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Lock Down League Season 15

Season 15 starts off with a win against ABC (18-0). Go Woodberry C

Welcome to Benedicts
Thoughts from Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson's Bridgecasts can not be recommended too highly. Every so often he comes away with a throwaway comment, the best of which I will share here. Today's gem is when you have a choice of bids lean towards bidding at the bottom of the range rather than the top. Suppose you have a hand with 7 clubs and 10hcp. You could open this hand either 1♣ or 3♣. If you open 3♣ you are at the top of the range and your partner will pass more more often than not. You could easily miss a game, whereas if you open 1♣ then this is far less likely.

Thursdays in June - Start time 5.30
Board 11

East has a tricky decision after West rebid 2♣ . This is correct as 2  would show 17+. At the table East blasted 5♣ which has no play. A solution is to play 2 as third suit forcing, and 2♠ as a correction showing a 5th or even a 6th spade. You lose the ability to bail out to 2 with a 4-4 in the diamond suit but that seems to be a small price to pay. If East choses to bid 2♠  this is not forcing although it does announce an additional spade and various actions are open to West to make some sort of invitational bid with a 3rd spade. In this example with good stops in the heart suit 2NT shows this sort of hand with minimum opening strength. A bid of 2♠ would show the same point count but a third spade.

To Bid or not to bid

I was fortunate enough to be sent this hand recently by former Swedish international Nick Sandqvist. I say fortunate, because it was sent to a circulation list which included some of this country's finest players. Let's kick off with the options, which are Pass, Double and 3NT. Joe Fawcett sums up the choices as "3NT seems too rich and pass too feeble". No one selected the 3NT option but the "panel" were divided over the other two options. English international, David Gold chose to double - Would double without worrying too much about it.I think positively, not negatively. Here is the counter argument in support of a pass. Here is Neil Rosen's analysis. Pass for me. Partner hasn’t acted already so may well have some club length as would strain to bid with a singleton. Bidding will collect too many minus scores from failed games, though obviously we might be making something here.

Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus

After a stunning start, two dissapointing matches. The first match of the new sees Habeas Corpus play the 2nd leg of the RAC encounter. London Underground have built up a commanding league.  



Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies

Although Lords and Ladies finished at the bottom, it was by the smallest of margins. This was a stirling effort after accepting the challenge of being catapaulted two divisions. Curiously the RAC seem to be destined to achieving the dubious distinction of picking up the wooden spoon in three of the five divisions. Some would call that greedy.

London League

Benedicts are featuring in Division 2 to follow the progress click here. The fixtures and the selections can be viweed here

Bridge at the Lansdowne
Bridge at the Lansdowne

I have created a link for players to get together and meet for a meal and play some Bridge at the club. You can view this by clicking here. If any of the dates interest you please communicate using the Whatsapp group. When there are enough for a table I will change the Y to a L or a D. L = Lunch followed by afternoon Bridge , D = Dinner followed by Bridge, E = Bridge followed by Dinner. 



Game Tries

The late Sandra Landy defined a game try as follows. You bid game and try to make it.

Benedicts Imp Pairs
Benedicts Saturday IMP Pairs
Benedicts Imp Pairs
Lansdowne Tuesday Pairs
Benedicts Imp Pairs
Lansdowne Saturday Pairs
Benedicts Imp Pairs
Lansdowne Tuesday H2H
25th June 2024
Lansdowne 2 table pairs
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