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Hema Deora Day 2
Duchesses and Dames

Ducks in a Row!

Yesterday, we managed to start off extremely smoothly with all our pairs signing up as planned.

The results

The results for both groups can be seen by clicking on the links below

 Duchesses♠          ♥  Dames♥  

The top 3 finishers in both groups are given in the table below


Rank Duchesses Dames
1 Meenu Duggal Rumeet Chawla Madhu Nath Kiran Malhotra
2 Manjit Oberai Sheetal Bansal Madhu Malti Jain Subhashree Basu
3 Alka Kshirsakar Rupa Bakeri Kavya Rekha


Special mention must be made of Kavya and Rekha, who are juniors from Bangalore.

Going forward

Yesterday we made progress on all the issues we mentioned. Hats off to the ladies who managed this most successfully. Ten North-Souths and Ten East-Wests from each section will qualify for the finals to be held today. We wish the finalists all the best!

We are keen on seeing more ladies pairs tournaments being organized and participated in. We would appeal to all of you to make many more such events happen.


Thank you