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CBAI Rules and Regulations September 2018

The CBAI has updated rules regarding Announcements and Doubles.  See Menu link 2018 CBAI Rules and Regulations for full details. 

Tips to enjoy your bridge game
Tips to enjoy your bridge game

At the Start of a Round.

  • Greet your opponents in a warm and friendly manner.
  • Announce your system - e.g. weak No Trump and 4 card majors.
  • Count your cards.

During the Auction:

  • Do not allow your hand to hover over or fidget with the bidding cards while you are considering your bid.  Perceived uncertainty can convey unauthorised information.
  • Whenever an Alert is required, to draw attention to a convention call made by partner, the ALERT card should be taken from the box and shown to both opponents before being replaced in the box. The next opponent to bid has the option to ask for the meaning of the bid.
  • If making a jump bid, before you take out the bid you intend to make, place the STOP card on the table to alert your next opponent that a jump bid is about to be made e.g. a  3♠ pre-emotive bid.
  • At the end of the auction, after ensuring there are three passes on the table, leave the bidding cards on the table until the opening lead is made. The opponent on lead has the opportunity to ask for clarification of the bidding and it may also help to prevent a lead out of turn.

Opening Lead

  • Place the opening lead face down on the table. Your partner now has the opportunity to ask questions about the bidding.  If they have none they should say ‘Thank you’ or  ‘No questions’ and you can turn your card face up. Dummy can then be placed on the table.

As Dummy

  • When playing a suit contract the trump suit should be placed on Dummy’s right, Declarer’s left.
  • When you are Dummy don’t play any card unless and until asked by partner.
  • As Dummy you may alert Declarer if it appears that he/she is about to play from the wrong hand but if you are not quick enough to prevent Declarer from playing from the wrong hand, you cannot intervene at all.

At the End of Play

  • Agree the result before entering the score and before lifting the cards from the table. This allows cards to be checked in the correct order should there be a problem.
  • Don’t take the cards from the boards after they have been returned to it.
  • Only move to the next table when the Tournament Director has moved the boards and asked you to move.

Calling the Tournament Director

  • It is always best to call the Tournament Director if an issue arises and not to make ruling yourselves at the table.
  • Ask North to call the TD and allow one player to explain the issue or problem.  The Tournament Director’s role is to ensure fairness for everyone and compliance with the laws.

Body Language

  • Try to remain impassive during bidding and play so that you do not convey unauthorised information.
  • Be courteous and kind to your opponents and your partner at all times so that we can all enjoy a relaxed and informal atmosphere in the club.