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Sudhir Choksi Bulletin 1
At the Midway Stage

With the Sudhir Chokshi Memorial Swiss League event at the half way stage, all teams are settling down to an exciting weekend of bridge. We present below the leaderboard at this stage.

Rank Gold Silver
  Team VPs Team VPs
1 CBC 61.84 Rajballav Para 59.45
2 Rima 60.50 Atha Group 58.62
3 Monica Jajoo 56.67 Bidders 57.96
4 Joyrup 56.18 Hyderabad Juniors 57.81
5 Aquarius 53.09 Proyas 57.38
16 Playwell 43.37 Famous Five 46.16



The score of the 16th team at this stage suggests that an average of 11 may be sufficient to qualify. We are also sharing some anecdotal observations by Vijit Berry a senior player and a member of the team Tequla. This has been neatly edited by Ratna Tadepalli

Adventures in Online Bridge


Thanks to this lockdown, we have all played more online bridge in the last month than we probably did in all of 2019. As with anything else, with lots of online bridge come lots of online-specific stories. 

Last night a few friends were having a laugh at some of the stuff the organizers were experiencing in conducting these tournaments.   

While they were sharing their tales of woe and I was laughing at some of my own experiences, Sukrit asked me to share some of those stories, and so here goes.

This is probably the fourth or fifth tournament that we are playing in this league. We set up our own tables, and there is no director coming around to make sure that we are all seated in the correct direction. You can guess where this is going.... Yes, one team in all excitement set up the match vs their own teammates! Bridge players, being focused, often won’t even look up from their screens. They start bidding and playing against their own teammates vaguely wondering how their complicated bidding systems are so easily understood by their “opps”. By the time they vaguely register the fact that the names sitting on their opponent’s seat sound sort of familiar, the first hand is almost over. 

To fix this error, what happens usually is that, in utter frustration, the players decide to log off and log back on hoping the problem will disappear. The BBO software is exceedingly helpful -- it has reserved their seats and so they find themselves back in exactly the same place as before,  glaring at each other. Of course the solution is simple, but takes awhile for the players to figure it out  -  the director who set the match has to cancel this one and set another match.

Yesterday someone set the team match in MP format…. And did not even realize their error, sending in scores like Team A 64% and Team B 36% leaving  poor Sukrit weeping in frustration.

Sometimes a captain does not check the draw personally, and when he gets a message asking for team members’ IDs so that the other person can set the match, he quickly complies. And you can again guess where this is going…. Yes, they are playing the wrong opponents. 

And the other day Sukrit decided to discipline all of us all. When someone asked for the draw on the team captains Whatsapp group, Sukrit, refusing to spoon feed us said it was uploaded to the BFH website!!! “Website?  What’s that?”, we started asking each other. “What’s the link?” we asked. “The same link I have been giving you from Round 1 onwards” says Sukrit. “Aare please!!”, we cried out. ”Why haven’t you bookmarked it?” came the reply. 

A few imps deducted from your score and now everyone knows how to bookmark a website and check it and submit the scores in a proper format instead of “We won by 8 imps” confusing the organizers who “We” was and “They” were and what the actual score was. 

It’s all settling down now after 5 or 6 tournaments. Looking forward to lots more excellent bridge.