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IMP Pairs Qualification Format
IMP Pairs Qualification Format
Qualification criteria for the 2nd/3rd Elimination and Final
Earlier it was announced that we would be eliminating 33% of the last ranked pairs after 3 sessions of Eli-1.
However, now we shall let all the Pairs join with the following criteria: 
ELIMINATION 2: GOLD After Eli-1, top 80 ranked Pairs will Play in the Gold section
SILVER Remaining Pairs will Play in Silver section of Eli-2. At end of Elim 2, Bottom 30 pairs to be eliminated
ELIMINATION 3: GOLD After Eli-2, out of 80 pairs, top 50 ranked Pairs Qualify for Elim -3 and will Play in Gold section,  
SILVER Remaining 30 Pairs Join the Silver Section Elim 3
FINAL GOLD Top 28 ranking pairs of Gold Section will qualify for Gold Finals from Elimination 3. 
SILVER Silver Finals will be of 52 pairs. This includes Balance 22 pairs from Gold Section and 30 Top ranked Pairs  from Elimination 3 - Silver Section
This will give all who have registered, more bridge, while at the same time continuously moving the top ranked performers into a smaller field for the final elimination.