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How to Find BMB Games on BBO

To find BMB bridge games on BBO: Log on to BBO then SELECT:

Competitive / All Tournaments

then SEARCH for BMB.

In the list will be any tournaments that are scheduled to run for BMB. Click on the one you want to enter. The HELP menu on the BMB website offers videos and files if you are unsure.


Welcome to the results website of Bernard Magee Bridge

Welcome to the bridge results and club site for Bernard Magee Bridge.

Bernard Magee Bridge is a subscription website for bridge lovers. The site has a mixture of seminar, teaching, playing of set hands, quizzes and live over the shoulder events.

Bernard does three live broadcasts a week, so there is a constant stream of information at your fingertips. The emphasis is on fun, learning, playing and good company.

The results for Bernard Magee Bridge Holidays will also be displayed here.

BMB Holidays offers bridge cruises, bridge holidays abroad and bridge breaks in the UK: you can see their wide range of events at

Bernard Magee Bridge Results Website

This is where all of the results and information for the bridge playing side of BMB will appear. We are starting in a very experimental way - looking for your feedback and involvement. This club is being created for your benefit so please help us to help you. As you will see below there are a variety of game choices and from the calendar you will see a number of time choices too. We want to create games that suit your needs. As we return to live bridge, the scores from BMB holiday events will also be uploaded to this site.


Bernard Magee Bridge will have its regular weekly duplicates on INTOBRIDGE on Mondays at 7.30pm.

To play these games you will need to register for free with INTOBRIDGE at

NOTE: these games are for BMB Members only

16-board events

I think that 16 boards is about the maximum for internet bridge games. With the intensity of focus and speed, the mind seems to get exhausted more quickly. These should last just under two hours.

I am keen to have your feedback and will change the times and regularity of events depending on the number of players and your general thoughts.

BMB Set Hands

The Set Hand games remain the same and their dates and times are in your weekly emails and on the site calendar. They remain free of charge.

Monday Duplicate (16Bds)
Teatime Old Barn
Director: B
Wednesday Tunisia
Director: Lyn
Tuesday afternoon Tunisia
Director: Lyn
Tuesday evening Tunisia
Director: Lyn
Tuesday Relaxed Old Barn
Director: B
Tuesday Main Old Barn
Director: B
Monday Relaxed Old Barn
Director: B
4th December 2023
Monday Duplicate (16Bds)
11th December 2023
Monday Duplicate (16Bds)
18th December 2023
Monday Duplicate (16Bds)
25th December 2023
Monday Duplicate (16Bds)