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MPCBA Selection Finals

Welcome to the Inter-State Selection Trials



Unfair and Unethical Practices

As we have been conducting this tournament over the past few months, we are getting an increasing number of complaints about unethical bidding practices being followed by opponents. Some of these have been in the nature of psychic bids which we have repeatedly been warning against .

We also have been shown several instances of what seem to be extra-ordinary bidding and play examples which has left us extremely distressed. We started these events primarily as a means of entertainment for the lovers of serious bridge. Some people seem to forget that there is no place in serious bridge for such tactics.

In the light of these goings on, we are forced to remind you that all entries are essentially at our discretion. Going forward, we are going to require you to declare your partnerships and / or teams, which shall be restricted to a maximum of eight players.

If we, at our discretion, feel that any individuals indulge in activities that mar the pleasure of the game, we shall indicate the indesirability of the presence of such person (s) in their teams.

We are not a statutory body and therefore cannot take any penal action against anybody who we feel is indulging in what are generally considered unethical practices. However, we can, and will decide who enters our home.




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