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There is a new Top Tip on Cue Bidding - I wish I'd read it before I played today!

Hand of the Week

This page has interesting hands selected by Gwynn with his comments

Hand of the week

Here's another hand played online. It's another one involving Scottish opponents. Sue and I now have three games each week against these friendly opponents. The initial connection was made through meeting two of them whilst on holiday in Killarney. It's fun to play different opponents, and it's also an opportunity to come up against different styles and methods. Of course they also come up against me, which I'm told broadens their horizons. "Is he distilling his own?" is a question sometimes put to my long-suffering partner. 

This hand was essentially a matter of taking your tricks in the right order. I give the bidding and play as it happened at my table. (In the other table in our match E/W played in 3H).

The bidding at my table was typically aggressive, but we each just about had our bid. Note that North, although the possessor of a very nice hand, remained silent throughout. He had no suit to bid, and best to keep quiet when you know you're outgunned. Sue's leap to 4H was just about merited following opener's reverse.

North began with a top spade before hurriedly switching to a low diamond. Not best, from my point of view. I could not afford to lose a diamond, a spade, and two hearts, so I had to take care of the losing diamond. Accordingly I played three rounds of clubs - breathing a sigh of relief when both opponents followed to all three - ditching a diamond. I was missing King, Jack of trumps but had all the intermediates. The best line in the circumstances was the double finesse, so I began with the Queen (not covered) and ran it. Next came a low heart to dummy's 7, losing to the Jack. A diamond was returned - ruffed - and I was in control. I could play on clubs, and when North ruffed in with the King I declined to cover, preferring to discard a losing spade. The rest were mine.

Do try online bridge if you haven't already. It's great fun, and you soon get the hang of it. Make it part of your lockdown routine. Give me a ring on 02920 753087 if you need any help.




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