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Weekend Teams Format

Please note that we will be implementing GOOGLE VIDEO meets from Semi Final stages for Qualified Teams.

All players are requested to read the Google meet Guidelines- CLICK HERE

General Coc: CLICK HERE

TEAMS Provisional Format: (KO Stage will be announced on close of entries)
18th Jun (Thursday)  
1700 Hrs: R-1 of Swiss League - Pre-determined
1830 Hrs: R-2 of Swiss League - Pre-determined
19th Jun (Friday)  
1700 Hrs: R-3 of Swiss League - Based on R1 Result
1845 Hrs: R-4 of Swiss League -Based on R2 Result
20th Jun (Saturday)  
1000 Hrs: R-5 of Swiss League - Actual Draw
1130 Hrs: R-6 of Swiss League – Actual Draw
1400 Hrs: R-7 of Swiss League - Actual Draw
1545Hrs: Captains Meeting
1600Hrs: Quarter Final 1st Set (12 boards)
1800 Hrs: Quarter Final 2nd Set  (12 boards)
1615 Hrs: Extended League RD 1
1800Hrs: Extended League RD 2
21st Jun (Sunday)  
1000 Hrs: Semi Final 1st Set( 12 boards)
1200 Hrs: Semi Final 2nd Set (12 boards)
1430 Hrs: Finals 1st Set (12 boards)
1630 Hrs: Finals 2nd Set (12 boards)
1830 Hrs: Finals 3rd Set (12 boards)
1030 Hrs: Extended League RD 3
1200 Hrs: Extended League RD 4
1515 Hrs: Extended League RD 5
1645 Hrs Extended League RD 6