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Monthly Winners
BfA Monthly Handicap Competition
Sep-21 1st 2nd
Mon Diane & Les Jean FR & Margaret
Aug-21 1st 2nd
Mon Kathy & Sarah Helen & Joyce
Jul-21 1st 2nd
Mon Derek & Linda Neil & Ruth
Wed Jenny & Neil Jill & Geoff
Jun-21 1st 2nd
Mon Amanda & Barbara Joanna & Tony
Wed Derek & Linda David A & David W 
May-21 1st 2nd
Mon Marion & Rosie Joanna & Tony
Wed Diana & Kay Susan & Alan
Apr-21 1st 2nd
Mon Gilly & Sue Elizabeth & Janine
Wed Diane & Les Sue & Terence
Mar-21 1st 2nd
Mon VB  Diana & Kay  Helen & Joyce
Mon Carole & Kay  Helen & Joyce
Wed  Diana & Kay  David A & David W 
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Cashless Club Bridge
Cashless Club Bridge.

Cashless Club Bridge.

ALL session fee for BfA & MAD on Video Bridge and BBO use the cashless system.

To pay for these sessions you will need to transfer £3 or more to the BfA Lloyds Bank a/c details below,Before the session (please keep a Nil or credit balance on your account)
Then when you play, the entry fee will be deducted from your balance at the club. Monthly statements will be e-mailed to you or when you request one.

Bank Details
Name: -                     BfA Marlborough
Sort Code: -             30-99-72
Account num: -       24798168
Payment reference: - EBU number e.g.  756213

Payment reference is your EBU number this will allocate your funds to your name on BfA. Do not add anything else just your EBU number. (Your name will be shown anyway from your account).
There is now a feature so you pay for your partner.
If you do not use online banking, please let me know and we will sort out an alternative arrangement.

If all this is new to you and you would like to join in, please contact Mo or I for help and information
Andy & Mo 07831 841185 or e-mail as above

Video Bridge / BBO, Friday MAD BBO session and any face to face bridge  will be paid for via the Cashless Bridge system.