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Weekend Special Day 1

The last night

The weekend has been tumultous for us in more ways than one. We will share news about a few events before commenting on the schedule of this weekend.

Prayers for Monica Jajoo's Father

Monica Jajoo is a person that needs no introduction to any serious follower of the game. Apart from her exploits on the bridge table, several of us are aware of her exploits on the golf course as well. However, not many people would know that she has represented India in the World 10 Pin Bowling Championships and has been a several times National Champion in that sport

During the Aisha Mixed pairs finals, she had to leave in the middle of the event to attend to her father who suddenly had a medical emergency. As of last information, he is still critical. I am sure all of you will join us in our prayers for her father's speedy recovery.   

BBO needs to grow even bigger!

On Friday evening, we saw the number of users on BBO cross 50,000 which led to its being unstable. While we revel in the popularity of the game worldwide, it also, unfortunately meant that several of us could not complete our last round matches yesterday compelling us to delay the schedule for today by a bit. The detailed schedule will be pubished later in the document

Hema Deora Ladies Pairs

After successfully completing open and mixed pairs event, we believe that it is time for the ladies to take the centre stage. From Monday, we start a mixed pairs event held in much the same format as the previous pairs tournamnets  Click Here to know more details

Schedule of Play

The revised schedule of play has been put up on the home page. The primary reason for holding back the schedule was the uncertainty involving the lift of the lockdown. Now that we know the lockdown continues, we have designed the schedule accordingingly. After 8 rounds of Swiss League, we will have 8 qualifiers from Gold and 16 Qualifiers from Silver playing in the knock outs to be played on Sunday and Monday.

09:30 Round – 4 Pre-det 10
11:00 Round – 5 Pre-det 10
12:30 Round – 6 Pre-det 10
15:00 Round – 7 Actual 10
16:45 Round – 8 Actual 10
GOLD Post Qualification  Silver Post Qualification  Prizes (Rs.)
02-05-2020 02-05-2020 Rank Gold Silver
18:30 QF R-1 10 18:30 PQF R-1 10 2 5000 3000
03-05-2020 03-05-2020 3 4000 2500
09:30 QF R-2 10 09:30 PQF R-2 10 4 3000 2000
11:15 QF R-3 10 11:15 QF R-1 10 5 2000 1000
14:00 SF R-1 12 14:00 QF R-2 10 6 2000 1000
16:00 SF R-2 12 16:00 SF R-1 12 7 2000 1000
18:00 SF R-3 12 18:00 SF R-2 12 8 2000 1000
04-05-2020 04-05-2020 Total 26500 15500
10:00 Final/Play-off R-1 12 10:00 Final/Play-off R-1 12
12:00 Final/Play-off R-2 12 12:00 Final/Play-off R-2 12
14:30 Final R-3 12 14:30 Final R-3 12


Happy Bridging Weekend