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General Conditions of Contest

General Conditions of Contest


These conditions of contests apply to all events conducted by BFH unless specified differently in a given event.

Team Composition

Every team can field up to a maximum of 8 (eight) members. While registering a member, we require the name and the BBO id of each member. A player initially registered as the member of a team can be replaced provided he has not played till the time of such replacement.

Additions / modifications to the composition of a team can be made only up to the end of the second round of the competition.

Eligibility for Silver Team Events

Only one National Master is allowed to be part of any team playing in a Silver Event. Any team having more than one National Master will have to play in the Gold Event


Barometer will be switched off throughout.


During the league, Kibitzing will be switched off.

During the play offs, if both teams agree, Kibitzers may be allowed subject to the proviso that the Director may, at his discretion, switch off Kibitzing.


During the qualification stages, teams may mutually agree to allow undos

During the finals, undo will remain off. Players may call the director if they wish to undo in the event of an obvious, inadvertent misclick. Undos will be only allowed with the express permission of the director.


Conventional Pyschs are disallowed in all events

Psychs are disallowed in the Silver Events or events of such category

Psychs are allowed in the Gold Tournament subject to the proviso that an individual does not psych repeatedly and regularly. The opposing team is requested to bring all psychs to the TDs notice to prevent misuse of this facility.

Pre-empts and Light Openings

All pre-empts are expected to be announced along with a defined range.  The range needs to be reasonably defined (0-11 HCP is not a range).

Light openings with less than 8 HCPs, if part of system understanding, are expected to be alerted in advance 


All teams are expected to exchange information as to conventions followed at the start of a match.

Any team playing systems which are not commonly played (e.g. Multi 2 ), are expected to advise opponents of the same in advance so as to allow them to formulate a defense to the same. Failure to alert such systems in advance could lead to penalties being levied on the users of such systems. Users of such systems are also advised to keep ready a reasonable defence against them. This is the example of a defence against Mult 2.

Prohibited Systems

Online events, by nature, do not allow for long periods of time to study and prepare against opponent methods. Hence the following methods are prohibited. This is in accordance with WBF system policies

  1. Use of Brown Sticker conventions and HUM methods
  2. Random openings which, by agreement can have less than 8 HCP and no further description

Insufficient Boards

It is the responsibility of both teams to ensure that the match is set up using the correct number of boards. In the event that a match is set up for fewer boards that required, the rest of the boards shall be treated as scratched

Late Start to Matches

If any teams delays start beyond 10 minutes, a late start penalty shall be imposed.

In the Swiss League, a penalty of 1 VP for every 5 minute delay shall be imposed.  Beyond 15 minutes, the number of boards shall be reduced proportionate to the delay with the non offending side being awarded the withdrawn boards. Beyond 30 minutes, the Non Offending Side shall be awarded a Walk Over with a score of 12-0.

In the knock out stage, a penalty of 1 imp shall be levied per minute of delay beyond 10 minutes. Beyond 30 minutes, the Non Offending Side shall be awarded a Walk Over.

Correction Time

All players will be given a reasonable correction time, usually up to 30 minutes after the end of a session or the publication of a scores (whichever is later) to request corrections to any result. Changing results beyond that time is at the discretion of the organizers.


Withdrawals are not allowed after a draw has been made. Teams withdrawing in this manner will not be allowed to play in the next event.

Post qualification, withdrawals are not permitted. Teams withdrawing will not be allowed to play in the next event.

Ethical Behavior

We expect all participants to adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior during the play of this tournament. While we find it painful to issue such a statement, it is equally painful to admit that making such a statement has been felt necessary by the organisers. Players whose behavior was reported as suspect are being watched by the CTD as well as other senior directors of the country. Repeated misbehavior will lead to banning from BFH events. 

BFH has already started maintaining a list of players who are not welcome in their events. While we have no comments to make on these players per se, they are simply seen by us as vitiating the atmosphere of our events and are hence banned from participating.

Qualification critera for pairs tournaments

In any pairs tournament that is conducted basis a Standard Mitchell Movement, the number of qualifiers will always be equally divided between North-South and East-West directions.


Anything not covered here is at the discretion of the organizers. They may opt to consult with one or more senior bridge players / organizers, but their decision will be final and binding in all respects