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JM Memorial Day 1

Our tribute to one of India's greats, J M Shah, got under way yesterday with 34 teams participating in the Gold Section and 40 teams in the Silver Section.

With 5 teams from Bangladesh, 1 team from Singapore and 1 team from Sri Lanka participating this weekend, Bridge from Home events have started acquiring an international flavor as well. We have had more enquiries from other teams and we hope to see them next week.

We thank all our participants for giving us this kind of popularity and we hope to go on serving you more exciting events even post the lock down!

Schedule and Prizes

The schedule for the rest of this event is already posted on the event page, but we reproduce it below, along with prizes on offer, for ready reference


Round 2 06:30 PM Predetermined Saturday, May 9 1 7000 6000
Friday, May 8 16:45 PQF-1 10 2 5000 4000
Round 3 05:00 PM As per Round 1 Results 18:30 PQF-2 10 3 4000 2500
Round 4 06:30 PM As per Round 2 Results Sunday, May 10 4 4000 2500
All Swiss league rounds will be of 10 boards each  09:30 QF R-1 12 5-8 3000 each 2000 each
Saturday, May 9 11:30 QF R-2 12 BOUNTY PRIZES
Round 5 9:30 AM  As per Round 3 Results 14:15 SF R-1 12 PRIZES FROM QF ONWARDS (GOLD AND SILVER) FOR EACH SESSION WIN Total Prizes
Round 6 11:00 AM  As per Round 4 Results 16:15 SF R-2 12
Round 7 12:45 PM    Actual 18:15 SF R-3 12 QF  Rs 500 per session 2000 (1000 each for Gold and Silver)
Round 8 03:00 PM  Actual Monday, May 11 SF Rs. 750 per session 4500
10:00 Final R -1 12 FINAL Rs. 1000 per session 6000
12:00 Final R -2 12 In case of Tie, Bounty prize will be shared
14:30 Final R-3 12

 Additions to General Conditions of Contest

The process of elaborating our General Conditions of Contest is an ongoing one in response to requests for resolution on various issues by participation and organizers alike. We present below a couple of clarifications and additions which are already posted on our General Conditions of Contest page.

Eligibility for Silver

A team playing in Silver may have only ONE player of the rank of National Master or higher.

Delay in Start of Match

If any teams delays start beyond 10 minutes, a late start penalty shall be imposed.

In the Swiss League, a penalty of 1 VP for every 5 minute delay shall be imposed.  Beyond 15 minutes, the number of boards shall be reduced proportionate to the delay with the non offending side being awarded the withdrawn boards. Beyond 30 minutes, the Non Offending Side shall be awarded a Walk Over with a score of 12-0.

In the knock out stage, a penalty of 1 imp shall be levied per minute of delay beyond 10 minutes. Beyond 30 minutes, the Non Offending Side shall be awarded a Walk Over.

Alerts and Pre Alerts

We have had many complaints of bids not being alerted and the inability of opponents to frame a defence to a given convention. We will state for the record a few statements.

  • All Conventional Bids MUST be alerted by the bidder

    The conventional norms of not alerting bids beyond 3NT apply to face to face bridge. In bridge involving screens e.g. online bridge, this does not apply.

  • Unusual Conventional Bids  should be advised before the match starts

    Take a couple of minutes to understand what your opponents are playing. If you are playing conventions like Multi 2 Diamonds (even the weak only version), you must tell your opponents in advance. Multi usually comes along with Tartan and unusal 2NT. So the whole lot needs to be informed.

    Other conventions that should be alerted in advance include transfer preempts, puppet systems over 1NT/ 2NT among others. When in doubt, please pre alert opponents.


 Have a great weekend

We shall leave you with the reminder that we are here to enjoy bridge. Any unethical behavior, rudeness on the table and things like that end up spoiling our fun. So please be courteous to both partner and opponents alike.

Have a great weekend friends!