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26th Jul 2021 07:56 BST
Welcome to Bedford Online Bridge Club
Who Are We?

Bedford Online Bridge Club (BOBC) was formed to allow all bridge players in Bedford, no matter what club they would normally play at, to participate in online bridge during the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Now that face-to-face bridge has resumed, BOBC is no longer running any online bridge sessions, and the club will close down in due course.  However, the website is still being used for online teams matches - please see the calendar.  

There are still opportunties for online bridge for those unwilling or unable to return to F2F bridge.  In particular, RealBridge is available through the Bridge Online Alliance and the EBU is likely to continue with its regular BBO tournaments.

BBO Bridge
Director: Nigel
BBO Bridge
Director: Dale
BBO Bridge
Director: Dale
BBO Bridge
Director: Peter F
Wed 24th November 2021
Team Match vs Kings Park