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Clash of Titans - S2 Teams

1st Oct

Ladies Pairs

3rd Oct

Mixed Event 

4th Oct

Open Pairs Event 


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ON 1ST OCTOBER - 2:30 P.M.(20 BOARDS, MP)              FROM 29SEP-4TH OCT                                     

CLICK HERE for details    CLICK HERE for details

            MIXED PAIRS                            OPEN PAIRS

        ON 3RD OCTOBER - 2:30 P.M.                 ON 4TH OCTOBER - 2:30 P.M.

              (20 BOARDS, MP)                         (20 BOARDS, MP). for DETAILS

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VK Memorial Semi Finals
VK Memorial Semi Finals



Semi Finals
Table Team Name Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Difference
1 Samadhan Nagpur 19 34 49 44
Pradeep 46 6 6
2 UAE Mix 20 27 28 -2
Formidables 7 33 37

Team Samadhan Nagpur finished its outing in this event in style beating Formidables comprehensively in all four sessions of the final.

Hearty congratulations on your win and may we see more of you in more competitions, both on BBO as well as on Real Bridge.

The pairs event was won by the host team of K P Mathur and Anand Toshnwail, who finished 6% ahead of the second ranked pair of Sandeep and KL Nyati. DK Tewari and Anil Bharioke took a deserving third place.




Clash of Titans 2
Clash of Titans 2

The first edition of the clash of Titans featured 8 teams in a round robin. For the first time in India, we conducted a teams event where opponents could see and interact with each other. The inaugural event was won by Shree Cement with Rampage taking second place.

The second round starts on Tuesday September 29. Entries are restricted to 12 teams. 9 teams have already registered. 

  1. Atha Group
  2. Coolers 
  3. Delhi Blues
  4. Dhampur Sugar Mills
  5. Formidables
  6. Lawrence Club
  7. Maya Meera Sneha
  8. Octopus
  9. Pradeep
  10. Rajputana

Do hurry to reserve your place. Contact Sukrit on 98334 30370


Unfair and Unethical Practices

As we have been conducting this tournament over the past few months, we are getting an increasing number of complaints about unethical bidding practices being followed by opponents. Some of these have been in the nature of psychic bids which we have repeatedly been warning against .

We also have been shown several instances of what seem to be extra-ordinary bidding and play examples which has left us extremely distressed. We started these events primarily as a means of entertainment for the lovers of serious bridge. Some people seem to forget that there is no place in serious bridge for such tactics.

In the light of these goings on, we are forced to remind you that all entries are essentially at our discretion. Going forward, we are going to require you to declare your partnerships and / or teams, which shall be restricted to a maximum of eight players.

If we, at our discretion, feel that any individuals indulge in activities that mar the pleasure of the game, we shall indicate the indesirability of the presence of such person (s) in their teams.

We are not a statutory body and therefore cannot take any penal action against anybody who we feel is indulging in what are generally considered unethical practices. However, we can, and will decide who enters our home.

Clash of Titans Round 1
Clash of Titans R2
Clash of Titans - 2
#39480 Pairs VK Memorial Pairs Elims Session 2
#40937 Pairs VK Memorial Finals
Virendar Kumar Memorial