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Learn to Play Bridge
Learn to Play Bridge

Why you should want to play bridge.  

  1. Bridge requires a lot of thinking, as well as problem-solving skills, concentration, and planning ahead to gain a good score.  Unlike a lot of other card games, bridge is a game of both defense and offense.
  2. As we get older, there is cognitive decline which is different in every person but it happens.  Bridge keeps your brain active and stimulated and, when we play with others, the social aspects of the game keep different parts of your brain working whether taking classes or playing. If you want to make more friends, bridge is a game for you.
  3. Bridge is good for our immune systems.  Studies have shown that the area of your brain that is used and stimulated while playing bridge is the same area of the brain that is suspected to stimulate the immune system.
  4. Unlike so many physical games, bridge is a lifelong game.  While you can learn the basics quite easily, mastering the game takes a long time.  This is why so many people play well into their 80s and 90s. 

To learn bridge and play this game for a lifetime, here are three ways to learn bridge at home and one suggestion if you would rather take lessons in a classroom venue.