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Maha Monday Weekly Bridge
22nd June
22nd June

Monday June 22nd June 2020 at 5 pm to 7.30 pm 

Welcome to June 22nd edition of Maha Monday Pairs

The guidelines are as follows:

  • MP pairs in two sections in case the no of entries go above 80 pairs.
  •  Prizes for the top rankers separately for NS and EW
  • The charges for the weekly tournament will be Rs 250/- per pair.
  • The tournament is open to residents of Maharashtra and players with roots in Maharashtra. Non-compliance with the same could force us to debar the pair from playing in the tournament in the future.
  • Since this is a tournament that is more social in nature than seriously competitive, Two National Masters cannot play together as a pair.

Entry Fees: Rs. 250 per pair. Click Here to pay

AFTER you pay, please fill your pair details below.


(Brought to you by V M Lal)


The event will start at 5 pm every Monday. Participants are requested to come in from 3.00 pm and register. Both participants need to be online to register


All participants will be required to share their district of registration or residence. If we are unable to identify a pair as belonging to the region, the pair will be disqualified. Entry fee will not be refunded.


Scoring in all sessions will be MPs


Prize NS EW
1         1,500         1,500
2         1,000         1,000
3            750            750
4            500            500
5-8            250            250




Please make it a point to register early every day so that we can sort out issues. We may face issues as fresh exclusive lists have to be prepared each day for every event. Participants can also register from their mobile devices while traveling should the need for the same arise. While we will do our best to ensure all of you get registered, we shall not be responsible for any failure to register you in the event you report this to us after 4.30 pm.

Participants must be online when the tournament starts otherwise we will not be able to accommodate you. This is a BBO requirement, not ours.

General Rules

At the start of every round, participants are expected to announce 

  • Their basic system
  • Their basic carding methods (standard / udca / 4th best / 3rd - 5th etc.)
  • Their No Trump range - especially if it is not 15-17
  • Any special systems like Multi 2♦ etc.

The General Conditions of Contest as seen on our website, such as is applicable to pairs tournaments will apply to this event. Any situation not covered by the GCoC will be at the discretion of the organizers.

Pyschs are prohibitedWe have already penalized a player for psyching. Repeated offences could result in a player being prevented from participating in future editions of the event.