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For last session click Latest Result tab in top right-hand corner of home page (not available on some devices). For the last three, select a date on the lower right of home page and to view older scores and Personal Analysis go to the Results Menu above, or Click Here.  The ♠ symbol indicates that hand records are provided.  Results will be archived after twelve months.


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(20th Jul 2022)
Online Bridge
Online Bridge

Online Bridge is available for members and invited guests on Tuesday evenings. Please register to play via the MEMBER ONLY portal, where you can also obtain the link to play. 

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Rob 2nd

Marilyn 17th

Pauline 27th

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This is the number by which your percentage is adjusted in Handicap Events (held most Fridays).

Handicaps are based on results over the previous twelve months, weighted according to the number of games played with the top and bottom 10% of scores disregarded; it is quite a complex algorithm intended to be fair to all players irrespective of standard.  Handicaps are generated automatically and are dynamic, in that they are recalculated as new events are scored.

Generally, you need to have played a minimum of ten games to be allocated a handicap and to qualify for Handicap Events (although in some cases a 'complimentary' handicap may be allocated).

Note: Handicap results do not affect Masterpoints allocation. The handicaps listed here may be slightly different to those that are applied to a particular game.  This is due to the method of calculation in the scoring program.

If you consider that your handicap is unfair, please contact  the Secretary.

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The ABF ‘Most Improved Player’ is the McCutcheon Rank Improvement for the particular year and as published on the ABF website according to the formula for Most Improved Player = (Points This Year * 10000)/(Total Points + 100). Note: This is not used to determine the recipient of the Margaret Settle Memorial Trophy.

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