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Lock Down League Season 15

Season 15 starts off with a win against ABC (18-0). Go Woodberry C

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A Chess Puzzle

White mates in two moves.

Last updated : 14th Jan 2021 09:42 GMT
Lansdowne Virtual Club


This hand came up in this week's casual game. You can't argue with the opening bid, but after that the auction goes awry. It's not an easy hand to bid. Looking at all four hands it isn't obvious that the par result is 3 X-1. This costs NS -100 which is slightly better than conceding -110 by letting EW play in 2♠. Tempting though it is to say something, East must pass on the first round, South is unlikely to pass, and even if this does happen then surely West will say something, hopefully X. The problem with a double by East is that West will read this has a T/O double and may well be tempted to bid 4♠ , especially after the 3  by South. The 3 in this auction is technically correct, it says to partner I have a long suit and a weak hand and no support for your bid. West should double this, which should end the auction, but in the event the pass lured North into a potentially suicidal contract of 3♠. In the event this is "rescued" in to 4♦, which should have been smacked.


Last updated : 14th Jan 2021 09:34 GMT