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Debbie Bennett achieved the highest rank in ACBL when she became a Grand Life Master. Congratulations to Debbie on this sparkling achievement. A Grand Life Master has won more than 10,000 master points and won a national championship. In 2012, she was a member of the Canadian Women's Championship team.

When I asked her for some bridge memories, Debbie recalled two involving world champions. She and partner Hans Jacobs arrived in Gatlinburg for the regional in 1997 and found two expert players to partner with. As they compared scores at the half, one of the other pair said, "I hope you don't mind. We've added another pair." As Debbie looked over her shoulder, she saw Jeff Meckstroth standing there, watching the comparison. Jeff calmly said, “We’ll play the second half of sets as long as we survive. Keep us in the match and we’ll take care of the rest”. They went on to win the event.

At a regional in Indianapolis, Debbie played against Meckstroth's famous partner Eric Rodwell. In a team match, Debbie reached a contract that Rodwell thought he could defeat. He doubled. He was wrong; Debbie was right. And a lifetime memory had been created.

Debbie was quick to thank all the partners over the years who had helped her reach this goal. Congratulations, Debbie, on an amazing bridge achievement.

A Blast From the Past

A Blast From the Past
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