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JM Memorial Day 2

Will we qualify?

At the half way stage, everybody is calculating their chances of qualifying. As usual, we give below the standings of the top five teams with the score of the 16th as a reference point.


Rank Gold Silver
Team Name Score Team Name Score
1 Old Friends  60.58 Piyas  64.95
2 Monica Jajoo  60.47 K2  63.08
3 Bridge Lovers  58.01 Bridgedoctors  59.16
4 Dr. Garu 1  54.73 Borivali Sports Club  56.30
5 Alpha  54.70 Atha Group  55.76
16 Baroda Blue  41.73 Lankans  43.23


It is good to see at least one international team on the leaderboards of both sections as it gives you an idea of the quality of the international field as well. Detailed results can be obtained by clicking on Gold and Silver respectively.


Schedule and Prizes

We start at 930 a.m today


Swiss League
Saturday, May 9
Round 5 9:30 AM  As per Round 3 Results
Round 6 11:00 AM  As per Round 4 Results
Round 7 12:45 PM    Actual
Round 8 03:00 PM  Actual
Knock Out Stages
Saturday, May 9
16:45 PQF-1 10
18:30 PQF-2 10
Sunday, May 10
09:30 QF R-1 12
11:30 QF R-2 12
14:15 SF R-1 12
16:15 SF R-2 12
18:15 SF R-3 12
Monday, May 11
10:00 Final R -1 12
12:00 Final R -2 12
14:30 Final R-3 12

 Interesting Hand

We have an interesting hand below reported by Rahul Khambete

This hand came up in the 4th round of the Gold Swiss League.

Vivek Bhand was North and playing the DEMICOMA system developed by Dr. Prakash Paranjpe and himself.

The opening 2♣  shows an opening hand with Clubs. 2NT is a forcing bid . 3 shows shortness and his partner closed the bidding with 5♣ .

The opening lead was  6. There are 9 top tricks in 3NT on the club finesse, but how do you plan to play in 5♣  for 11 tricks?

Declarer won the  A in dummy, cashed ♣ A and took the Club finesse. When it worked, he drew the 3rd round of trumps and played ♠ J from hand which lost to the Queen. West now returned the   6 . Declarer went up with the Ace and played the 10 of spades. East did well to duck it, else declarer gets a Diamond pitch on the 4th Spade.

Now declarer played trumps from his hand forcing East to discard two hearts leading to this position

Now declarer cashed the Diamond King and exited in Spads. East won the Ace but was end played. A brilliant Strip and Throw in executed by Bond!


Upcoming Events

We are in the process of finalising an Open Pairs Event scheduled to start on Tuesday. Keep watching the BFI Homepage for more details.


All the best to all participants

Of course, we understand that all of you cannot qualify, but nevertheless, we wish all of you all the best! Have a great day