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Key Messages

Bendigo Bridge Club on Facebook

In order to increase our internet presence and provide a platform for advertising our social activities, we have created a club Facebook account. The account will be curated by Seb and Ryan. Click on Useful Links, then on the 'Bendigo Bridge on Facebook' link to have a look.

Ashes 2024 - Win!

See centre panel for details.

2024 Northern Region Bridge Champs!

The event was hosted by Shepparton BC on 2-3 March. Bendigo members Kerry Delcourt & Ryan Touton won the Open Pairs section, and Merlyn Pritchard & Paul O'Hare won the Restricted Pairs.

In the Teams event, Adam Peirce was a member of the winning team (Walsh, Leppard, Carroll & Peirce), and Kerry & Ryan were one half of the second placed team (Hackett, Hackett, Delcourt & Touton).

Full results are available on the Bridge Unlimited website - click on this link: Bridge Unlimited Results Page

2023 Club Awards & Trophies

The winners of our various awards, trophies and prizes were announced at the Xmas Social. To view a full list of the winners, in the Menu sidebar (above) click on Membership & Bookings, then Club Competitions, then scroll down to 2023 Honour Board. Congratulations to all our winners!

The Xmas Social doesn’t just magically happen and many thanks are due to Diane Dunlop (venue wrangling, bookings); Kaye Parker & Yvonne Forrest (table decorations); Eamon Dempsey & Janet Rogers (roadies); Brigitte Agnew, Jennifer Goddard and Janet Rogers (trophy wrangling); Ron Wescott, for sorting out who got what; and Jennifer & Peter Goddard for the entertaining after-lunch Individual Bridge session - which was won by (drumroll)… Yvonne Forrest!

If you want to know how you fared, click on 2023 Xmas Individual Event Results


Contrary to the Key Message posted on Wed 13 Dec, we have now been informed that LGCC will only be closed on days when CATASTROPHIC FIRE DANGER is forecast. 

This restores the policy setting that applied in the 2022-2023 fire danger period.

Our advice to members remains the same: During the fire danger period, please check the forecast before coming to play.

Australian Youth Bridge Championship Fundraiser 

A fundraiser is underway to support young players attending the Australian Youth Bridge Championship. The Youth Week Fundraiser Bidding Challenge, suitable for all skill levels, features 15 problems tackled by renowned experts like Ron Klinger, Liam Milne, Sophie Ashton, and more! A live stream webinar with expert discussions of the hands adds yet another dimension. Registration is by donation. If you are interested in helping young bridge players whilst improving your own bridge skills in the process, details can be found by clicking on this link: YOUTH WEEK FUNDRAISER

WBF Leisure Activities Survey 

The Marketing & Communication committee of the World Bridge Federation (WBF) is conducting a survey exploring what types of leisure activities people do and why. The survey is aimed primarily at bridge players, but they’re interested in what friends of bridge players think too. The results will help the WBF get a better understanding of why different groups of people around the world like and play bridge, and how bridge compares to other activities that bridge players and potential bridge players like to do, with the aim of enabling administrators, teachers and promoters to use the results to design better ways to get people into bridge, and to stay in bridge.

If you wish to participate in the survey, please click on this link:

Code of Good Conduct published

The club has adopted a new Code of Good Conduct that members and guests will be expected to follow. For further information, see the new 'Code of Good Conduct' news item, on the right-hand side of this page.

Afternoon Tea with the Guv (+ Report)

Every Victorian bridge club received an invitation from the Governor of Victoria to send two members (a pair) to a special Afternoon Tea and Bridge event, to be held on Wednesday, 15 November at Government House.
Your committee unanimously agreed to nominate the Goddards as our representatives.
They weren't the only BBC members attending. Our neighbours, Maine BC, nominated Ron Wescott & Louise Griffin; the Victorian Youth Team nominated Seb Wright; and  Sandhurst Bridge Acadamy nominated Denis Upsall & Faye Symons.  All five are also members of our club.
Congratulations to all - we hope you had a wonderful day! Click here to read Jennifer's entertaining match report.

Library News

Our Librarian has been busy adding interesting new titles to the bookshelves. Check out menu Education > Library to find the latest available titles.

Tea Breaks Return

The committee has decided to reinstate 10-minute Tea Breaks into our regular Club sessions - on a 3-month trial basis - commencing Monday 25th September.  Please note that in order to ensure that sessions finish in a reasonable time, our directors will be more strictly enforcing the Round Timer clock. 

Lego Room Cooling 'fixed'

The cooling system in the Lego Room seems to be fixed. However, the control panel seems a bit wonky and, when the system is on, there are warmer and colder areas in the room, depending on the location of tables vis-a-vis the cooling vents. If you are sensitive to temperature variations, please wear layers so that you can adjust your clothing to keep yourself comfortable.

Bridge Victoria

A link to the BV website can be found on our 'Useful Links' page. 

Monthly Nosh & Natter

Our MN&N social dinners will resume in September.  These Thursday evening get-togethers are informal social events - a chance for members (and their spouses / partners) to have a friendly natter about... anything really, over some good pub food and drink. 

Need more details? Contact Eamon Dempsey on 0408 467 599.


As at Oct 2023, Covid-19 is still prevalent in the community. To keep your fellow members safe from infection, please…

  • Do not come to play if you have any symptoms, go and get tested.
  • Wear a mask when playing. A supply of disposable masks will be available.
  • Sanitise between rounds
  • Wear layers for comfort and warmth – where weather conditions allow we will be opening windows and doors to facilitate natural ventilation.
  • Stay vaccinated – 2023 booster shots are available for most of our members.
  • If you are at high risk of getting very sick with COVID-19, apply for access to anti-viral medicines that can help you stay well, or treat the symptoms if you contract COVID-19.

For further information, please visit the DHSS Coronavirus Victoria website.

Beginners Corner

Opening the bidding with 1NT.

If you have 15-17 HCP and a balanced hand ALWAYS open 1NT.  If you have a second suit to rebid, you may open 1 of a suit.  If you open 1NT with a 5 card Major, learn the conventions for managing that situation.

The risk in not opening 1NT with 15-17 HCP is that you can miss a 3NT game if partner has 8-9 HCP, because when you rebid 1NT with 15 HCP but without a second suit, partner will pass.  You will be left in a 1NT contract making 9 tricks for a bottom board!

Some people think that they need to have all suits stopped, but that is wrong thinking.  When you open 1NT your partner has a complete picture of your hand in one bid. 

Remember you only need 7 tricks in 1NT.  Even if the opposition run the first 5 tricks in a long suit, you can still make your 7 tricks. 

If you can't make your 7 tricks it usually means you have stolen the contract from your opponents and should end up with a fair result anyway.

Advancing partner's overcall

If you do not have sufficient points for game over partner's minimum point overcall, consider passing as your first option.

If you must bid, a good rule of thumb is to subtract 2 from your hand value and then consider bidding as though your partner opened.

If you Advance with 1NT it should tell your partner that you have an opening hand with stoppers in the oponent's suit(s), but without a fit in partner's suit.

Only bid your own suit over partner's overcall if you have good point count, are short or void in partner's suit, and have a long suit of your own.


Development Tutorials

The Director / Etiquette / Laws & Code of Conduct 

What is my partner's bid telling me?  1C, 1D, 1H, 1S openings and responses

1NT opening and responses - excluding Stayman

Alerting & Announcing


Limit Bids

Strong 2C openings and responses

Weak 2 openings & responses (pre-emptive bidding)

Stronger NT Openings (with 18-19 HCP, 20-22 HCP, 23-24 HCP, 25-26 HCP)

Overcalling and when to advance

Double - review takeout X and penalty X

Slam bidding (Blackwood/Gerber)

Sacrificial bidding

Make an opening lead against a suit contract (Ref) (for further information)

Make an opening lead against a Notrump contract (Ref.) (for further information)

The Finesse - a mini lesson