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To perform a camera test for real Bridge click here 

Lock Down League Season 15

Season 15 starts off with a win against ABC (18-0). Go Woodberry C

Bridge On Line

Covid 19 and the lockdowns that have followed have changed the Bridge Landscape. For some, they wait for the day when it is safe to return to playing bridge face to face. They belong to a minority that will not play bridge online at any cost, but for the majority, myself included, it is apparent that on line Bridge is here to stay. In this section I layout the different offerings with their advantages and dissadvantages. How to connect and how to get the best out of each service.


BBO is the leader of the pack. This was the brain child of Warren Buffet and Bill gates, both oh who are avid bridge players.

BBO Names

Name BBO Name
Dominic Benedict66
Pamela R Pamela99

Real Bridge

This is the new kid on the block, and is ahead of its rivals in terms of providing the face to face bridge experience on line. This is achieved by using the camera and microphone on your device to allow you to interact with you partner and opposition at the table. This does come at a cost, as both voice and especially video will drain your battery at a frightening speed. 

Getting Started

The first task is to check that your device is going to function with the software, and to help you the authors have provided a self testing diagnostic tool which you can find using this link. Hardware Test Hardware Test

What makes Real Bridge a bit different is that unlike other offerings you don't need an account. This is an attempt to replicate the old world where you can just walk into a Bridge Club, as long as they welcome visitors. Clubs that are offering their bridge using this format advertise their sessions as links on their web site. Private or closed groups will provide games by circulating news about upcoming games using e-mails.

Joining a session

To join a session you click on a link. For example the following Link will take you to the weekly Wednesday session run by the Lansdowne Bridge Circle in association with the Athenaeum. All you need to do to join the session is enter something into the ID box.

You will now find yourself in the lobby, where you will see tables laid out.Some of these will have the words sit, others will have seats occupied by those that have arrived before you.  If you have arranged to play with someone, then you should look to see if they are sitting at a table, if they havent you simply click in a vacant seat. 

Once you have clicked on a seat the screen will change and you will be sitting at the table, and you will see yourself as a result of your video camera. If you have gone to the wrong table, or you decide you don't want to play you click the leave button on the bottom right of the screen which will take you back to the lobby.