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The next Bridge session will be on Tuesday 18th February.


Parking is back to normal next week (18th Feb)

Hand of the Week

This page has interesting hands selected by Gwynn with his comments

Hand of the week

This week's hand is Board 15, played on Tuesday 11th February. It's a North/South hand, with a small slam in hearts being the likely final destination. How to get there?

It is not often that one picks up a hand as spine tingling as the one held by South. Please don't open it 4H. 4H is pre-emptive and therefore weak. This hand isn't weak - it's enormous. It's not quite a game force, but clearly the trick potential is fantastic. Open it a quiet 1H. The bidding isn't going to die there, but if it did, could you guarantee to make 4H? I don't think so. After South's 1H opening, North knows the partnership is heading at least to game. Should North show her strength with her first bid? Absolutely not. Don't use up your own bidding space. Respond a modest 1S, giving partner room to describe her hand. After the quiet 1H-1S opening, the time has come for South to describe the true nature of her hand. Standard methods have their limitations at this point, but the only reasonable solution is a jump to 4H. It's a bit of an underbid, but anything else carries too much risk. Anything less that 4H is just point-counting, and there are few worse sins in my book. After South's 4H rebid, North might bid an immediate 6H, but there is no harm in checking for Aces first. After all, 7H might be a 'spread' as they say. Employing standard Blackwood, South will respond 5H, and North can bid the slam with confidence. Playing Roman Key Card the response is 5S (also showing the Queen of trumps). The final contract is the same.

If West leads an unwise Ace of clubs, declarer has thirteen tricks. On any other lead declarer should be held to 12 tricks. West can be squeezed out of her spade guard, so it is up to East to hang on to her Qxx of spades. There could easily be an accident, allowing declarer to make all thirteen tricks.




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