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Sudhir Choksi Bulletin 3
The Finale

The Sudhir Chokshi Memorial Tournament enters its last day with just the semi finals and finals left to finish today. At the end of the day, the status of the semi finals is as below

Gold Silver
Sr No Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Difference Sr No Team Name Session 2 Session 3 Session 2 Difference
1 Rhea 14     -4 1 B&B 16     -24
Aquarius 18     Proyas 40    
2 Shree Cement 31     23 2 Indian Chain 3     -35
Rima 8     Starters 38    


The Strata two event for the non qualifiers also came to a succesful conclusion with the following winners.

Rank Gold Silver
  Team VPs Team VPs
1 Krishna 80.87 K2 89.54
2 Joyrup 79.94 Bidders 87.79
3 Easy Bridge 78.02 Venad Express 74.38


We note with joy the presence of a junior pair in Team Krishna. Augurs well for the future of Indian bridge. We also note the rise of Team Easy Bridge This name has been one to reckon with in the Silver circles for the past several years. It is good to see them progress into the Gold ranks and do well their. We wish them all the best for their continued success

Attention Prize Winners

In order to collect your prize, please write to Sukrit Vijayakar ( with instructions for remittance to one account only.

A Cause for Concern

We have been observing, with some dismay, many accusations being Ieveled in public fora at some pairs for action which the accusers regard as questionable. We would like to advise all of you that this kind of behavior is damaging to the integrity of not only the players being accused, but also to the game of online bridge itself. In case anybody finds any cause for doubt, please bring it to the attention of the authorites who are constantly monitoring all activity in the game.


For today we providing an unusual reading recommendation by Ratna Tadepalli

One of the most enjoyable birthday presents I have received was a book by a well known children’s book author. My daughter, who at that time, was about 12, got it for me. The book was “The Card Turner” by  Louis Sachar. For those familiar with children’s literature, Sachar wrote Holes (which was made into a movie by Disney), the hilarious Wayside School series, and a bunch of other books.

As bridge enthusiasts, most of us have read plenty of bridge related books -- to improve our bidding, find the slam, execute the squeeze, or make the killer lead. Victor Mollo’s Bridge in the Menagerie is both entertaining and instructive. “The Card Turner” is a little different. It is a regular mystery / suspense kind of book, except that the main character is a top notch bridge player. As the author says in the introduction to the book, “My publisher, my editor, my wife, and my agent all said I was crazy. "No one's going to want to read a book about bridge!" they told me on more than one occasion. Still, I really love the game. . . .”

If you haven’t already, would encourage you to give it a read. 


Happy bridging, folks!