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FAQs for Real Bridge
FAQs for Real Bridge

While we are testing the exciting new software being developed by Real Bridge, here is some information about dos and donts.

  1. Where do I register?

    As of now, we don't need to register. Games are held at
    The password is made available by the developer a short while before the game.
    You sign in with your name and the password. If you have trouble signing in, you may try to add a number to your name for better results.
  2. Can I play from my mobile?

    As of now, the system works best with laptops / desktops and tablet. So the user experience on a mobile is likely to be poor. Hence mobiles are avoidable.
  3. What browser should I use?

    Use updated browsers like Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Opera, Safari. DON'T use IE.

    Please check if you can see yourself and the camera is working correctly. If not, you may need to update/change your browsers

  4. Is Kibitzing Allowed?

    The objective of the developers is to provide best system and security for players. 

    The system has been designed that at the table, in real time, kibitzing will not be allowed.

    The plan is to have a mirror of the game, and in the mirror, kibs are free to watch any game and chat with each other.