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(20th Jul 2022)
Online Bridge
Online Bridge

Online Bridge is available for members and invited guests on Tuesday evenings. Please register to play via the MEMBER ONLY portal, where you can also obtain the link to play. 

Camera/mic check

Double dummy solver




Alison and Martin will be resuming the popular "Bridge for Improvers" sessions (online) on Thursday nights. See calendar for details.

Subject to demand, Dave will run a series of 6 lessons at the Bega Library commencing Tuesday June 6th 10am - 12:30pm. These lessons are being sponsored by the Library and intending students can register HERE, by emailing or phone 0487 027 101.

The "Golden Hand"

Rob and Paul won the money this week. Congratulations!


Happy birthday to those born in June:

John 12th

Lois 19th

Denise 25th

Geoff 27th

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