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(20th Jul 2022)
Online Bridge
Online Bridge

Online Bridge is available for members and invited guests on Tuesday evenings. Please register to play via the MEMBER ONLY portal, where you can also obtain the link to play. 

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Alison and Martin are running the popular "Bridge for Improvers" sessions (online) on Thursday nights. See calendar for details.



Happy birthday to those born in December:

Jann McNeil – 7th

Bronwyn Charlton – 8th

Claire Walker – 17th

Ivi Streimann – 20th

Suzanne Simon – 29th

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Recipe of the Week
3-Cup Chicken (Thai Basil Style)

This is a pretty simple recipe that produces a superb result. Here are my tips:

- be sure to fry the ginger properly, or you'll get a strong ginger flavor

- consider adding some Kaffir lime leaves and serve with a slice of lemon

Click here for the recipe

Healthier Spicy Chilli-Honey Chicken

This is another recipe from the Woolworths Fresh Ideas magazine. It states only 5 minutes prep time but that is a long way quicker than what it typically takes. A few tips:

- use only half the vermicelli noodles

- add extra lemon zest and juice

- cut the bak choy into slightly smaller portions than those shown in the photo in the receipe

Click here to access the recipe.

Char Siu Pork – Chinese BBQ Pork

This latest recipe was submitted by Paul.  He says " Last night I cooked one of the nicest dishes that I've had in a while - Char Siu Pork (Chinese BBQ Pork). Easy as.....

I bought a pork shoulder on Saturday, used half for S&S pork and the other half for this (as well as a big slab of crackling).

I marinated for 48 hours (which is the trick!) and cooked in the air fryer - superb!"

                                         Click here to access the recipe.

Kung Pao Chicken

This is another Coles recipe. It requires 1kg of chicken thigh fillets, so it makes for a very large meal! Click here for the recipe

Creamy Chicken and Rice

The Creamy Chicken and Rice recipe is from the Campbell's range of simple, quick and easy recipes.  It is tasty enough (mostly coming from the leek), but it is better if a few mushrooms are added.  I would also recommend adding a bit of additional flavoring, such Thai Green Curry or something else that you prefer.

Recipe Here


From a Coles Magazine June 2023: Click Here


If this is not the best Spag Bol you've ever tasted! CLICK HERE for recipe.

Hint: Use 1/2 beef mince and 1/2 pork mince. The longer you cook it, the better it is!


A summer recipe (while there's still some summer left) from Dave. Click Here


- Don't overdo the dill (it has a strong flavour)

- Consider having the salad as a side to your favourite grilled fish.

- Wash it down with your favourite white wine.



Another one compliments of Dave. Click here


- consider adding kaffir lime leaves

- cook beans for 7 - 8 minutes unless you like them very crunchy

- add extra chilli, salt and pepper to taste


Click Here for recipe.


Another of Dave's favourites. Click Here


  • garnish with parsley if you don't like coriander 
  • extracting the mince from the sausage is a bit tricky, either squeeze carefully, not breaking the skin, or cut the skin lengthways down the sausage and unwrap.

Recommended by Dave. Click here for recipe.


  • use chicken stock instead of water
  • look at other brown rice options if you can't get the one recommended
  • I found I needed extra cooking time after adding the rice and vegies.

A favoured cocktail by many coffee drinkers. Click here (Note that you will be asked to verify that you are >18).

Tip: Vary the amount of sugar syrup to your personal taste. And if you have your own coffee machine, make your own Expresso.


Another one from Dave. Click here for recipe.

Tip: you can enhance the flavour by adding some teriyaki sauce when cooking the chicken.


This one from Dave (from Woolworths). Click here for recipe.


  • consider adding a chilli for a bit more spice.
  • consider adding Karifurore Cauliflower to the broccolini (it's available from Aldi).
  • consider adding some MISO Sweet & Sticky Teriyaki glaze/marinade/drizzle (available from Woolworths) for some extra teriyaki flavour.

Another one from Dave. He says "This is a nice simple recipe from a Woolworth's magazine - the meatballs could be pork, veal or beef."  Click here for recipe.


A Negroni is an Italian cocktail, one part gin, one part Campari, one part vermouth garnished with orange peel. Click here for ingredients and video


This week's recipe is one of my favourites, not sure where I got it from. Click to open

Stir Fry Pork and Thai Basil

Here is a Justine Schofield recipe recommended by Dave. He says it is quick and easy to make and tastes great.

A couple of tips:

  • the eggs can be cooked, broken up, and just added to the meal at the end - just like you'd do making a fried rice.
  • use a microwave jasmine rice packs from the supermarkets - just 90seconds in the microwave.
  • consider adding the sauce to the main dish at the last minute to heat it up.
  • I use a veal/pork mix of mince (from Aldi) for the meat.

 Click here for ingredients and method

OR Click here for video