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Aisha Pairs - Format
Aisha Pairs - Format

The format for the Aisha pairs will be as follows

Tuesday, April 28 Stratification

Today, all participants shall be divided into two groups  s and  s

The host of the tournament for each group will be different. Both groups will play the same set of 24 boards. At the end of todays round, the top 50% of each group will be moved to a new group - Majors. The remaining halves will be clubbed into a second group called Minors

Wednesday, April 29 Qualification

Both groups Majors and Minors will play another set of 24 boards. At the end of this round, some pairs will qualify for a final tournament. The number of finalists in each section will be informed to tomorrow

Thursday, April 30  Finals

The finalists will battle among themselves for a third set of 24 boards


The event will start at 5 pm every day


Scoring in all sessions will be IMPs


The prizes for each section will be declared during the day today


The tournament starts at 5.00 pm every day. Participants are requested to come in from 3.00 pm and register. Both pairs need to be online to register


When registering for the tournament, we require the male participant to invite the female participant to the tourney. While this is a nice act of chivalry, this will ensure that all males are seated in the same direction(s), as is a condition of mixed pairs. While we are unable to monitor this, failure to do so, could result in a penalty. So please take care of this issue.

Please make it a point to register early every day so that we can sort out issues. We may face issues as fresh exclusive lists have to be prepared each day for every event. While we will do our best to ensure all of you get registered, we shall not be responsible for any failure to register you in the event you report this to us after 430 pm.

Participants must be online when the tournament starts otherwise we will not be able to accommodate you. This is a BBO requirement, not ours.