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There is a new Top Tip on Cue Bidding - I wish I'd read it before I played today!

Welcome to Bethany Bridge Club
Bethany Bridge Club
Bethany Bridge Club

 Welcome to the Bethany Bridge Club website ♠  

Hi everyone, The sunshine is back but it looks as if the outlook is for cooler weather so why not have a go at online bridge? It really is fun and not difficult to set up or join a session. If you would like to play online Gwynn is happy to help. You can contact him on 02920 753087 or e-mail


We regret to say that following today's advice from the government to avoid all non-essential social contact wenot difficult  have, with immediate effect, suspended the Tuesday morning bridge sessions until further notice. This means that there will be no bridge session tomorrow - Tuesday 17th March. When life returns to normal we will be back.

In the meantime we can keep you in touch with any developments via the website and the enforced rest will allow Gwynn to add the occasional Hand of the Week and Top Tip and to answer any Agony Corner questions that you may have.

If you would like advice on any (non-medical!!) matter or would just like a chat then Gwynn is happy for you to contact him on 02920 753087 or e-mail

We wish you good health and look forward to seeing you all again when the Tuesday morning bridge sessions resume later in the year. 


Bethany Bridge Club meets every Tuesday morning in Bethany Baptist Church Hall, Heol Llanishen Fach, Cardiff CF14 6LF.

We start promptly at 10.30am and finish at 1pm. Each session begins with a 15 minute seminar given by Gwynn Davis, an experienced teacher and tournament player. This is followed by a relaxed session of play, with advice available for those who request it.  

The sessions are open to all. The cost is £3 per person. Free tea, coffee and biscuits are provided before the seminar from 10.15am. There are also cash prizes.

Aileen Ashmore is in charge of the kitchen and David Buttrick is our webmaster.

Click 'Information' on the menu list on the left of this page for directions to Bethany Church Hall.

You can contact us by e-mail at





Important Information
Important Information


  Click on 'Top Tips' on the left of the screen to see Gwynn's list of 'Essential Bridge Conventions'. This week he looks at Doubles and explains when and how to employ them - and there is a quiz! To see his guide you should click on 'Top Tips' on the left of the screen and scroll down the Essential Bridge Conventions until you see 'Doubles' and then click on the link (blue text). Alternatively you can scroll down further to 'Top Tips Documents' and click on the blue link there

♠  The next Bethany Bridge Club session will be announced here when life returns to normal.

  Did you know that Gwynn has written a book? (and it's not about bridge!) 'Aberystwyth Boy', is a collection of 14 short stories. Click on Aberystwyth Boy.pdf for more info. What's more, if you'd like a copy you can get it direct from Gwynn at the author's discount price (an unbelievable £5). The ideal birthday present for the discerning reader. laugh

♣   We have decided that it is best for tea and coffee to be provided before the session from 10.15am rather than have a break half way through the play. This will allow more hands of Bridge to be played and relieve the pressure on the kitchen.

  If you would like to play Bridge on a Friday afternoon then North Cardiff Bridge Club meets at Bethany Church Hall every Friday from 1.15pm to 4.15pm. The cost is £2.50 per player and the sessions are run by Dorothy Evans. The North Cardiff Bridge Club website is 

The Web Site

Gwynn has added a new Top Tip on Cue Bidding. He hopes to add a new topic each week so keep on checking out the website.

  The 'Hand of the Week'  (21st April) is from a hand that Gwynn and Sue played on BridgeBase Online against those Scottish international players - This time the aggressive bidding was by Sue and Gwynn and it paid off.

Why are the hands not shown on the website? A few people have asked this question and I agree that it woulyd be very nice if this could be done. Unfortunately this is only realistically possible if the hands are pre-dealt by a dealing machine linked to a computer and these machines are very expensive. We all shuffle and deal manually before play and so the hands cannot be shown on the website.

  'Top Tips'Click on 'Top Tips' on the left of the screen to see Gwynn's l'Essential Bridge Conventions'. This week he looks at Cue Bidding - an invaluable tool to see if a slam is on.To see his guide you should click on 'Top Tips' on the left of the screen and it is the first item. You can also scroll down to 'Top Tips Documents' and click on the blue link there. This is particularly useful if you want to print the document. This is also where you will find all the previous Top Tips. 

 Do you have any bridge queries on which you would like some advice? If so take advantage of our  'Agony Corner' and e-mail your problem to Gwynn to receive his words of wisdom. ♣ 


Just click on the appropriate date below to show the results for that day. 

There is also a Player of the Month table - click on Competitions on the left to see how you are doing - Cynthia & Eileen are currently top of the March table. Only people who have played at least twice are included in the final table.

For people who like to take the long view there is now a Player of the Year table and Jane and David are currently top but there is a long way to go. Only people who have played at least 10 times are included in the table. If you click on Competitions on the left you can choose to view either the current month or year table.

tuesday morning
Director: gwynn
tuesday morning
Director: gwynn
tuesday morning
Director: gwynn