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Lock Down League Season 15

Season 15 starts off with a win against ABC (18-0). Go Woodberry C

Welcome to Benedicts

This was hand 2 from the session played at the Lansdowne on Tuesday 11th January. The par contract is 4♠  and this is how you get there. Landy is a defence tool that is particularly useful against a Weak NT. It guarantees 9 cards in the major. On this hand North has equal lenth in both majors so uses a relay of 2 to ask partner to name the 5 card suit. With 12 points North is well worth an invitation to 4♠  which North is happy to accept.

There are two instructive points in the play. Assuming West makes the natural lead of  10 East is going to very quickly reveal 8 points in diamonds and should east switch to the K♣ , 5 points in the club suit. Therefore, having advertised 12-14 points with the 1NT opening there is no room for East to hold the Q♠ . Thus South can confidently win the A♣ and play a spade to the 9♠ . As an aside East can make the great play of the Q♣ which may well lure South into taking the finesse into the West hand. 

Finally South has to be careful in the play of the hand. As you can see the break of the heart suit is 4-2 and relying on the hearts to break will result in the contract going one off. The way round this is to ruff three rounds of clubs. The effect of this is that trumps are drawn by North, known as the short hand.  This technique is known as dummy reversal. This is a play that is not easy to spot, but the two key requirements is a shortage of a side suit in the hand with longer trumps, and even more importantly top trumps in the short hand. In this case A109.

To Bid or not to bid

I was fortunate enough to be sent this hand recently by former Swedish international Nick Sandqvist. I say fortunate, because it was sent to a circulation list which included some of this country's finest players. Let's kick off with the options, which are Pass, Double and 3NT. Joe Fawcett sums up the choices as "3NT seems too rich and pass too feeble". No one selected the 3NT option but the "panel" were divided over the other two options. English international, David Gold chose to double - Would double without worrying too much about it.I think positively, not negatively. Here is the counter argument in support of a pass. Here is Neil Rosen's analysis. Pass for me. Partner hasn’t acted already so may well have some club length as would strain to bid with a singleton. Bidding will collect too many minus scores from failed games, though obviously we might be making something here.

Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus

After a stunning start, two dissapointing matches. The first match of the new sees Habeas Corpus play the 2nd leg of the RAC encounter. London Underground have built up a commanding league.  



Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies

The full schedule of matches can be viewed by clicking here  In the second leg of the encounter against KPMG L & L extracted sweet revenge with a convincing vitory.  In match 4 L & L built up a commanding lead with two boards to go, when this board came up. I gather the post mortem is still in progress. Nevertheless it was victory again with just enough VP's to join KPMG at the top of the leader board. Running score P4-W3-L1

London League

Benedicts are featuring in Division 2 to follow the progress click here. The fixtures and the selections can be viweed here

Benedicts On line
Benedicts On line

Benedicts on line is applying its very own circuit break this week. The schedule will return next Thursday and the following Sunday as normal. This months availability can be viewed HERE

Bridge at the Lansdowne
Bridge at the Lansdowne

From Monday 1st November I will be hosting a Bridge Night at the club on the 1st Floor. There will be tables availble for lessons, and indeed I already have one table reserved for four players who have never played before. For those that know how to play,  tables will be set up for cut in Chicago. This means that you can arrive at any time from 7.00 onwards. The evenings will finish at 9.00 or shortly after. Everyone Welcome!

Game Tries

The late Sandra Landy defined a game try as follows. You bid game and try to make it.

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