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Welcome to Bridge Federation of Asia & Middle East


Farewell our dear friend Azwar


Dear all bridge players in our BFAME 
It's with profound sorrow I received the shocking sad news the demise of our beloved Azwar Haq 
Really don't know the words to express my condolences as he was very dear friend and brother I loved and respected him so much he was an excellent gentleman decent straight forward  kind and worked hard to make bridge successful game in our Zone I pray to the mighty God to forgive him and reward him to Jannat alKhold  and give us all and his family the strength and patience to bear the huge loss please accept my deepest condolences together with the whole bridge community in Jordan and in our Zone 
We are deeply grieved for us its non recoverable loss
Inna lillah wa ina alieh rajo'in
انا لله وانا اليه راجعون

Mr. Bahjat AL Majali

First Online Circular of 2021

Dear President.  

 21st August 2021

First Online Circular of 2021

Following the WBF’s decision to stage this year’s (2021) WNTC for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Trophy and Wuhan Cup as announced will commence from March 27th2022 onwards. Accordingly, BFAME shall organize a qualification round (BFAME Championships 2021 for the Zone 4 representatives in the various categories).

BFAME Championship 2021 (Briefly)

Please note that this event will not be hosted by any individual NBO of the zone as done in the past, but instead will be managed by the under-mentioned 5 member organizing committee from the BFAME Council.

  1. Bahjat  Majali (BFAME President from Jordan) 

  2. Yousef Bastshon (Treasurer from Jordan)

  3. Suresh Sundareshan (Vice President from India)

  4. Abdul Hakim Sahab (Vice President from Saudi Arabia)

  • The Zone 4 BFAME Qualification for the next WBF WNTC will be held online using Real Bridge platform.

  • The suggested dates are December 8th to 14th 2021

  • No one will play from home, or any other private settings. Participating NBOs will gather their teams in clusters at a local venue(s) set up according to BFAME specifications, in order to ensure any unauthorized communications between the players.

  • Neutral Observers/Monitors, approved by the BFAME, will supervise throughout the play at every location. No other person will be allowed in the playing area. Observers/Monitors will not act as TDs.

  • A minimum of 2 cameras will be installed in the local venue with all time live broadcasting to the BFAME control room.

  • TDs will operate within the platform itself, as well as in a separate TD “room” for consultations and polling.

  • Kibitzing will be allowed using the kibitzer website (not the play platform) with a time‐ delay of 30‐45 minutes (depending upon the number of boards

being played in the match) and any “running scores” will be subject to the same delay.

Staff :

  • Chief of Operations and Head Tournament Director will be: Mr. Waleed El Menyawi (WBF accredited TD from Egypt)

  • One TD from the following countries: Jordan, India, Pakistan and Egypt.

  • Online Bulletin Editor

  • One Team representing each NBO, and in each category (Open, Women, Mixed, Seniors), shall be admitted to play.

  • Players should use their Laptops / PCs / Tablets (2018 or higher) / iPads 2018 + and in all cases, the playing device should have: speakers / mic and camera.

Optional and depending upon the budget, it is highly recommended to have a BFAME control room in one place where the President of organizing committee and the Head TD

/ Operation manger are there + TD(s) and admin if possible, for quick communication and decisions, especially when they are both members of the BFAME‐ Trials Authority Committee.

WhatsApp groups will be formed for: 1) Team Captains, 2) Organizing committee, 3) TDs and 4) local monitors.

Using the given methods, the event will be 100% secured and under the OC full control.

What is expected from players?

Players will have to be present at the venue chosen by their NBO and will have to play on a PC/Laptop or tablets or iPads but not on a cell phone and (any device should have a sound system and camera) as required by the OC

in accordance with the conditions of contest which will be sent to all NBOs soon.

Any other communication tool such as Mobile phones, Smart watches, I‐Pads, etc will be strictly forbidden. Players have to understand that the BFAME will use cameras of all sorts.

What is expected from NBO?

Choose the play venue and inform the BFAME with details.

Supply the players with a good internet connection and a back‐up internet.

Assign the venue local monitor after approval from the OC.

Pay the cost of the local monitor.

Pay the cost of the venue Cameras and other rentals.

Pay the event Entry fees.

Please transfer the annual fees (600$) for the year 2020 & 2021 for credit to BFAME account as follows.

 As detailed transfer the entry fees according to the number of teams participating from your NBO

Please note no team will be allowed to play if the fees are not transferred 

Bank Details 

Bank al Eithad

CASA Account: 0310230362015101

CASA Account: 0310230362015101



Cust_AC_NO: 0310230362015101

IBAN_AC_NO: JO25UBSI1200000310230362015101

Entry Fees (for the past decade we have been charging US$ 2,000/- for one team and US$ 1,500/- for each subsequent team. This time we are charging 50% for all cases.)

One Team only: US$ 1,000/-

Two teams:        US$ 1,750/-

Three Teams:     US$ 2,500/-

Four Teams:       US$ 3,250/-

The main BFAME Championship will last 7 days (8th to 14th December 2021- First 5 days Round Robin followed by two days of Finals)

The timings will be 10:00 AM, 02:00 PM and 05:00 PM of Jordan Standard Time. The time difference between two furthest NBOs is 2 to 3 hours, which shall be reduced by one hour during winter.

BFAME Open Pairs (Optional) The customary Friendship Open Pairs which shall be open to all bridge players (even locals and organizers) will give a chance to meet old players and get introduced with new acquaintances. This will allow even those to play who are available on 6th & 7th December 2021.

Next 5 days Round Robin Matches followed by two days of finals. The final format will be decided after the number of entries are confirmed in each category.  

For and on behalf of President

Does not require signature

(M. Azwerul Haque)

BFAME Committee 2019 - 2022

Mr. Bahjat Al Majali

( President )

Mr. Yousef Batshon

( Treasurer )

Mr. Nrk_Moorthy

( Vice President )

Mr. Ahmed Al Midfaa

( Vice President )

Mr. S. Sundareshan

( Vice President )

Mr. Mushfiqur Rahman Mohan

( Vice President )

Mr. Abdulhakim Sahab

( Vice President )

Mr. Ihsan Qadir

( Secretary )

Mazhar Jafri

(Founder BFAME Zone-4 and representative to WBF Council

from 1979 till 2019. President BFAME: 1995-2003, President Emeritus BFAME from 2003.)

Ghassan Ghanem

(President BFAME from

2003-2011 & President Emeritus from 2011 onwards)

Ashok Kumar Goel

(President BFAME

from 2015 – 2019 & President Emeritus from 2019 onwards)

Welcome Messages

Mr. Gianarrigo Rona

President (World Bridge Federation)

Mr.  Jose Damiani

President Emeritus (World Bridge Federation)