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J M Memorial Day 3

The Cutting Edge

At the end of day 3 of the championship, we are down to the last eight contenders in both events. They shall be playing two rounds of eight boards in the morning to decide the semifinalists who shall play 3 more rounds of 12 boards each to decide the finalists. The line up for the quarter finals is as below

Quarter Finals - Gold Quarter Finals - Silver
Table Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference Table Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference
1 Lock n Load     0 1 Piyas     0
Dr. Garu 1     Starters    
2 Snail     0 2 K2     0
A K Bose     Nuts & Bolts    
3 Bridge Lovers     0 3 Suman Banerji     0
Ambitious     Slam Try    
4 Mohota     0 4 Milith     0
Monica Jajoo     Varsha    


Bounty Prizes

For the first time, we are introducing the concept of a 'Bounty Prize '. Basically the winner of each session will win a prize of Rs. 500 for that session. This would enhance the prize kitty of the participants in a different manner.

Upcoming Events

On Monday, Bridge from Home is hosting a single session weekly pairs event for players from Maharashtra.

On Tuesday we will be running a Jumbo Open Pairs which will be spread over five sessions and feature two eliminations. Do join in huge numbers for this event. Please note that we are using a different payment gateway for this event, therefore the registration process will not be what you have been used to.

Hand of the Day

This hand is reported by Sanjay Chakravarty (not our director Chakram)

North is director in 6  and East lead his Singleton spade. How does one play the hand?

The best line is to win the ♠ A, lead a diamond to the Ace, cash the King of diamonds and ruff the third diamond with the  Q. Now play a low heart from dummy and insert the  10 if the king doesn't appear. Ruff the fourth diamond now with the  9. Cash the  A, dropping the King and exit with a Heart.

(This line of course involves guessing the ♣ Jack at the end - editors)

Happy Sunday

As usual we sign off with best wishes for a lovely Sunday.