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For last session click 'Latest Result' tab in top right-hand corner of home page (not available on some devices). For the last three, select a date on the lower right of home page and to view older scores and Personal Analysis go to the Results Menu above.  The ♠ symbol indicates that hand records are provided.  Results will be archived after twelve months.


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Online Bridge
Online Bridge

Online Bridge is available for members and invited guests on Tuesday evenings. Please contact Secretary to register your interest and you will be sent a link to join.Click here to check camera and mic


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Hand of the Week
Hand of the Week

West has 11 HCP and a solid heart suit. Most will open West's hand 1  based on the "Rule of 20"* (see Answer). North will likely overcall 2 . This leaves East with a difficult bid.

The best option would be a negative double showing 10+ points and support for spades and clubs. South will likely pass knowing East holds spades, giving West a choice between 2 NT or 3♣ 

Rule of 20
You can open the bidding when your high-card point-count added to the number of cards in your two longest suits gets to 20