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WBC Spring League
WBC Spring League

THG romped home undefeated in the Spring League. As a reward the team will go on to represent Wimbledon in the Wanborough cup. The results can be found here

Lock Down League Season 13

With one match to go it looks as though Woodberry 'C' are going to fail in there bid for promotion from division 5. Although there has been a surfeit of wins, the team suffered so hammer bloes including a rare ignominious 20-0 drubbing. 

Welcome to Benedicts
Sunningdale triumphant over MCC
Sunningdale triumphant over MCC

MCC played against Sunningdale in an inaugaral encounter. This was a two day event starting the Bridge played on Real bridge with a match on the Old Course on the following day.  The margin of victory was 4 1/2 - 3 1/2 which was a lot closer than what was to follow on the day after. Bragging rights got to Robert Buxton and David Barker who notched up 39.68 x-imps over 20 boards. Unlike earlier games in the season I didn't insert any prepared hands, and it showed with not a single slam on offer. Technically you could say that hand 20 was a slam hand with 6♣ unbreakable but who is going to bid this on a combine 20 count.

Robert and David did very well to find 4♠  on the featured hand. I don't know if they were playing Lebensohl. If so 3♣  is forcing whereas 2NT would be a transfer to 3♣ . In any event 3♠  by the north hand was inspired, and the best that EW can do now is sacrifice in 5♥. 

To Bid or not to bid

I was fortunate enough to be sent this hand recently by former Swedish international Nick Sandqvist. I say fortunate, because it was sent to a circulation list which included some of this country's finest players. Let's kick off with the options, which are Pass, Double and 3NT. Joe Fawcett sums up the choices as "3NT seems too rich and pass too feeble". No one selected the 3NT option but the "panel" were divided over the other two options. English international, David Gold chose to double - Would double without worrying too much about it.I think positively, not negatively. Here is the counter argument in support of a pass. Here is Neil Rosen's analysis. Pass for me. Partner hasn’t acted already so may well have some club length as would strain to bid with a singleton. Bidding will collect too many minus scores from failed games, though obviously we might be making something here.

Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus

The AGM for the 2021/2022 season takes place this evening. The default venue will be BBO but if there is a demand I will set up some Real Bridge Games. The Seasons schedule will be published shortly. Some how we managed relegation.



Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies

The full schedule of matches can be viewed by clicking here  In the second leg of the encounter against KPMG L & L extracted sweet revenge with a convincing vitory.  In match 4 L & L built up a commanding lead with two boards to go, when this board came up. I gather the post mortem is still in progress. Nevertheless it was victory again with just enough VP's to join KPMG at the top of the leader board. Running score P4-W3-L1

London League

Benedicts are featuring in Division 2 to follow the progress click here. The fixtures and the selections can be viweed here

Benedicts On line
Benedicts On line

Benedicts on line is applying its very own circuit break this week. The schedule will return next Thursday and the following Sunday as normal. This months availability can be viewed HERE

Bridge at the Lansdowne
Bridge at the Lansdowne

From Monday 1st November I will be hosting a Bridge Night at the club on the 1st Floor. There will be tables availble for lessons, and indeed I already have one table reserved for four players who have never played before. For those that know how to play,  tables will be set up for cut in Chicago. This means that you can arrive at any time from 7.00 onwards. The evenings will finish at 9.00 or shortly after. Everyone Welcome!

Conundrum for the week

Still no petrol at any stations nearby, so why is there so much traffic.

Teams Benedicts M1
Teams Benedicts M2
Lansdown Head to Head
Lansdowne Virtual Club
Benedicts Team of 8
MCC v Sunningdale
Benedicts H2H