the Finalists. 

KO 4 KO 5
Table Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference Table Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference
1 SmartCards52 0 22 -22 1 Dhampur Sugar Mills 12 22 -2
Dhampur Sugar Mills 23 21 A.K.Bose 31 5
2 Bengal Liquor 17 15 -1
A.K.Bose 20 13


Prizes Announcement

BFH and HCL are happy to announce Prizes of Rs 2000 each for Team Positions 17 to 24. 

IMP PAIRS Elmination 2 

With Over 210 Paris shrunk to 108 in the First Elimination, the Secomd Elimination Kicked off with 2 Sections of 108 pairs participation in 2 Sessions.  The Top 47 Pairs from the 2nd elimination and 5 Seeded pairs from KO 4 and KO 5 round off 52 Pairs going in to the Finals The following are the top 5 Pairs from Elimination 2. The Combined results of the both the Sessions can be seen here.  Good Luck to all the Pairs Finalists and hope all of you have a great final day.

RANK Player 1 Player 2 Session 1 Session 2 Total
1 R. Venkatesh Arvind Srinivasan 36 65 101
2 Anant Somani Rajesh Somani 26 69 95
3 Bappa Sarkar Subhrobd 30 38 68
4 T.V. Ramani Jesal 36 25 61
5 Sunita Singh Narjit Kanwar 41 19 60

Consolation Pairs 

Over 150 pairs will be playing in the Consolation Pairs being run today. We hope all of you have more fun!

Ethics & Courtesy 

BFH request all players to exchange the System at the start of each round openly in the table. It also requests Players to use Confirm Bid and Confirm Card to play options to avoid Misclicks in Bidding and Playing. Misclick in Bidding leads to Psychic bidding which is probhibited.  Please be specific when calling Directors and respomd swiftly to Director's queries to enable smooth conduct of large scale Pair events.