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Hema Deora Day 1
Tutti - Frutti

The muddled start off!

The ladies pairs, sponsored by Hema Deora, got off to a muddled start with a couple of pairs unable to make it to the start line. But once it got going, everybody had lots of fun. In this edition, we are going to share the results and how to handle some of the issues we face in pairs events

The results

The results for both groups can be seen by clicking on the links below


The pairs have been stratified as per their results. To see the stratifies groups  CLICK HERE

We shall attempt to include those who missed out yesterday in today's events. Please log in at 3 pm to ensure you are registered.

Issues we face and how to tackle them

In this section, we shall attempt to highlight some of the issues we all face and how to mitigate their effect on our experience

I cannot register

The only solution to this is attempting to register as soon as possible. This gives us maximum time to get you in. We may still fail, but it won't be for want of trying. And we have had less than 10 failures in over 300 pairs we have registered to date.

Opponents were so slow, I got an average

The way to tackle this problem is to call the director at the start of the next round in BBO itself. The director will satisfy himself / herself as to the probable result and then adjust. Do not ping on the WhatsApp group. It is counter productive.

For a sitout, I got a zero

BBO adjusts this internally. Please don't let it bother you. Or us.

Director did not adjust

We do our best to adjust all board where, in our discretion, we feel it is merited. Sometimes, inspite of our best efforts we are not able to adjust. Especially if it is brought to our notice after the tournament.


To conclude

We end this bulleting with a lovely contribution from our sponsor


To all my lovely old and new friends,
With great hand play and super defence,
You will win or lose, all part of the game,
For we play for neither money nor fame.
Just moments that we truly treasure,
And this for me is the greatest pleasure.

Thank you