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WBC Spring League
WBC Spring League

THG romped home undefeated in the Spring League. As a reward the team will go on to represent Wimbledon in the Wanborough cup. The results can be found here

Lock Down League Season 10

What a difference a higher division makes. Woodberry C face this season in the relegation zone, languishing in 14th place, the table makes grim reading. The schedule and Team line ups can be views by clicking here

Short Club Transfer Responses
1C Transfer Responses

It you play a system where the 1♣ is used whenever you hold a balanced hand with 12-14 HCP then you will open 1♣ a lot. Transfer responses offer a plethora of oppertunites to extend the decriptive options available. 

The Game Force with a minor

This hand came up in the simultaneous pairs at the MCC on the 13th March 2018