SpadeHeart  DiamondClub
Monthly Winners
BfA Monthly Handicap Competition
Sep-21 1st 2nd
Mon Diane & Les Jean FR & Margaret
Aug-21 1st 2nd
Mon Kathy & Sarah Helen & Joyce
Jul-21 1st 2nd
Mon Derek & Linda Neil & Ruth
Wed Jenny & Neil Jill & Geoff
Jun-21 1st 2nd
Mon Amanda & Barbara Joanna & Tony
Wed Derek & Linda David A & David W 
May-21 1st 2nd
Mon Marion & Rosie Joanna & Tony
Wed Diana & Kay Susan & Alan
Apr-21 1st 2nd
Mon Gilly & Sue Elizabeth & Janine
Wed Diane & Les Sue & Terence
Mar-21 1st 2nd
Mon VB  Diana & Kay  Helen & Joyce
Mon Carole & Kay  Helen & Joyce
Wed  Diana & Kay  David A & David W 
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