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Team BFH

Stanley Nazareth
Truly can be said to be the man behind the vision. He started the journey by gathering a few teams to play a swiss league and, out of such little acorns do oaks grow.

Stanley has previously won a National Championship (Silver) and is a National Master too.

Sukrit Vijayakar

The Co founder. Starting from the first event, he has helped BFH grow and guided the team in its steps forward.
Sukrit had just started down the path of being a director for live bridge events and he combined this knowledge and other skills to grow us to where we are

Sanjay Chakraborty

One of the most respected National Directors in Indian Bridge circles, he has been a part of the team since it took its first major  step forward towards attaining an All India presence.

His contribution towards the growth of this team is invaluable

S. Vijayraghavan

Better known as Cool Vijay. He has been an organizer of much standing in Chennai.

A National Master himself, he leads the teams Communication Strategy and is one of the key facets of bringing our events to you. 

Srinivasan J

Everybody knows Srini, the master of scoring behind most major tournaments in the country.

Not too many people are aware that he is a Life Master and recently won two national events.

His has been the major contribution towards our maintaining and even improving our level of excellence as we adopt more technology to improve your playing experience.