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  Important Information  


When contacting us please preferebly use


or  text message on Whats'App

0034 616 317 955  English, Spanish & German

0033 665 747 357 English & French


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When you register to play you are expected (except for dire emergencies) to stay for the entire session.




Benahavis Bridge Club stops it activity


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At the end of each session you receive your personnal results on your own e-mail. they could be on your spam page.


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Please remember to switch off your smartphone or put it on vibration mode during all the Bridge Session.

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Welcome to Benahavis Bridge Club
About Us

Benahavis Bridge Club is based in the club house of  

We are an international club with players from all over Europ. The main languages spoken are English, FrenchGerman and Spanish.

If you require a partner we always do our best to find suitable person.

We are open to players at all levels (except not, unfortunately complete beginners.)




 The  Session Registration should be made up two days before the tournement.


By e-mail to

By WhatsApp to

                          0034 616 317 955  or   0033 665 747 357


First time you join us we need your First Name, Name, e-mail address and phone(s) number(s).

Ample car parking is available.


The club house has a licence to sell alcohol.

Tea, coffee and any soft drinks have to be bought.

The Bridge Club offers different cake or biscuit or bonbon at all the sessions.

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We use the wireless based "Bridgemate System" which means that results are immediatly available at the end of the session and you receive the full result session at home on your email.

We are also using a computer based shuffling method which means that players can see the hands at the end of the session.

About Us
Bridge Room with Covid 19 Protection
Bridge Room with Covid 19 Protection
Bridge room
Bridge room