Welcome to Bridge Federation of Asia & Middle East


22nd Bridge Federation of Asia And Middle East Lahore Pakistan from 5th May to 13th May 2023 Pearl Continental Hotel

Qualifiers for World Bridge Championship 2023

India Open Team

UAE Open Team

India Women Team

Uae Women Team

India Senior Team

Pakistan Senior Team

India Mixed Team

Uae Mixed Team 


BFAME Executive Council

Mr. Bahjat Al Majali

( President )


Mr. Ihsan Qadir

( Secretary )

Mr. Yousef Batshon

( Treasurer )


Mr. Nrk_Moorthy

( Zone Representative to WBF )

Mr. Ahmed Al Midfaa

( Vice President )

Mr. Mubasher Lucman

( Vice President )



Mr. Sutanu Behuria

( Vice President )


Ms. Laila Zureikat

( Member Bfame Council )



The WBF Presidents

The WBF Presidents

Jan Kamras


Mazhar Jafri

(Founder BFAME Zone-4,

representative to WBF Council

from 1979 till 2019.

President BFAME: 1995-2003,

President Emeritus BFAME from 2003.

Ghassan Ghanem

President BFAME


President Emeritus 

2011 onwards

Ashok Kumar Goel

President BFAME

2015 – 2019,

President Emeritus

2019 onwards

Gianarrigo Rona


President Emeritus

World Bridge Federation

Jose Damiani

President Emeritus

(World Bridge Federation)