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Sudhir Choksi Bulletin 2
At the Cutting Edge

The Sudhir Chokshi Memorial Tournament gets into its business end now with the Swiss League over and one leg of the Prequarter Finals already complete. The top five finishers along with the bottom most qualifier is presented below.

Rank Gold Silver
  Team VPs Team VPs
1 Rhea 114.56 B&B 117.29
2 Shree Cement 105.62 K2 109.48
3 Rima 104.40 Famous Five 102.23
4 Poddar Developers 102.83 Proyas 101.46
5 Aquarius 99.16 Richston 100.29
16 Hope and Prey 81.29 Hyderabad Juniors 87.71


The top team in both sections finished considerably ahead of the second best qualifier. Can they maintain their stamp of authority on the tournament? The full results of both leagues can be seen by clicking here. The first session of the prequarter finals has thrown up two exciting matches with Team Playwell from Nagpur, pulling out a commanding lead of 32 IMPs over team Hemant Jalan. Team I Doctors also has a slender lead over Formidables. The results after the first leg are given below.


Prequarter Finals - Gold Prequarter Finals - Silver
Sr No Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference Sr No Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Difference
1 Rhea 42   34 1 B&B 43   36
Hope n Prey 8   Dost 7  
2 Shree Cement 19   0 2 K2 13   -24
Nest Inn 19   Wonder_X 37  
3 Rima 23   -4 3 Famous Five 53   47
Bagaria 27   Guru 6  
4 Poddar Developers 7   -15 4 Proyas 16   -5
Monica Jajoo 22   Hyderabad Juniors 21  
5 Aquarius 19   5 5 Richston 13   -18
Joyrup 14   Vadugu 31  
6 CBC 24   3 6 Starters 46   18
Tasher Desh 21   Assam Blues 28  
7 Playwell 40   32 7 Coolers 46   17
Hemant Jalan 8   Indian Chain 29  
8 I Doctors 11   7 8 Milith 20   -24
Formidables 4   Rajballav Para 44  




Today, we will complete the quarter finals and a part of the semi finals.

Non qualifiers can also participate in a Strata II league being conducted for them. This league will feature 6 rounds of 8 boards each.

Today we are also featuring the second set of observations shared by Vijit Berry which, as usual, has been edited by Ratna Tadepalli

Adventures in Online Bridge


Bridge is a hard game to learn.
With just 52 cards to turn

But billions of hands

And myriad plans

No wonder I oft crash and burn.

None of us will disagree that bridge is a game of logic and reasoning, and math and probabilities. When we describe it thus to our non-bridge playing friends, they often respond with something along the lines of “Oh, like chess” or maybe even “Oh, like Go”. I think all of us will say, “Not quite!”. And why is that? .

Boiled down to basics, it seems the biggest difference is the communication aspect of bridge -- that very human element -- what does our bid or our play of a certain card convey to partner and opponents about the cards we hold? Are we telling them the whole truth, not quite the whole truth, or are we bluffing all the way? Are we doing it intentionally, or because we didn’t have time for that cup of coffee before the game started? And I don’t, for a moment, mean that doing it intentionally is in an illegal exchange of information kind of way. This, I believe, is the creative element of bridge -- the strategic thinking that makes the game far more complex than Chess and Go. So while AI can routinely thrash chess grandmasters and even Go champions, it is still nowhere close to outplaying the world’s best bridge players. And that’s because while computers algorithms and AI can understand math and science, they’re unable to understand the underlying layers of human behaviour and creative intent that comes to the fore in Bridge.

Do our BBO IDs say something about our style as bridge players too? Some seem to use their imagination to the hilt -- are shedarling and discodancer advertising their profession or are they indulging in wishful thinking? Do the people whose ID is also their birthdate worry that their birthday may be forgotten, or are they worried they will forget their ID? Do folks who use their first name or last name of some combination of the two not have any imagination at all, or are they saving it for that tough 4S that no one else will make? Can an ID like pokerbids really be into bridge, or have they wandered into it from Poker?

As we sign off at the end of the second day of Shri Sudhir Chokshi Memorial Tournament, I can only marvel at the effort, commitment and integrity the entire organizing team has been demonstrating entirely for our benefit. I, for one can only salute their love of the game that compels them to do this.  

Keep the bridge flag flying, folks!