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WBC Spring League
WBC Spring League

THG romped home undefeated in the Spring League. As a reward the team will go on to represent Wimbledon in the Wanborough cup. The results can be found here

Lock Down League Season 10

What a difference a higher division makes. Woodberry C face this season in the relegation zone, languishing in 14th place, the table makes grim reading. The schedule and Team line ups can be views by clicking here

Welcome to Benedicts
The darker side of Bridge
The darker side of Bridge

Bridge has been plagued with sharp practices for many years, but recently several top players were exposed, thanks mainly to a fellow professional who became the whistle blower. You can enjoy the story by following this link 


MCC v Guilford & Sutton Green

The latest G & B encounter for the MCC again saw the disciplines reversed with the contest across the green baize taking place in the morning. On this occasion this was unfortunate as wet weather proved a bit of a dampener to the afternoons enjoyment. I inserted four hands to test the mettle and whilst these might have proved a bit of a challenge there is nothing wrong with seeing how the experts play. In the first set there were opportunities for both sides to shine. 

From nowhere one west found the diabolical lead of a small ♥. This pretty much sinks declarer although chances remain if the 6  is played at trick one instead of the 3 However the effect of the heart lead is that it kills the vital entry that is required to set up the Clubs.

Meanwhile, at the other tables all the declarers received the more normal lead of a spade. On both occasions East rose with the Ace but filed to make the Merrimac play of the K . On the face of it this looks as though this is the end for declarer, but wait for it, if declarer follows with the 6 and not the 3 the contract still makes as East can be endplayed and forced to lead a diamond for the last 2 tricks.



Habeas Corpus
Habeas Corpus

The squad for for 2020/2021 will see some new faces. As this season is being played on line, teams will field players from accross the country.  The schedule can be viewed HERE. R stands for reserve.



Lords and Ladies
Lords and Ladies

The full schedule of matches can be viewed by clicking here  In the second leg of the encounter against KPMG L & L extracted sweet revenge with a convincing vitory.  In match 4 L & L built up a commanding lead with two boards to go, when this board came up. I gather the post mortem is still in progress. Nevertheless it was victory again with just enough VP's to join KPMG at the top of the leader board. Running score P4-W3-L1

London League

Benedicts are featuring in Division 2 to follow the progress click here. The fixtures and the selections can be viweed here

Benedicts On line
Benedicts On line

Benedicts on line is applying its very own circuit break this week. The schedule will return next Thursday and the following Sunday as normal. This months availability can be viewed HERE

Bridge at the Lansdowne
Bridge at the Lansdowne

There are three teaching style sessions available each week. Monday evenings is strictly beginners at 7.00 PM. On Tuesday from 5.30 PM until 7.00 PM there is supervised play using BBO and the casual play option. On Wednesday there will be a hand review or some topic. The default time is 7.00  PM for every Wednesday except the last Wednesday when the start time will be 7.30 PM.

There are two game sessions. 6.30 PM on Tuesdays  and 5.00 PM 

For all sessions please register your interest in the booking session where you will find the zoom details.

Conundrum for the week

Your partner makes an overcall, and you do not have enough cards in the suit to make some sort of raise. Is a change of suit a correction or is it 100% forcing? The modern view is that it is 100% forcing 80% of the time.  

Lansdowne Head to Head
Benedicts Imp Pairs
Lansdowne Virtual Club
Lansdown Saturday
Lansdowne Virtual Club
Lansdowne Virtual Club
Lansdowne Saturday
MCC v Dulwich
31st July 2021
Lansdowne Saturday
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