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Amanora Swiss Pairs

BHF (Bridge from Home) presents

The Amanora Swiss League (Multi Leg Pairs) tournament

20th  April  - 22nd  April 2020



The salient features of this tournament are 

  • Total Number of Pairs

    The maximum number of pairs in any one tournament is limited to 80 currently.

    We propose to have two hosts and hence we can host a maximum of 160 pairs.


  • Scoring Format

    Cross IMPs


  • Number of Boards

    Around 24 in each session


  • Number of Rounds and Boards per round

    This will be determined by the total number of participants


  • Schedule

    • The tournament will be spread over three days and start at 5 pm on each day

    • Stage 1 – Monday, 20th April - Stratification

      The top 50% of participants will qualify to play for the Gold event. The remaining will qualify for the Silver group. Depending on the number of participants, we may divide them randomly into two groups. Stratification will happen separately for each group.


    • Stage 2- Tuesday, 21st April Survival

      Both groups will now play an elimination round. The number of qualifying pairs for the finals will be decided by the end of the previous day and communicated overnight. Two pairs nominated by the sponsor shall play in the Gold Finals in addition to the qualifiers


    • Stage 3 – Wednesday, 22nd April – Finals

      The finalists from both the groups will play in a third session with a reduced number of participants


  • General Conditions of Contest

    • The General Conditions remain identical to what BFH uses for Silver Teams, Swiss League play. In the case of any issues, the decisions of the organizers will be final and binding

    • While we will set up the tournaments for the contestants on BBO, contestants need to register themselves in accordance with BBO requirements

    • Contestants not online at the start of the tournament, are automatically removed by BBO. Nothing can be done to accommodate them.

    • In case substitutes have to be used, while we will make every attempt to reseat the contestant, it will only be on best efforts basis.

  • SCoC

    • Psyches are not allowed

    • Basic System to be announced at the start of the round 

    • Range of No Trump bids to be announced up front

    • Players using conventions like Multi 2D etc. are required to alert before bidding on the first board starts.

    • Failure to make system announcements which materially affect the result may result in an adjusted score against the offenders

  • Tournament Directors

    • The tournament hosts will function as directors for routine functions like substitution etc.

    • Contestants requiring rulings / adjustment may call upon

      • Sanjay Chakraborty (Chakram)

      • Sukrit Vijayakar (SukritV)

      • If needed, senior tournament directors may be consulted for rulings at the discretion of the directors

  • Voluntary Contribution

    We request all participants to make a contribution of your choice for participation in this event. However, payment is not a mandatory condition for participation. In case we overflow though, preference will be given to contributors


  • Entries

    All entries have to be given via the form provided here. This is the only method for giving entries. Entries will be accepted on a First Come First Served Basis subject to the contribution clause above.

    Account Name: Sukrit Vijayakar (This name will be changed to Bridge From Home after the Lockdown)
    Bank                  RBL Bank
    Account No.      409001281829
    IFSC Code         RATN0000070
    Account Type    Current