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Last updated : 28th May 2018 12:53 GMT
Scoring Policy
Revised June 2012

  1. The official scorer shall be responsible for all club scoring. No one else shall undertake any scoring unless deputed by the official scorer or the Club Committee.
  2. Any very close result in Club competitions must be checked by a third party before results are released, a close result shall be a difference of 5MPs or 1%. 
  3. All scoring errors will attract a penalty of 10% of a top for both N/S and E/W  except as in 5 below.
  4. Should N enter a score which is to his disadvantage it will stand and E/W will be penalised as above.
  5. If no score is entered then both pairs are awarded an average and that average is deducted making their score for that board zero.
  6. Howell Movement. Playing wrong boards. Penalty minus 10MPs or board top, whichever is greater.